So, I (kate) made some killer guacamole tonight. It was delicious. I love Mexican food. Yes. Yes. Haha. So, now we are answering more questions. The questions we are getting into are just getting funnier and funnier–you come up with some weird questions 🙂 We’ve gotten so many I think we are going to be answering questions until Christmas. One more thing before we start answering questions… I recently read Selena Gomez’s twitter and it said this: “2010, the year of no fear.” I like that. No fear people. No fear. Walk on the wild side of no fear. You’ll be amazed at what you stumble upon. Ok, enough rambling…the questions:

I believe that the “spork” is one of the best inventions ever.  What are your thoughts? How many different instruments do you play?  List. What is the best part of your job?  My daughter, Keragan (6 years old), wanted to know if you like Spongebob? -Rhonda

Rhonda. Thank you for asking the important questions here 🙂 The spork. For those of you who don’t know what a spork is, here is a visual aid.

Now, Rhonda, contrary to what you might think of us…we don’t really have super strong feelings about the spork, BUT we are happy that it makes you so happy. It does solve the spoon/fork dilemma that we all face from time to time so that’s pretty awesome. Good question. Jill plays the guitar, piano and killer Rockband drums. Kate plays a little piano, guitar and a wicked triangle. The best part of our job is that we get to play & write music, travel and get to meet crazy people all the time. And last but not least Keragan, you’ll be happy to know that we are both very fond of Spongebob…and Patrick too. 🙂

What’s your favorite food? What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written? What did ya’ll major in? What did you do before you were KC’s backup singers? What’s your favorite actress? -Erin

Kate’s favorite food is chips and salsa–and guacamole as mentioned above 🙂  Jill’s favorite food is Spaghetti or Thai…haha…she loves noodles…oh and chocolate of course. Jill’s favorite color is orange, Kate’s is pink. Kate’s favorite song she’s ever written is a new one called “Don’t Feel A Thing.” Jill’s favorite song she’s ever written is “Finding My Own Way.” We both majored in Communications. That’s right. We can communicate like no one’s business. (haha) Before we sang with Kelly we were still “jillandkate”—we played shows & wrote music and worked a plethora of awesome odd jobs. Kate’s favorite actress is Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock. Jill’s favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.

Who was your favorite artist/band in 2009? Who’s music could you absolutely not live without?  Has anybody’s music, whether it is a solo artist, band, song, etc. completely changed your life or made you have a different outlook on something? Are you going to watch the LOST season finale? Favorite movie of all time? -Christina

Kate’s answers: favorite band of 2009 would probably have to be Kings of Leon. I could not live without Patty Griffin’s music. She is a genius. Her song “Top of the World” definitely changed me. I love that song. I’m probably not going to watch the LOST finale–maybe someday but I’ve only watched Season 1 and part of Season 2 so I need to catch up before I watch the series finale 🙂 Favorite movie of all time??? I hate this question. I never know what to say and I always feel that people judge me based off of my movie choices. So don’t judge me please. These movies don’t say anything about me or maybe they do…who knows. So here we go… “First Wives Club” or “The Rock.”

Jill’s answers: My favorite artist of 2009 is probably Miranda Lambert. She’s really just all around a great artist. I’m gonna agree with Kate and say that I could not live without Patty Griffin’s music. Her new album comes out this month and I’m overly excited about it. Her music has definitely changed my life…it’s so incredibly amazing. I am not caught up on LOST either…oops…guess I need to get on that! Favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music. I have watched it hundreds…maybe even thousands of times. 🙂

Not really a question for your blog but I wanted to know what are the chances of you guys doing a show when you’re in Melbourne next year? -Alison

Alison, we are trying to work out a show in the land down under. It’s definitely on our goal list. We are thankful that if we do play there we can count on you coming. So if we do come–you are in charge of marketing. Deal? Deal. Okay awesome. Sweet.

I was wondering what you both love about the UK and is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing/doing/eating when you get here? How did you girls celebrate New Year? -Dani

I  (Kate) love the architecture in the UK and love taking walks and exploring the cities we end up in. Taking pictures of the random places we are in overseas is always a hobby too.

I (Jill) love the taxis, the hats that the doormen wear, and the breakast. The UK has amazing breakfast!

We were in Nashville for New Year’s Eve. We were crazy, wild people. HA. Just kidding. In some people’s eyes we were lame–call us lame if you want–we don’t care–we were at home–which we are NEVER at home so that was AWESOME!

What was yall’s best moment ever? How excited are yall to be getting ready to record?!?!? -Mary

Best moment ever??? That’s a pretty monumental question Mary. Hmmm… This picture describes one of the best moments ever…seeing Amy Grant and Vince Gill at the Ryman. The picture is blurry but you get the idea. Thanks to Jason Halbert for snapping a pic on his phone of our faces when they walked out on stage.

We are VERY excited about recording. Like, ridiculously excited. It’s hard work and can take hours upon hours of tedious work, but it’s so worth it. Love the studio.

Where can I get an I pick jk tshirt? -Noreen

Noreen. Cool name, btw. We are going to start selling them online soon…sooooooon. So when we do, we’ll let you know. For sure. Promise. Cross our hearts.

Kate, when you come home to Chicago, where are your favorite places to go? Jill, how long have you been playing the guitar and the piano?  Was it something your parents suggested you learn or was that all you? Where do you get your inspiration for writing? -Ashley C.

One of my favorite places to go in Chicago is a place called Graham’s. They have THE BEST root beer floats. I didn’t really even like root beer floats until I started having them there…they are delicious. My dad and I go there everytime I come home for the holidays. It’s special.

I (Jill) have been playing the piano since I was 8 and the guitar since I was 11. I think my mom and my great-grandmother suggested I take piano lessons and after that I decided to pick up the guitar. I took the Suzuki method of piano which is learning how to play by ear so I don’t read music hardly at all. Haha…lame, I know! But I love both instruments.

Look no further than yourself and the people around you for inspiration in songwriting. People are definitely the biggest inspiration for us when it comes to writing songs. People who you love, people who hurt you, people you want to hurt (haha), people that you see making mistakes or when you make a mistake, when you grieve, when you lose, when you love…all of those things can inspire songs.

Is there any date yet that we can expect a new EP or album? -Amanda

We are just beginning the recording process right now so we have no solid idea when we will be releasing anything. But, don’t make a frownie face just yet Amanda. We will keep you in the loop and completely involved in the process. When we know something, you’ll know something. 🙂

What is your favorite song by another artist ever? -JenMichelle

Kate’s favorite song is “Top of the World” by Patty Griffin. Jill’s is “Stay” by Lisa Loeb.

Favorite character on Friends? which Girl-? Guy-? The one question we’ve all wanted to know…..Is that golf picture really of Kate? -Pam

Kate’s are Phoebe & Ross…Jill’s are Phoebe & Chandler. HAHA. For those of you who are new to the blog–we believe this is the picture in reference:

Yes that is me in the golf picture. That’s right people…I’ve got some muscle somewhere. Haha. Happy now? Alrighty, that’s all for now peeps. Keep checking in. Lots of fun to be had.


49 Responses to “8675309”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I feel like a kid that hasn’t gotten picked to play kickball at recess yet… where’s my questions? Maybe next time…

    • Steph Says:

      I totally feel the same! We’ve been benched! lmao

    • Melissa Says:


      hahaha i was always the last one picked at school too. i was “the nerdy one” oh boy. it’s middle school aaaall over again.

      Thanks, ladies! 😉

      • Jamie Says:

        I shunned Halbert until he finished the band vlog. Don’t think I won’t do it to you ladies! It is an amish technique that I learned from Dwight on the Office. Ha!

      • Clau Nader Says:

        BAM! there ya go! haha.. yeah, never would’ve guessed it right, for sure. haha.. tnx!

    • Clau Nader Says:

      hahaha!! the same here.. but it’s okay… at this point of my life, im already used to it… lol

      by the way, I forgot to ask… what was the title supposed to mean??? been tryin to figure that out… #EPICFAIL there. haha

      • Jaclyn Says:

        It’s the Tommy Tutone reference 😀 …you know the song…Jenny I got your number, I need to make you mine, Jenny don’t change your number, 867-5309…ok, I’m done 😛 haha

      • Kristin Says:

        “for a good time call…8675309.”

    • Selena Says:

      Mine haven’t been answered yet either. Maybe they are just saving the best for last! 😉

      • Jacinta Says:

        i think they’ll answer everyone, but are just taking a few questions at a time. the 7th was the cut-off for asking questions, not the cut-off for answering them.
        wow. i sounded all rational and normal there for a minute….

  2. Christina Says:

    Aw yay you guys answered my questions! Thank you 😀 I’ve recently started listening to Patty Griffin and she is simply incredible! I definitely need to buy her new album when it’s released!

    Hahah Kate, don’t worry.. I won’t judge you for the movie question 😛

    And Jill, Phoebe and Chandler are my favorite friends too! Man, I miss that show. They need to have a reunion ASAP!

  3. Khitam Says:

    DAYUM ..girl (kate)…you look like you could kick some major ass. Your arm looks ripped as hell haha.

    Loving all the blogging in 2010. Glad you two are enjoying your time at home. Cant wait for some new tunage!

    Keep gettin things done.BAM

  4. Melissa Says:

    good god, kate! do you work out much? hahaha those are some nice calf muscles! geesh. LOL

  5. Amanda Says:

    As I was reading 8675309 I figured you all forgot to put a proper title or something…lol

    Anyways Thanks for anwsering one of my questions! I am (we are) excited that new music is being worked on!

  6. Steph Says:

    LOL! I loved your expressions when Amy Grant was on stage. Literally…KODAK moment! Epicness!

  7. Mary B Says:

    So Q & A’S are so much fun for blogs!!!! Especially when yall answer one of my questions!!!!! Thanks guys!!!! I know it’s lame that I’m all excited but who cares… Cause I am lol Oh and it snowed here. Itt’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  8. Clau Nader Says:

    haha.. omg.. it’s always so good to read u guys… it always puts a smile on my face! lol !!!! btw ure doing a great job with blogging, i can tell.. haha I feel like a spoiled fan lol… feels gooood..

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Guacamole YUM! I have never made it until I went to America….The guy who ran the summer camp I was working at was shocked that I had never made it….so of course put me on making Guacamole duty…apparently it’s a skill I just had to have lmao. Tasted good though!

    I hate the movie question too, mine varies but I love “stand by me” “28 days” (Always have to tell people not 28 days later! so annoying!) or “Matilda” I get very different reactions from people depending which I say haha.

  10. Monica Says:

    Jenny, I got your numberrr…

    “No fear people. No fear. Walk on the wild side of no fear. You’ll be amazed at what you stumble upon.” — umm, so I think this blog had perfect timing. I was pretty much having a freak out just before I saw that you posted a new blog. so…way to go!

    So I could ramble about the mentions I liked in this blog, but I’ll refrain. Just know that it had me cracking up 🙂

    Oh, but 2 things…
    1) AWW to your faces when you got to see Amy Grant. That is precious. I think I may have had a similar look when I got to see you guys. Truth.
    and 2) HAHA Pam’s question.

    P.S. LOVE Sandra Bullock. There was a show on E about her. “Sandra Bullock Revealed” – something along those lines – and I seriously admired her much more after that. Awesome stuff.

  11. Ashley Says:

    Aw, thanks guys for answering my questions!! Hope you are surviving the lovely weather we have here in the Midwest. Can’t wait to see what music y’all have in store for us. Hope you’re not working too hard!

  12. Monica Says:

    I realized my comment turned out long anyways, so I might as well add… Jill! “Finding My Own Way” is my absolute faaaaaavorite.

    Okay, NOW I’m done.

  13. Selena Says:

    I’ve probably commented something similar in all the recent Q&As, but I just find these so entertaining. Hmm…answering ’til Christmas…I think I’d be cool with that. 🙂 Interesting stuff. I think the spork response was probably the funniest! Haha!

  14. Jacinta Says:

    Aww..that pic Jason took of you when Amy & Vince came on stage is so sweet.
    Shocked that you don’t have strong feelings about the spork…
    Can’t wait for the new music and the J&K merch. Awesome!!

  15. Jennifer Says:

    Oh also meant to add…..also love the fact you girls love Sandra Bullock..I think I’ve said before on a comment that I thought she was the coolest person ever! When I was a kid and watched Speed…since then I pretty much have every movie of hers (Even the obscure random ones oh yes!)

  16. danielle1414 Says:

    Aw yeahhhhhhhh thanks for answering my questions girlsssssss.

    Jill… i’ll take you for breakfast when you come to the UK 😉 we’ll travel in a Taxi just because you love them haha. As for doormen in hats, I’ll have to find one of those first hahahaha.

    Kate… You can be my photography buddy. I’m a photographer in the making so lets go snap up some architecture for an awesome blog 😉 lol! There are some pretty awesome architectural places around the country.

    And I can’t call y’all lame for spending new year at home because thats where i spent mine too lol!

    Loving all the questions in the blogs lately. I kinda want you to still be answering them by christmas (is that bad?? lol)

  17. Jaclyn Says:

    I love these Q&A blogs 🙂 …sporks remind me of elementary school…it’s pretty much the only utensil they give you haha…

    And oh golfing..it’s not just for old men anymore. Not that it ever was, but everytime someone mentions golf, it brings back memories of when I was young and my grandpa would be watching it on tv and then would yell at me and tell me I jinxed the guys shot because I walked in front of the tv while he was swinging, haha

  18. Alison Says:

    Thanks for answering my Question!!!

    I seriously hope you guys can pull it off. I will definitely be at a show Down Under!!!

    As for Marketing – Deal!

  19. Erin Says:

    Thanks for doing this guys 🙂 I know it must take you a lot of time. This was long as hell and i loved every bit of it! So thanks for taking the time to do this! It made my shitty day a little better 🙂

  20. Kristina Says:

    Wow I loved this!! Thanks so much for putting in the time&effort to do this!
    And I literally gasped like the Mean Girl who tried make “fetch” happen when I read that Jill’s favourite movie is The Sound of Music! It’s mine too! Hooray for old souls 🙂 I’ve never met someone who is under 40 who also calls that epicness their fave film!

    And…I’m really hoping that if I send you my questions today you might still consider answering them? I just had so many floating in my brain that I wanted to narrow it down to really good ones but it’s the first week back to classes for me plus I’ve been working insane hours & before I knew it January 7th had come and gone and I didn’t even realize. So maybe you’d consider taking questions for another few days???
    If not, that’s cool too, & I can look forward to your many awesome answers to awesome questions from other J&K fans 🙂

  21. Amanda Says:

    Okay first of all – Selena Gomez is adorable. I saw that year of no fear thing too. Such a smart little cookie! She is precious.

    Kate – Mexican food is where it’s at. The spicier the salsa, the better!

    Oh! This is directed at Kate again. People totally judge me based off of my movie choices too, but whatever. Haha. I just put The First Wives Club in my Netflix queue a couple of days ago! Great minds. My mom loves the movie too. I have literally heard her cackle while watching it. Hahaha.

    Umm. Hmm. Thanks for answering more questions chicas! A wonderful surprise to wake up to. Now I just wish I wasn’t up so early! (5:40-something AM!!!)

  22. morganax Says:

    Wow, thanks for all those answers! Wild stuff…….Jill…..Finding My Own Way…..recently one of the songs that have helped ME in my life….thank you.

  23. riaNa Says:

    I love Kate’s golf pix. That right there should be gracing on the Flex cover! lol..

  24. kevin Says:


  25. Pam Says:

    HAHA thanks for answering my questions. those are my favorite too, Jill. (i actually named my cat Phoebe haha). and thanks for confirming that it was you Kate…it bothered me because i was never completely sure if it was you or not haha (k end creepy comment haha).

    Kate, i 100% agree that KOL was the best band of ’09. and to both of you, I LOVE SANDRA BULLOCK! i watched The Proposal for the first time a few weeks ago. i love the tribal scene with Betty White 🙂

  26. Stephanie Says:

    Good golf form Kate!

  27. carolfritz Says:

    Communication majors kick butt! 😉 I am absolutely in love with my Comm major at my university– the profs and students in the program are awesome!
    Jill, thank you for confirming that it is not lame to choose the Sound of Music as your favorite movie of all time!!!!! I LOVE IT! I know practically every word of the dialogue. lmao. My favorite line is from Gretel in the reprise of ‘My Favorite Things’ when she says “Why don’t I feel betta?” (complete with accent) haha!
    You girls look so adorable in the pic from the Ryman. 🙂
    Jill, I definitely don’t think playing music by ear is lame! I hate that I have to read music because that’s how I learned to play. I feel so mediocre! lol

  28. Erin Says:

    Thanks for answering my questions. They were pretty standarad, but inquiring minds want to know these things. Jill, I LOVE the sound of music. I haven’t been to Graham’s but I’ll have to check it out. The spork question is probably the most random thing I’ve ever heard…but still it’s good to know your feelings towards the spork.
    Jill, you impress me by playing by ear. I bow down to you. I can’t read music either, but the piano by ear seems a little difficult. I know a guy who can pick up any instrument and figure it out by ear. So unfair.

  29. Tricia W. Says:

    Loving the questions and the answers so far.
    Just a funny little story. I was wearing my “I Pick JK” shirt as I went through airport security today and one of the guys asked me who JK was and I of course said you guys and then I promoted to everyone around me in the security that was listening 😀

  30. Vince Says:

    8675309999999 great number

  31. BostonHolly Says:

    My day is complete now that I know your views on the spork. Good question! And Kate, don’t apologize for your movie choice…my favorites are Uncle Buck and the Goonies, not exactly cinematic masterpieces, but they always cheer me up.

  32. Nina Says:

    first of all NICE MUSCLES!!!
    second: we totally need a video of you (kate) going nuts on the triangle!!!
    hint for the 17th 😉

    loooooooooooove you guys!!!!

  33. kevin Says:

    got to get those rock band drums! i had electrictonc yeara ago, but made too much nosie in my apartment! image if i had a real set?

  34. E Says:

    FYI – I still have a nervous tick at the mention of Jenny’s phone number. Horrible sorority hazing incident. Horrible.

  35. Emzy Says:

    awesome answers ladies, really made me laugh. I know what u mean about mexican food kate i love it too, i still cant believe thats you in the golf pic, u do have muscle!! haha.
    Jill your face on the pic at the Ryman is classic, sooooo excited!! haha!
    I stayed home for new year, its so obviously the new ‘going out’ haha ;-D
    anyways look forward to the next installment!

  36. kevin Says:

    drums are more realist! ask kate ‘s friend?

  37. Myriam Says:

    Okay so this is completely random, but 867 is a prefix to my old home number I grew up in and 5309 is my chart number for the Orthodontist. The end.

  38. kaylah Says:

    i share your deep love/bond with Amy Grant. She’s such an amazing woman— i remember being 4 or 5 and belting out “baby, baby” to anyone who would listen. I got to meet her a few years ago (my dear friend was on the show ‘3 Wishes’ that she hosted) and she was so kind and genuine— and then she performed a set— with brandi carlile opening. BEST DAY EVER.
    Enjoy the tour— pissed it doesn’t involve a stop in Ohio 🙂

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