New Song on January 17th/28th!!!

41 Responses to “New Song on January 17th/28th!!!”

  1. kevin Says:

    not bad!

  2. Monica Says:

    Dudes, that’s my jammmm!!! And my 3rd most played song on itunes, yup yup.

    And yes, I thought about running to go put my hat on backwards as I watched this… laziness got the best of me, though.

    Loved it! And I for sure cracked up toward the end. Awesomeness<3

  3. Bre Says:

    nice! ya’ll hav moved me to action. i dunno how the original sounds but i like this version so im gunna go buy the orginal, on itunes, right now… and i turned my hat around backwards, just sayin

  4. Jamie Says:


  5. Mary B Says:

    You girls crack me up….. man… Geez… And I think it was a beautiful version!!! Yall should never rehearse the songs on the 17th lol funny good times.. Nice backwards hats too!!! Haha

    • Mary B Says:

      Oh yea and btw my favorite part of that song is ” so lose my number lose my name your the loser in this game… Can’t believe I ever played but it looks like looks like I won!!”

  6. Clau Nader Says:

    haha so funny xD
    thaaaanx!!!! =)

  7. Jaclyn Says:

    Ohhhhh, I really liked that!! I just wish I had a hat to put on backwards.

    And you’re loopy? Looked pretty normal to me 😛 hahaha

    Now I really do think I have ESP though…because I was thinking about SOT17th right before you twittered about uploading it and the song I was listening to at the time was Never Coming Back….freaky…or just a coincidence, whatev.

  8. Abby Says:

    That is one of my favorites from you guys and I like how you changed it up! The extra wait was worth it 🙂
    Thanks ladies!

  9. carolfritz Says:

    Negative Nell!! hahaha! I’ve never heard that one before! I usually use Debbie Downer. 😉
    The song was lovelyyy!
    And I LOVED the head-bopping around the 2:00 mark! LOL So much talent in one little video! 😀

  10. G Says:

    That was AWE.SOME!

  11. Steph Says:

    That was pretty funny. Whatever you guys are on…it looks like fun! lol hahaha

  12. Melissa Says:

    Haha that was a really cool version. I like it. I’m gonna need to get that on my iPod.

  13. Jennifer Says:

    I actually really like that version. Totally need to rip that tomorrow when I’m not half asleep (and when I don’t have to be up in 5 hours! eep)
    Never coming back is one of my fav songs, so I’m happy with the random, cool, unrehearsed live version!

  14. Gypsy Gies Says:

    oh what would the world be without you.
    Far less entertaining fo’sho.

  15. Camille Says:

    Haha i totally sang along 🙂
    I love that song sooo much thanks guys

  16. Sarah Says:

    You two rock! And, for the record, I could keep up and sang along. I did LOL when Kate had to turn to Jill for the lyrics, though. LOL! Love ya Kate (you too, Jill!)!


  17. Jacinta Says:

    ❤ it.

  18. Erin Says:

    i love it. i really enjoyed the in sync swaying towards the middle. that was very backstreet boys of you.

  19. Selena Says:

    Never Coming Back is one of my favorite J&K songs. What a fun version and performance! 🙂 Now, if only I had a backwards hat! 😉

  20. Amanda Says:

    Loved it! 🙂

  21. Erin Says:

    haha love the spoken word, niiice!!! haha I was just singing…well screaming..this song on repeat in my car yesterday..yeaaaah..good times haha Thanks for the laugh I R.E.A.L.L.Y needed it 🙂

  22. Pam Says:

    some points:
    -when you guys bobbed from side to side, it reminded me of Night at the Roxbury haha.
    -i kind of died laughing when you did that spoken word thingie in the last chorus.

    -WOH OH OH! allll the singles ladiessssssssss, putcha hands up! 🙂

  23. crystal Says:

    dang, i wish i woulda known it was backwards hat day
    LOVE that song.
    and i love your guys’ voices. just plain awesome 🙂

  24. Linda Says:

    I loved it. I was bopping in my seat, and then side to side right with ya.

    You girls need to put more light on, I can barely see your pretty faces 🙂

    Have fun on the upcoming tour!!

  25. anakellya Says:

    definitely worth the wait!
    you guys are just the perfect example of how best friends should be 🙂 love it.
    and loooooove the song! my stupid computer got wrecked last year and deleted some of my songs, so it scrapped that one 😦 glad to hear it again! love it it love it love it. and i still remember all the lyrics 🙂

    anywaysss, see you next sunday! 😀

  26. riaNa Says:


  27. Emzy Says:

    Awesome blog ladies 😀
    I love that song so much, the funky random version was fabby dab! ha.
    Me and my friends are gonna wear backwards hats in tribute to u at the London show next month, look out for crazy people in hats! hahahaha!
    Cant wait to see you guys, first show for me is like 9 days away! woop!
    See ya soon! xxx

  28. Marleen Says:

    Love this song, great version of it! See ya in Amsterdam soon, can’t wait 😀 Woohoo for the backwards hats and the spoken words in the song! Xx

  29. shari Says:

    I watched this with my 8 & 11yr old nephews and the youngest one sais “Who is the girl in the blue hat” I said is she cute? And he smiles and said “yes, I like her hat backwards too” It was so cute! My other nephew thought so too. They both really like the hats backwards on both of you!

    Loved the song! Love your voices! Have fun un Dublin!

    Jealous! Glad you are exeriencing a little snow in Nashville. I am in MN and I am DONE with this snow and Cold! -10 for a low today and high of 9 for a high…ISH!

  30. 1wildegirl Says:

    One of my fave from y’all ever, so yaaay!!! Also yay on being able to sing along. So, enjoy the snow, and squeeze out the last of bit of home time. Hope y’all have an awesome tour! 🙂

  31. Khitam Says:

    VEY nice girls.. THe loopyness must be from the “coke” you had in Spain. Tisk tisk

  32. flossie Says:

    Thank you so much for singing this song! I don’t know if you remember a crazy girl in Youngstown holding a Jill and Kate sign asking you girls to sing this song on your blog. That was me. You girls totally made my week. Thank you so much for all that you do for your fans. I hope you ladies have fun in Europe. Thanks again.

  33. Nina Says:

    you guys are so freakin’ crazy!!!
    you played my one of my fav songs of your record 😀 YAY!

    more stuff like that please!!


    is chasing storms gonna be on the new record??? i looooove that song! best song of all times.

  34. cassie Says:

    This is definitely one of my top three favorites on the EP! I love it and i loved this version too! haha y’all are so entertaining. Have a wonderful time in Ireland and overseas with KC and the crew! I’m sure it’ll be a blast and very memorable!!! don’t forget to update us with it! good luck!! ❤

  35. Lauren 'Elle' Says:

    wooohooo my fave JK song of the moment! See you guys next Sunday!

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