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We had to OFFICIALLY document.

February 28, 2010

Mustache Thursday. February 25, 2010. Amsterdam.

We’ll never forget it.

Splatter Paint Eyes.

February 27, 2010

So the other day, make-up artist extraordinaire Ashley Donovan did my make-up and it looked SO FREAKIN’ COOL.

You should all follow her on Twitter !

Here are a couple pictures…I look kinda scary cause they are so close but you get the idea πŸ™‚



February 26, 2010

Kate and Miles do not look this squishy in real life. The camera just mooshed them down. Haha. Enjoy!

A few more answered questions.

February 18, 2010

Who cooks in the house? -Leea

I’m gonna have to say me. Kate. I love cooking. It’s therapeutic for me in a weird way. I don’t get to do it often because we aren’t ever home, but I love the sense of control I have being able to do it myself. I may or may not be a control freak at times. I love it though. Chopping everything up. Watching things sizzle. Yup. Good times. My mom is a ridiculously good cook…she’s the best. When my friends and I would come over to my house for a break in college she’d have fresh baked cookies ready and put chocolates on our pillows. No joke. My mom is incredible. I can’t say enough good things about her.

How did both of you meet? -Michelle

We met at a music program (The Contemporary Music Center) during college in January 2003 in Martha’s Vineyard, MA. One of these blogs we will give you the whole spiel…Schpeeeel if you will.

What place are you most looking forward to visiting in 2010? Where do you go on vacation? Whats your favourite word? -Jason

Kate: I don’t think I have one specific place I’m most looking forward to visiting…there are so many great things about all the places we are going πŸ™‚ I’ve never been to New Zealand though and am pretty excited I get to see it. I hear it’s like heaven. I’ll let you know. Home is where I like to go on vacation…haha…when you are gone so much, sleeping in your own bed and making coffee in your own kitchen can be the best vacation ever. But when I like to get away I am very much a tropical girl. Hawaii, somewhere in the Caribbean….give me a beach, some chips & salsa and a frozen fruity drink and that’s pretty much the description of the most perfect vacation…oh and a good book of course. I don’t think I have a favorite word. Hmmm…nope. Don’t think I have one…if ever I find my favorite word I’ll be sure to blog about it.

Jill: I love Australia. I always have fun going there so I think that is where I’m most looking forward to going this year. Kate was right. Home is the BEST place for vacation…whether it be Nashville-home or New Hampshire-home where I grew up. Okay okay, if I must pick a REAL place, I loved Maui when I went there a few years ago. My favorite word is: AWKWARD. I love spelling it out. I love words. I love palindromes and weirdly spelled words and everything to do with words.

Did either of you have a crush on Zack Morris (Saved By The Bell) or was A.C. Slater more your type? πŸ™‚ -Amy

Such an original question….well done Amy. Definitely Zack Morris. Come on. No contest. -kate

Did any girl NOT have a crush on Zack Morris? A.C. Slater was cool, but Zack is…i mean WAS my definite crush. -jill

Any beauty product must haves for you two? Is Kelly really a cool, down to earth person like she seems? -Stephanie

Beauty products…umm…concealer, some eye liner and some lip gloss can do wonders in under 5 minutes. True story. We have to wear so much make-up for stage that on off days we generally don’t wear a lot of make-up or any for that matter πŸ™‚ Yes, Kelly is unbelievably kind, brilliant, normal, super funny–we are honored to sing with her.

What is the one thing you most enjoy doing when you are on the road? -Jennifer

Kate: I love taking pictures out on the road or taking little videos. It’s a great way to document all of the things we get to do–sometimes I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday so I think it’ll come in handy in 50 years to have some pics and videos to remind me of what went on back in the day.

Jill: I love to steal Kate’s pictures because I am not so good at documenting. πŸ™‚ Also I read a lot, watch TV series, and write for fun. Oh, I mean…party so hard…yeah. Haha no…we are not really party hard people. There are cool people on the road too so it’s fun to hang out with everybody.

New Song on February 17th, 2010

February 17, 2010

“Illusion of You” mashed up with “Insensitive”

Four pictures that will not in any way change your life.

February 16, 2010

We opened a drawer in our dressing room and this was what we saw. Classic.

Sometimes life hands you little gifts like this. Magic.

Walking to dinner in Liverpool we passed this.

Kate’s first experience with a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. True story.

Kate and the Triangle!

February 13, 2010

When I’m….

February 7, 2010


When I’m SAD I…watch FRIENDS to cheer me up or listen to Patty Griffin to wallow in my sadness.

When I’m HAPPY I…laugh.

When I’m HUNGRY I…starve myself. Haha. Just kidding. Obviously.

When I’m TIRED I…hope I can sleep.

When I’m HOMESICK I…call my parents.

When I’m GIGGLY I…cannot stop.

When I’m MAD I…get quiet.

When I’m SCARED I…get tense and can’t relax.


When I’m SAD I…cry. Yup. And listen to one song over and over again on my iPod. The song varies.

When I’m HAPPY I…eat lots of Haribo gummy bears & watch FRIENDS.

When I’m HUNGRY I…get cranky. Or snappy as some have called it πŸ™‚

When I’m TIRED I…shut down sometimes.

When I’m HOMESICK I…must immediately distract myself. A movie, dinner, a walk outside, etc.

When I’m GIGGLY I…laugh really, really hard. It’s uncontrollable.

When I’m MAD I…throw things. Or I’m quiet. Neither are good.

When I’m SCARED I…find a friend.

Steam Room Saga

February 3, 2010

Kate here…

So, I had an interesting/quite entertaining experience a while ago…and I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Right before Christmas, I went to a local spa in Nashville because my friend had gotten me a gift certificate for my birthday. I thought it would be a perfect way to relax after all of the Christmas shopping madness and a good way to prepare for the holiday festivities. I arrived early and the lady who showed me the women’s locker room facilities said, “We have a steam room right through these doors…since you’re early, that would be a great way to relax before your massage.” I thought it was a great idea–you know–loosen up before a nice massage.

So, I head into the steam room (wearing only a towel mind you) and it’s empty when I arrive. It’s not very big, but I settle onto the bench, lean back and start to enjoy the steam. Fast forward about three minutes, the door swings open and there HE is. Yes, that’s right, a MAN. And for the record–a very young, attractive man–who is also wearing only a towel. We make eye contact and I momentarily freak because I’m pretty sure I had gotten a little too comfortable and that my towel was not covering..well…you know. Anyhow. He takes one step in, and says awkwardly, “I’ve never been in a co-ed steam room.” I am surely blushing at this point–whether from the steam or sheer embarassment I am not sure–and I say something awkward and silly like “Uh..heh..Yeah.”

So there I am. Our knees only about 3 feet apart…just sitting there. Relaxation out the window. My mind was racing. Do I get up and leave right away? No, I can’t do that. It would totally look like I was leaving because he had come in. I wanted to look like I was totally with the times and not feeling uncomfortable that I was half naked sitting across from a stranger. Maybe this was the new thing. All I kept thinking was “Jeez lady, on the tour you managed to tell me all about the new lockers that had been installed and yet failed to mention that it’s a CO-ED steam room? Awesome.” So I close my eyes and try and block him out. With my eyes closed I then start thinking about telling my friends this story. And I start to laugh. My friends were going to find this hysterically entertaining. Yup, I try and hide my smile but the thought of re-telling my experience to my friends just made me laugh.

I try and regain my composure. I sit there for a little longer and realize I could gracefully get up and leave without it being painfully obvious that I was leaving because of him. We say a few words to each other as I leave, again something awkward, and I jet back to the changing area.

So, there you have it. That’s my story. Next time you enter a steam room, make sure it’s not co-ed…cause let’s just face it…it’s uncomfortable.

And, if by chance you are reading this and you are the fine specimen of man that was in the steam room with me…two words…call me. We clearly have already crossed the uncomfortable-get-to-know-you-stage. Haha.