When I’m….


When I’m SAD I…watch FRIENDS to cheer me up or listen to Patty Griffin to wallow in my sadness.

When I’m HAPPY I…laugh.

When I’m HUNGRY I…starve myself. Haha. Just kidding. Obviously.

When I’m TIRED I…hope I can sleep.

When I’m HOMESICK I…call my parents.

When I’m GIGGLY I…cannot stop.

When I’m MAD I…get quiet.

When I’m SCARED I…get tense and can’t relax.


When I’m SAD I…cry. Yup. And listen to one song over and over again on my iPod. The song varies.

When I’m HAPPY I…eat lots of Haribo gummy bears & watch FRIENDS.

When I’m HUNGRY I…get cranky. Or snappy as some have called it 🙂

When I’m TIRED I…shut down sometimes.

When I’m HOMESICK I…must immediately distract myself. A movie, dinner, a walk outside, etc.

When I’m GIGGLY I…laugh really, really hard. It’s uncontrollable.

When I’m MAD I…throw things. Or I’m quiet. Neither are good.

When I’m SCARED I…find a friend.

21 Responses to “When I’m….”

  1. Monica Says:

    Aw this blog’s cute!

    Jill, I hateee that tense feeling when you’re scared. No fun!

    Kate, when you’re happy, feel free to share some gummy bears. And when you’re mad, feel free to throw a package of gummy bears in my direction 😉

  2. Pam Says:

    Jill- we clearly know that you cannot stop laughing when you’re giggly (hence the Guess I Better Move On video (s)) haha!

    Kate- i listen to certain songs on repeat too when i’m sad, get really moody when i’m hungry (i mean…a girl needs her food! haha), and throw things/am quiet when i’m angry.


  3. Melissa Says:

    Haha I like how Kate really much tells as story with everyone and Jill has like 3-4 word answers. Pretty much sums it up. Kate doesn’t talk a lot or anything…

  4. Sarah Says:

    So, I’m totally borrowing this!! I love it!! And love you guys! Hope you’re having fun in Europe!

  5. Khitam Says:

    When I’m SAD I…get quiet and cuddle with my oversized monkey I got from an amusement park that I named Chuy

    When I’m HAPPY I…laugh and tend to speak in a reeAALLY high pitched voice

    When I’m HUNGRY I…watch Biggest Loser and lose my appetite

    When I’m TIRED I…drink coffee to stay awake and study

    When I’m HOMESICK I…haha

    When I’m GIGGLY I…usually get hit in the face by a brother or a complete stranger

    When I’m MAD I…throw shiz

    When I’m SCARED I…*see SAD*

  6. Amanda Says:

    Jill… I don’t watch Friends when I’m sad, but I definitely watch the heck out of my DVD set when I’m sick! Laughter is the best medicine, right? I also like to call the parental units when I’m homesick. It’s just nice to hear what’s going on at home, even if it’s nothing really, like what my parents made for dinner. *shrugs* I’m also a big fan of video chatting. I’m surprised my parents know how to use that type of technology though. Took them a little while to catch on 😉

    Kate… I get snappy when I’m hungry too. Wicked snappy! I’ve also been known to throw things when I’m mad, but I’ve learned to control that since I’ve broken many valuable possessions when I was younger. It’s not fun to break a cell phone just because someone pissed you off! Haha. Now I resort to being quiet, usually. If I’m realllllllllllly pissed, I’ll throw a pillow. Those are hard to break! Clearly we would be joyous people together if either of us were hungry or mad, huh? Haha!

    Oh P.S. Send me a postcard from Europe 😉

    Oh double P.S. to Kate, your enthusiasm for gummy bears makes me laugh.

  7. Erin Says:

    Oooh, I want to play

    When I’m SAD I…write.

    When I’m HAPPY I…burst into random song and smile.

    When I’m HUNGRY I…get crabby.

    When I’m TIRED I…sleep if I cant, if not I daydream.

    When I’m HOMESICK I…pick a day I’ll go visit.

    When I’m GIGGLY I…do that silent laugh where you are borderline choking to death and I can’t function like a normal human.

    When I’m MAD I…don’t talk.

    When I’m SCARED I…hide behind the pillows.

    Hope you’re having fun on tour.

  8. Jaclyn Says:

    When I’m SAD I…cry.
    When I’m HAPPY I…bounce off the walls and my speaking voice gets louder…I WILL talk over you.
    When I’m HUNGRY I…eat. That seems logical.
    When I’m TIRED I…am irritable and I snap, watch out.
    When I’m HOMESICK I…go home, or if that’s not an option, I call home and hope that my dog barks because I always miss him most.
    When I’m GIGGLY I…am probably really annoying to whoever is not giggly.
    When I’m MAD I…will let you know…trust me on this one.
    When I’m SCARED I…curl up in a ball.

  9. Stephanie Says:

    I can watch Friends anytime and makes me feel good no matter what mood I’m in! Except hungry then I’ll eat!

  10. Mary Says:

    When I’m SAD I… cry.. and like Kate i listen to a horribly sad song over and over (which varies on occasion ) for some reason it makes it worse but then again makes me feel better

    When I’m HAPPY I…smile and cant stop and tend to tell everyone why im so happy even if i know they don’t care lol

    When I’m HUNGRY I… like kate (which is awesome cause other than my dad i havent met anyone who does this ) get very grumpy… and its unfortunate for the ones around me lol but as soon as i eat im happy as a clam

    When I’m TIRED I… get giggly… anything makes me laugh and i think i tend to whine a lot to lol

    When I’m HOMESICK … to be honest i’ve never been away long enough to be homesick but i feel id call my moma or daddy most likely both

    When I’m GIGGLY … i’m usually tired lol no just joking… i laugh so hard my stomach hurts and tears are in my eyes

    When I’m MAD I… cry…. or just keep it in

    When I’m SCARED I… cover my eyes ( most of the time i get scared watching movies and pull a blanket over my head lol )

  11. BostonHolly Says:

    I like this! And I’m with you both…when I’m mad I get super quiet. When I get really mad well, let’s just say I’ve broken a few things in my day.

  12. Selena Says:

    Ah, very interesting and I can relate to things on each of your lists.
    Hmm…here’s one for you two:

    When you’re AWESOME ….you are just being yourselves! 😉

  13. Jennifer Says:

    When I’m SAD I do the same as Kate I cry ALOT listen to the same song over and over different songs for different situations.

    When I’m HAPPY I…feel like nothing can stop me and I get really creative!

    When I’m HUNGRY I….crave grapes, blueberries and generally fruit.

    When I’m TIRED I… ramble a lot! I just talk an awful lot and it’s nonsense.

    When I’m HOMESICK I…have to distract myself too, I used to play a computer game or organise things when I was in away in the USA for 3 months. Calling home just made it worse.

    When I’m GIGGLY I…laugh so hard my stomach hurts and everything ends up being hilarious

    When I’m MAD I…shut myself off and zone out completely.

    When I’m SCARED I…cuddle up in my bed and try to clear my head.

  14. Nicola Says:

    Awesome blog..thought id join in the fun…

    When I’m SAD I…will grab my ipod, and put the volume to full blast..and read!!

    When I’m HAPPY I…laugh, and talk way louder and faster than normal!!

    When I’m HUNGRY I…eat, everything and anything!!

    When I’m TIRED I…grab a pillow and get a duvet and its all good!!

    When I’m HOMESICK I…go to uni…every other person is irish 😀 (amazingly enough, i go to uni in scotland)!!

    When I’m GIGGLY I…can’t stop…you will get mad at me!!

    When I’m MAD I…go to bed and ignore everything!!

    When I’m SCARED I…cuss…every other word outta my mouth will be a cuss word!!


  15. Lauren Says:

    I like this….

    When I’m SAD…I cry

    When I’m HAPPY… I put on some great music and sing along!

    When I’m HUNGRY… I’ll go find something to eat!

    When I’m TIRED… when I can, I’ll go lay down and relax or sleep.

    When I’m HOMESICK… I have to distract myself with something to do with a friend.

    When I’m GIGGLY… I’ll laugh alot and can’t stop.

    When I’m MAD… I’m quiet and won’t talk.

    When I’m SCARED… I turn to God for comfort

  16. Jacinta Says:

    Kate, when I’m sad I do the same thing. I pick one song and just listen to it over and over again (usually while crying)…right now it’s “Film Queue” by Will Gray. I’ve cried a lot to that one lately…

  17. Olwen Says:

    Oooooh fun

    When I’m SAD I…Lie on my bed and listen to music and hug my cushion

    When I’m HAPPY I…Get all giggly and goofey

    When I’m HUNGRY I…Make yummy food

    When I’m TIRED I…Get cranky as hell, I’m like a Bear, my poor mother bears the brunt of it ooops

    When I’m HOMESICK I…Cry

    When I’m GIGGLY I…Laugh uncontrollably till I can’t breath or get any sound out nad again I get goofey

    When I’m MAD I…Turn red, Sometimes I start crying and can’t stop which makes me more mad, I go Quite too and clench my jaw, thats when you know I’m really pissed

    When I’m SCARED I…Get really jumpy and my mind starts thinking all crazy shizz that might happen

  18. Emzy Says:

    I loved this blog, kinda cool to know what u do when u feel a certain way, im going to do mine below.
    Kate im addicted to haribo gummy bears too, they are yum lol

    When I’m SAD I… listen to songs that will always cheer me up and make me smile while having a good cry.

    When I’m HAPPY I… laugh and everything suddenly becomes way funnier lol

    When I’m HUNGRY I… eat a lot of crap usually, i suffer from the munchies lol and yeh im also really moody when im hungry

    When I’m TIRED I…snuggle up and hope to sleep

    When I’m HOMESICK I… ring my mum

    When I’m GIGGLY I…am a pain in the ass, it takes me forever to get over it too

    When I’m MAD I…listen to some linkin park and suddenly the world seems better

    When I’m SCARED I… get really quiet and shy.

    Thanks for being so sweet on sunday/tuesday guys when we met you, really made the tour extra amazing cos im such a huge fan of you and your music. See you in birmingham on saturday, cant wait!! xx

  19. SarahLee23 Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s answers! Here are mine:

    When I’m SAD I…listen to sad songs to let the tears flow. It’s the most effective for me so I can move on.

    When I’m HAPPY I…feel like I radiate my happiness.

    When I’m HUNGRY I…grab some grub! LOL

    When I’m TIRED I…hope I can sleep, and can become a total crank-monster.

    When I’m HOMESICK I…sadly, I don’t get homesick.

    When I’m GIGGLY I…laugh – and sometimes snort while laughing. LOL

    When I’m MAD I…get quiet or will cry.

    When I’m SCARED I…become withdrawn.

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