Kate and the Triangle!

28 Responses to “Kate and the Triangle!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    awww i’m so glad she got to meet y’all. she was hecka excited. couldn’t get her to shut up about it. =]

    i’m glad you liked your triangle! haha

  2. Monica Says:

    Kate looking bored in the video blogs!? I never once thought that, haha. But hey, yay for the triangle!

    Hope you’re having fun on theee tour!

  3. Jenny Says:

    hahaha awesome kate!! i did like that!! and i love hearing kelly warn up in the bachground. have fun with the triangle!!

  4. nic Says:

    haha showing some serious talent with the triangle there Kate, i like it 🙂

  5. beth Says:

    nawww haha love that! but i disagree with whoever said you look bored in your vids to me you always seem happy! awesome that you got your name engraved on it very very special/ you jill and kc should definately do a rendition of subg with just voices and triangle and post it on here would be a hit!
    ahhh kc makes me laugh sooooo much, she is loud and hilarious hahaha
    cant wait till april!
    you girls are super amazing!

  6. Pam Says:

    HAHA that’s a great gift. props to the person who gave it to you.

    all you need is a cowbell to go along with that triangle, and you’ve got yourself a new band!

    hilarious video girls! hope you’re having fun on tour. 🙂

  7. Linda Says:

    Can we expect you to play it tonight? That would be funny. I remember when Melissa P played it on the 2W2V’s tour, so…. with your musical background, I expect you to outdo her.

    Thank you for finally making a blog with LIGHT. Usually we can hardly ever see you guys with the vids being so dark.

    Also, it looks like someone is feeling better, the mouthy one, haha. That’s good to know. Have a great show tonight!! Kick ass with the triangle.

  8. Mary Says:

    I got nothing lol

    just one worders

    bright ( i agree with the lighting thing)

  9. Jaclyn Says:

    hahaha, that’s great. I never thought you looked bored in the video blogs though, hmm. You should definitely break it out during the show though 😛

  10. gypsygies Says:

    So I agree give Jill a cowbell, and maybe KC some wooden blocks and y’all have a new fun band haha.

  11. Amanda Says:

    I am crying. Happy tears of course. Hahaha. Awesome.

  12. BostonHolly Says:

    The triangle is the best instrument EVER and will of course add a new dimension to SUBG! Have fun Kate!

  13. Selena Says:

    This vid was a nice surprise! I didn’t think Kate looked bored before, but that triangle did add some extra entertainment, along with your special guest, of course! Glad you’re feeling well, Kelly! 🙂

    I also liked that you mentioned the last time you were in Glasgow and the vlog you did. That was one of my favorites! Ah…memories!

    Thanks for checking in, Jill, Kate, and Kelly. Now, go rock that triangle!

  14. carolfritz Says:

    “Did you like that? Did you like that? I bet you did!”

    You are like shots of caffeine! hahaha! Too awesome! 🙂

  15. Keri Reck Says:

    Awww… i’m sooo happy you love your triangle!
    Sorry i said “lost” not “bored” you’re getting me into trouble girl! lmao!
    i just meant that if Jill had an instrument you need one too! Triangle sets off your personality! (: haha!
    I saw you rock out to SUBG, you were HILERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!!

    And thank you Jill for bringing my ticket back to me before the show (i left my ticket in jill’s giftbag) Thankyou, i’d have FREAKED if i never got in, could you imagine!? haha!

    have fun playig it!
    xx. Keri Reck (Glasgow’s finest!) hah… “It’s illegal” kate! Lmao!

  16. Keri Reck Says:

    and kate is kina talking the way i was talking to her, she’s all “Keri” in this video! wow! i feel special! lmao!

  17. Khitam Says:

    wheat RRRRRUM….is that what i heard haha

  18. Bianca Says:

    haha I think that was the best version of Since U Been Gone I’ve ever heard lol you are a natural at that triangle Kate. Keep it up! lol

  19. crystal Says:

    XD i wish i knew how to play the triangle. takes some awesome mad skills!! go kate!

  20. Lisa Says:

    Love it! You rock that triangle, girl!

    Kelly’s so funny too: when you’re talking about the last time y’all were in Glasgow, and Kelly says “When we had a weeeee draaaam” LOL!

    Hope everyone is having a blast on tour!!! 🙂

  21. Jacinta Says:

    Oh wow. Keri is gonna be so happy. 🙂 Nice blog, Kate and you got mad triangle skillzzzz!

  22. Erin Says:

    kate, that’s pure talent.

  23. anakellya Says:

    haahaaa fookin’ love it! ❤

  24. Clau Nader Says:

    oh em geeee… its been weeks since i last checked the jnk blog…, missed u!!!!
    that was sooooo funny!!!! That was a perfect 440 A lol… I was wondering if u’d be interested on being a session triangle player for my next single?… lmao, just kiddin. take careeeee and have a blast on stage!!! luv ya!!!

  25. Christine Says:

    hahahaha love it. they mentioned “a wee dram” which was on the card that i gave them that day as well – it reminded me of their blog from the last tour in glasgow!!! im so glad they actually read it 😀

    keri, im so excited to see them blog about your triangle!!! 😀

  26. Caitlyn Says:

    HAHAHAHAH! “Did you like that, did you like that, I bet you did!”

  27. Keri reck Says:

    Ah, just read over these comments again :’) they make me feel all happy inside! The triangle made everyone happy/excited. I’m grateful for this blog! I really am! 😀

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