New Song on March 17th and some news…

Sweet Goodbyes

by Krezip

Can’t sleep ’cause everything’s changing
You don’t want to leave things behind
Can’t breathe cause to many things going on going wrong in your life

Tears in your eyes
Sweet goodbyes
I know how you feel right now
Losing dreams you’ve come to care about
I know what you need right now
You need to come on home so I can hold you tight
Guide you through the night
I’ll guide you through the night

Wake up the sun’s shining bright lets go out of bed into the light
Shape up we won’t forget still there’s lots of love left to hold tight

Tears in your eyes
Sweet goodbyes
I know how you feel right now
Losing dreams you’ve come to care about
I know what you need right now
You need to come on home so I can hold you tight
Guide you through the night

Everything I love between us will guide us through the night
All the things we lost will teach us see the pretty things in life
All the places that we’ve been to
The people we relate to
All the love that we give in to

Blow the tears from your eyes
Sweet goodbyes
I know how you feel right now
Losing dreams you’ve come to care about
I know what you need right now
You need to come on home so I can hold you tight

35 Responses to “New Song on March 17th and some news…”

  1. Audrey Says:

    It’s beautiful melody. ANd the lyrics too.

  2. Monica Says:

    Pretty song and pretty voices. Love ittt 🙂
    Jill, did you purposely wear green to get the spirit of st patty’s day? haha.
    And Katie, I think I might steal that awesome straw. Yup.

    Looks like I’ll be in Nashville on July 1… kidding. I wish, though!! But that’s super cool!

    Hope you girls are enjoying your time at home. 🙂

  3. Khitam Says:

    Aw ive missed you guys! Glad you had a blast in afreeeka…i watched Blood Diamond last night…random huh

  4. Luna Says:

    This is wicked awesome!
    Jill has some great guitar skills. 😀

  5. Keri Reck Says:

    I don’t know what to say first? That I loved that cover or that I want those window shutters?? Lmao! Jills hair is shorter and lighter… Africa does change people! Lmao!

    Y’all are funny! Triangle??

    Ilegal Kate! Ilegal!!

    Xx keri! 😉

  6. Nina Says:

    That was one great performance!!!
    But Jill…didn’t you want to make Kate speak German? Missed that part, haha.

  7. Marleen Says:

    Oh wow.. I’m a fan of the band Krezip and it’s so sad that they broke up!! But this cover by you 2 is so good, love it 😀

  8. Selena Says:

    Nice to see y’all again. 🙂 Thanks for new song on the 17th on the 19th on the 27th! (I say that all in good fun; I understand the necessary delay).

    I’d wondered what Sweet Goodbyes was like when you mentioned it, so it’s cool to hear your cover. Pretty!

    I’m glad a great time was had on the tour so far. Enjoy your break and way to go on the upcoming Nashville concert!

  9. Amanda Says:

    Awww purrrrty! I love it 🙂 I especially like Kate’s voice here!

    Glad you had a good birthday, Jill! As someone said above, your hair does look different. I really like it! If it isn’t different, well then, I still really like it! Hahaha.

    Oh, oh, oh! I like the hat too, Kate.

    A Nashville show. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm! Tempting…

    I ammmm taking a road trip around July 4th with some friends… I wonder if I’ll be able to take a detour to Nashville a couple of days before. Hmmm. Anyone willing to house a couch surfer (or 2 or 3) for the night?? Hahaha! Just kidding. Sort of. Ha!


  10. Pam Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SONG! you guys did a brilliant cover of it…it sounds awesome!

    Jill- glad you had an awesome bday. and i hope you liked the little video that a few of us made for you. 🙂 and i think you’re blonde again…unless the brown just faded lol. it looks awesome either way.

    Kate- diggin the hat! i can’t pull those off…so consider yourself lucky that you can haha.

    and i’m taking these classes at Yale this summer, so that means no JK + AA + others show for me. hope you guys have a blast!!! 🙂

  11. Miranda Says:

    Love the cover! I had never heard that song before. You guys did an awesome job as usual.

    Did you flip the video or is Jill ambidextrous? It looks like she’s playing left handed. 🙂

  12. Tina Says:

    Very beautiful. Too bad Nashville isn’t in Europe or that I’m not rich, haha 😀 It was definitely worth the wait, girls 😉

  13. Mary B Says:

    BEAUTIFUL song… Love it…

    I woke up after to many hours of sleep… and you know how your more tired after you sleep to much….. well you cured my oversleeping sleepiness!!!

    And now I unleash my excitement!!!!!!


    Ok I’m done…. Glad yall had fun in Africa!!!!

    Thanks for the SOT17th/27th due to technical dificulties lol it was worth the wait!!

  14. kevin Says:

    ii nead money for this? yeah! yeah! ya! i finish yor lyrics/

  15. Jaclyn Says:

    I LOVED that song!

    And about the show in Nashville…I’ve already been talking to a few people and I’m really hoping I can make it happen 😀 …I just wish I didn’t live 9 hours away, lol

  16. crystal Says:

    song on the 17th–errr 27th. 🙂
    that was beautiful!
    i told my mom if i went to town with her you two would post this..guess what.. ya did. haha

    i’ve been begging for a nashville trip since last fall..maaaaaaybe this will be what allows that to happen! it’d be freeeakin’ sweeeet!!

    hey guess what! only 21 days until the 17th! woot! hahaha

  17. anakellya Says:

    i got a lot of love for this song 🙂
    and for you guys. but PLEASE for the love of all things good, bring that crazy ass show with Ashley to the UK! we’re in need of some JK, AA madness over here! consider it; action it 😉
    keeeeep us updated 😀 haha, safe travels or rest… 😀

  18. Elaine Says:

    I’m gonna be there!!! Can’t wait :)!!!

  19. Emzy Says:

    I love that song, the lyrics are beautiful. Thanks for another great recommendation ladies.
    You both look awesome, loved the hat kate and jill i guess u thought blondes had more fun haha.
    Great news about the Nashville show, shame it aint a UK date but i know you will do one when u have chance.
    The song was worth the wait and im really pleased u had a great time in africa 🙂

    Enjoy the rest at home

  20. Myriam Says:

    Love this! Kate, you sounded really really good. I love your voice, and this was the best it sounded.. that I’ve heard. [And Jill, you always sound good too :)] Oh, and I like Jill’s hair. The end. 🙂

  21. Bianca Says:

    ahhh yay a Nashville show! Too bad its not during the year because I’m here in school BUT I am flying back here from New York just to see you guys! (: Do you see how special you are? haha I can’t wait! Already booking my flight this week!

  22. randy Says:

    Awesome as usual well worth the wait.Cool left handed guitar lol.

  23. bethhh Says:

    Girls that was absolutely gorgeous as per usual, your voices together is just amazing! goooorgeous song 🙂
    i shall be seeing you both april 17th in sydney woo!! excited 🙂 🙂

  24. Rianne Says:

    Really cool you did this song.
    It totally make my day :).
    Really like the voices of you two,I think it is almost better than the original song.
    And I really like the had Kate :).

  25. Boston_Holly Says:

    Great job ladies! I’ve never heard of that song before…it’s fabulous, no wonder you covered it for us all. Enjoy your time at home before you jet off to the other side of the globe again!

  26. b. ashley Says:

    amazing song but even more amazing your finalllllllllllllllly playing a show here in Nashville!!! Bout TIME!!!! I’m sooooooooooooo there!

  27. Jayna Says:

    Awesome cover, you guys looked and sounded amazing. If Nashville wasn’t a 26 hour drive from Saskatchewan I would so be at that show. I guess I’ll have to wait till you have a show a little closer to me. 😛

  28. 1wildegirl Says:

    Love this song….must find more about this band. In the meantime, *off to book a room* ’cause y’all, and AA, and Shane Mack?! *squeeeeee* 🙂

  29. Erin Says:

    i really like that song. i’m so jealous of anybody who is going to that show. i don’t think i can swing a trip to nashville from chicago…it’s just not likely. boo. i’m glad you had fun in african and enjoy your time at home.

  30. Danielle Says:


    NASHVILLE NASHVILLE NASHVILLE!!! SO FLIPPING EXCITED! And.. I will SO be in town that day too! Yesssss. 🙂

    I will seriously counting down the days until July 1st. 🙂

    (Great Song on the 17th.. er 27th by the way) 😉

  31. Sarah Says:

    Welcome back ladies. Any chance y’all will play a show in Chicago when you swing through this summer?

  32. Elisa Says:

    Awesome! I can play that on my guitare to =)

  33. Shari Says:

    Great song! Kate I really love your voice in this song! Not that I normally don’t!

  34. Amanda Arch Says:

    My husband and I are driving to Florida at the start of July, and guess where we are making a pit stop? Nashville TN. I was excited to see aa, and Shane to play but now you guys too! That is triple the excitement. Can’t wait to see you guys again!

    btw, great singing girls 🙂

  35. tim Says:

    this needs to be your next blog……

    bang. phenominal

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