“In the jungle…”

Well…March 20th-23rd, 2010 will forever be remembered as some of the best days on earth.  We got to spend those days at a private game reserve next to Kruger National Park in South Africa. We got to get up-close and personal to the amazing wildlife…and we mean CLOSE. Like, pee your pants a little cause there are lions right next to your car…Or in Kate’s case–pee your pants cause there are spiders the size of baseballs EVERYWHERE. It scared her more than the lions did. Each day we went for morning and evening drives, bush walks, bike rides and ate some fabulous food under the big, bright African stars.

Because we are cheesy awesome, we named our group/car “Lady Dagaboy” and our guide was a guy named Dave (aka Captain Kittycat) and our tracker was Clemont (aka Clementine). Seriously, these two macho men were not only cute as can be but they had some of the best personalities ever….we laughed, we sang…they wore bow ties…we wore formal wear…haha…good times all around 🙂 The best part too was that my (Kate’s) dad was with us. He pretty much thought he was Rambo the majority of the time which was very entertaining.

Here are some small highlights from the trip:

  • The first morning drive we almost drove straight into this huge spider web that stretched across the road and Kate screamed the most girlish, bloody murder scream at the top of her lungs. Pretty funny.
  • The last day during our drinks at sunset, Dave and Clemont brought bow ties to put on and we brought something “sparkly” and formal to throw on over our grubby safari clothes…we wanted to have some class…the pictures will explain 🙂
  • We parked the car, walked about 10 minutes through the bush to get super close to two giraffes. Kate was almost paralyzed with fear at how close we got to the spiders but it was still awesome!
  • The last night they set up dinner for us on the landing strip out in the middle of the bush. There were about 50 million candles everywhere…it was gorgeous!
  • We pretty much used the Lion King and its soundtrack to reference all animals and preceded to sing a song that corresponded as well at any time we could. We sang A LOT in our car.
  • We all wore ribbon headbands on the second day to show some group unity and to bring the awesome animals our way…it totally worked too…the animals couldn’t stay away!
  • We drank LOTS of Amarula…you can’t get this stuff in America so we had to have as much as possible…they even put it in our hot chocolate in the morning 🙂 I know…it was like heaven.

Anyway…here are some pics. Disclaimer: we all shared our pictures so most of the awesome shots we probably didn’t take…so a big thank you to all our friends who shared their pics 🙂

The gorgeous African sky.

The sun…setting or rising…not sure…but beautiful either way!

So peaceful.

Safari vehicle fun!

Elephant up close & personal.


Lady Dagaboy in action taking pics of a hyena.

Leopard about to climb the tree.

Up he goes.

Dinner time…eating an Impala. We could literally hear the bones crunching.

The best tracker EVER…Clement!!!

Clement & Kate chasing the Impala to make them jump for people taking pictures. Woohoo!

Hippo under the water.

Hippo out of the water.

Zebras have BFF’s too.

That’s right. Worst nightmare.

Terrible. Horrible. Awful. They were huge.

My dad taking pics 🙂

Our rockin’ guide Dave.

Stop the car. Whip out the tablecloth. Pour the wine and Amarula. Check.


Lions in a tree stealing food from the Leopard up above them. Freaking UNREAL.

Bike ride through a little lake.

Mud everywhere. Knife in my hand. Gun in his. We were ready for anything.

Mama Elephant with her two kiddos drinking at sunset.

Another Elephant. Sweet.

Wild Dog.

Leopard. You could almost reach out and touch him.

He loved his pink ribbon.

Ribbons represent.

We busted out the formal wear and were welcoming the other group.

Formal wear in the field.

Haha..nothing wrong with a little attitude in the bush.



We got that close…it was unbelievable.

Chameleon love.

River we drove through.

There we are…driving through.

Lion tracks we found during our bike ride…awesome.

Wine tasting 🙂

Dinner under the stars.

Cape Buffalo.

Blown away by what we were seeing…cameras ready!

Last group shot…Dave let my dad hold the gun…my dad was SO happy…haha!

55 Responses to ““In the jungle…””

  1. Amanda Says:

    WOW, such amazing pictures. I can’t believe you saw a Leopard climb a freakin’ tree. Looks like quite the experience, glad y’all enjoyed yourselves!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Tara B Says:

    Omg the pics are awesome!! Africa is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!! Ohh and glad none of those animals ate ya’ll on the safari!! 🙂

  3. danielle1414 Says:

    ohhhhhhhhh wow! seriously that looks amazing! Which one of you wants to take some of your fans out there??? 😀

    Oh and i’d definitely be with Kate on the huge spider thing, spiders are just a big no no, I could probably handle the lions better haha.

    A blog seriously worth hitting the favourites tab for! Love it 🙂

  4. Mary B Says:

    AW-HAW-SOME!!!! Amazing!!! Stupindous!!!! Beautiful!!! Magnificent!!!! Wondrous!!! Holy crap!!

    Kate I concur with your feelings about the spiders!!! Those things are freakin ginormous!!!

    Jill I concur with your feelings about the gecko!!! They are so freakin cute!! Especially the geico gecko lol!!

    And the first pic is classic Africa!! Looooove it!!!

    Thanks for sharing your fantastic pictures so fast!! Yall are are on top of things!!!


  5. Lizitanorway Says:

    WOW!! That was really awesome!!! and I’m so jaelous! 🙂 Thanks for the pics! 😉

  6. Clara Says:

    OH, seamed like y’all had an AMAZING time!!! Great pictures (some atleast)… The ones with the spiders was really aweful, just because they made my body itch, and it still is. I must say that Jill you are BRAVE! Would never hold that green stupid thing in my hands!!

    Thanks for charing your great time in Africa can’t say that I am a tiny bit jaelous, I am REALLY jaelous

  7. Khitam Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing all those sweet pictures with us. Looks like you all had an UH-MA-ZING time. However, I do feel the need to watch The Lion King now…

  8. Tina Says:

    Amazing trip!! Nice way to spend your downtime. Thanks for sharing the photos.Looks like you girls made it even more of an adventure than it was in true J&K fashion!!

  9. Marleen Says:

    Beautiful pictures.. love elephants, zebras, giraffes.. looks like an amazing trip!! Thanks for sharing 😀

  10. carolfritz Says:

    wow…you girls have no idea how happy these pictures made me! 🙂 The zebra one immediately became my desktop wallpaper! haha SO cute! Clement looks like such a fun guy! And Kate, your dad is so adorable! haha The picture of Clement and Kate running…funniest picture ever! The Jill and gecko picture was also priceless– were there any Geico references? hahaha And you all are brave– I would’ve went running the other way if I had seen a spider that big! The pictures made me want to cry!
    Thanks SO much for sharing! Glad you had such a great time!

  11. Linda Says:

    I have been waiting so impatiently for this blog, and it was worth the wait. How cool of a trip that must have been, and thanks so much for sharing the pics, because I’ll never get to a place like that. You tour guide Dave is pretty nice looking…any of ya hit on him? haha, I bet y’all did, and I wouldn’t blame ya. I would love to take a trip like that, wll, minus the spiders, I would’ve died right there seeing one of them, and knowing they were everywhere….um I would’ve had to been into that amarula the whole time just to deal with them, haha.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience through pictures with us. It was great!

  12. Jenny Says:

    OMG!! amazing pictures!!! thats sooo awesome!!!!!!! it looks like you had the time of you life!! thats great!! thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us!!! glad you had fun and now you have some time off to rest!!! awesome!!!!!!!!

  13. Carly Says:

    Now i’m gonna go to my classes this morning with the Lion King soundtrack stuck in my head…. Thanks girls!!! Amazing pictures 🙂

    I can’t believe you don’t have Amarula! Remind me to bring some next time you guys come up north! I don’t drink a heck of a lot, but when i do, that’s all i drink.

  14. 1wildegirl Says:

    “…the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.” I don’t so much have the Lion King as the Friends episode running through my mind.

    Thanks for sharing y’alls pics. They’re just gorgeous, looks like y’all had fun. The BFF Zebras were just adorable.

  15. Luna Says:

    Oh that’s so awesome! But I need to be honest that’s NOT a gecko, it’s a chameleon. :p
    Both freakin’ cute.

  16. Dee Says:

    WOW! That sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. Looks like you got some amazing pics between all of you. Can you post more on your facebook page? It really is great that you experience more than just the the shows when you travel. It’s kind of like stopping to smell the flowers. Kudos to you girls! So I have to ask, how much of the Amarula did you smuggle into the states? LOL Hope to see you at AA’s CD release party!

  17. Elisabeth1011 Says:


  18. Kristina Says:

    Wow amazing pictures…Freaked me out just looking at them. I gotta say I did imagine driving around in something a little more secure……say like the POPE MOBILE. The picture of Kate Impersonating oops sorry Chasing Impala is still making me laugh, nothing like an action shot. The ‘wildlife’ inside the Jeep didn’t look too bad either….do they do the romantic candle lit dinner for everyone or just the special ones???? 😉 Some video of the singing would have made a great SOT17 !!

  19. crystal Says:

    wow! just wow.

    those pictures are awesome. looks like you guys had a ton of fun in africa! i had no idea that lions and leopards could climb that high into trees! crazy! no worries, kate. i would have been just as scared of the spiders as you. what do those things eat?!

  20. carol Says:

    Oh my goodness These pictures are Fantastic. I was hoping that you girls would share with everyone. It sure looks like you had alot of fun. But THOSE SPIDERS can’t believe how bib they are. I would be afraid to go to sleep. Hey why not a video of you girls singing, that would be amazing. Thanks for sharing

  21. Karen vdm Says:

    I’m glad you had an awesome time in South Africa. 😀
    Amarula is the best! You should try it with Peppermint liqueur… heaven!!
    I hope you also had biltong/droewors while you were here.. equally awesome 🙂

  22. Bianca Says:

    haha these pictures are sooo cute (:I loved your ribbons. You guys were the best looking group I bet driving through the wild lol Thanks for the update and for all the pictures. Even though it makes me insanely jealous I love reading about all your travels. LOL

    P.S. Dave is pretty cute. ;P

  23. Pam Says:

    is it bad that i was cracking up everytime you mentioned Kate screaming over the spiders? haha. anyways, it looks like you guys had an AWESOME time in Africa! this is totally on my bucket list…

    btw…both of your funny poses in the pics….i died a little. 😉

  24. Lauren 'Elle' Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!

    And I totally don’t blame Kate for the girlish scream…I squealed at the picture..so in reality..I probably would have died!

    And seriously…the web stretched across the road??? How scary!

  25. Erin Says:

    Ahh those pictures are ridiculousss. So so pretty. I cannot imagine being that close to those animals!! I was flipping out just looking at the pics!! haha I also loved the formal wear because I mean who doesn’t want to wear formal wear in the middle of a field in Africa? I mean honestly…You guys are too cool 🙂 Thanks for sharing your amazing trip!!

  26. Amanda Says:

    … these pictures are terrifying. Hahaha. Beautiful, but terrifying! Funnily enough, my best friend was watching Animal Planet last night and there was some show on about wild cats. I squirmed in my seat, while she was cooing over “how cute” they are. Hahaha. The spiders are pretty awful too. I’m a big baby, huh? Haha! Cool pics anyway, thanks for sharing 🙂 The landscapes are ridiculous. So awesome!

  27. Selena Says:

    Wow, what an adventure! Thanks for posting the pics as well as the (ofttimes amusing) captions. There are so many cool shots, so I won’t address them all, but as far as the animals go, I was particularly interested in seeing the lions. Yeah, sure, they’re deadly, but adorable too! Haha! And, of course, tt was nice to see the group in action. Good times! 🙂

  28. Elisa Says:

    I have a few words to say;
    WOOW,beautifull,awesome,SCARY SPIDERS (I would scream the whole world together, if i say that!),cosy and where is kelly?;p

  29. cookbooklady Says:

    Holy moley! Those pics are amazing!!! Dave is a cutie, girls…did one of you happen to smuggle him back to the States? ‘Fess up.

  30. Emzy Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics, must have been the most mind blowing experience to have. The candle light dinner looks so beautiful, must have been so special.
    I hate spiders too kate, id have made a very big scene! haha.
    How can u both look so good in a sweaty jungle?! SO UNFAIR!
    Thanks again for sharing, hope i can get to experience it one day too 😉 xx

  31. I'm just sayin'... Says:

    I’m so jealous!

  32. Erin Says:

    um i hate spiders. i hope one of you got dave’s number because he is lovely. giraffes are my faves. i’m so jealous of you. seriously, this looks like the coolest thing ever.

  33. Shari Says:

    Wow! I cant imagine how unreal this must have been for you all since the pictures are breath taking!

    Thank you sooo much for sharing some of your pictures! Some of us can only dream of doing something like this, so it is nice to see it trhough you all!

  34. Myriam Says:

    Awesome pictures! So pretty!

    Just reading about the spiders freaked me out!

  35. Jaclyn Says:

    You were THAT close to freaking leopards and lions?!?! It’s like Discovery channel in real life, lol

    And Kate, I am right there with you about the spiders…I freak out…I live right next to a farm and in the fall when it starts to get cold we get these giant spiders (and by giant I mean at most they are 1 inch, lol) that try and come in our house…icky…I always make my roommates kill them though…I can’t handle it.

    I had to google what amarula was…sounds yummy 😛

    Is it sad that my friends and I don’t need to be on a safari to randomly burst out in songs from the Lion King? lol…or any classic Disney movie for that matter…it just happens randomly at any time of day…I know, we’re pretty cool.

  36. Jen Says:

    Friken Amazing!
    And i have to say, DAVE IS FRIKEN HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Boston_Holly Says:

    Rides in the bush, wine, guns, rugged guys, zebra bffs, random formalwear, more drinking, singing, impersonating impalas…I really want to go on vacation with you guys!!! And leopards and lions climbing trees are just about the coolest things ever. It sounds like you had an absolute blast! Thanks for sharing the pictures (and stories)!

  38. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve been trying real hard to get over my fear of spiders but those pictures just sent me right back to the start of my fear HOLY CRAP!!!!!

    If one of those pink ribbons happens to be one of the ones from the gift I gave Kate…I am pretty impressed it’s travelled that far with you!

    Loving all the pictures of all the animals, you girls are so lucky that is like my dream to see so many animals in their own environment.

  39. Monica Says:

    *clears throat* NAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS INGONYAMAAAAA, BAGITHI BABA (sithi uhhmm, ingonyamaaa)
    I actually broke out in song the other day when I was watching the sun rise or set. I don’t remember.

    AMAZING pictures. Seriously.

    But yea. I’m a wee bit jealous. Mmhm. I think some of the best animals come from Africa. Oh, and lions. You have no idea how much I just love lions. I want to go. Adding it on my place to visit.

    • Monica Says:

      P.S. Just shared the pictures with my five year old sister, and her face was pretty much glued to the computer screen. She enjoyed them, too and said she loved alllll of them 🙂 Thanks for sharing such beautyyy!

  40. Courtneylace Says:

    Those Are Amazing!!! I love the first Elephant pic its now my desktop! =] and OMG I WOULD FREAK OUT RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU KATE!!! THOSE SPIDERS WHERE HUGE!!

    and Jill with the Chameleon!!!! SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!

    love ya girls glad you had fun!

  41. Lauren Says:

    I’m glad you guys had great time in the safari! One of those pictures freaked me out though. The Leopard eating the Impala made me cry…litterally! 😦 I’m such a sap when it comes to animals.

    Kate, I swear your dad has a twin. I thought it was my uncle David there for a second…haha

  42. bethhh Says:

    woooooow! those pics are stunning! what sort of camera do you use? looks like you all had an amazing time, thanks so much for sharing the pics with us!

  43. morganax Says:

    wow…thanks for sharing those pics and your adventures.
    those are truely unbelievable. thank you.

  44. How to Integrate Web Design and SEO | The Success Zone Says:

    […] “In the jungle…” « JillandKate’s Blog […]

  45. Amanda Arch Says:

    Ok, Ashley in the RAWR picture made my day.

    The pictures are fabulous! Definitely made me want to be there to be taking pictures.

    HEY! I have an idea. Next time you guys go on a trip, you should hire me as your personal photographer and I can just tag along to all these amazing things you do and document it. What dya say? Please?? Haha!!!

  46. Rianne Says:

    Wow really beautiful pictures and great storie about the trip.
    It looks like one of the most beautiful countries in the world :).
    And the spiders are also freaking me out a little bit :P.

  47. Louise Says:

    Hehe, love how you corrected the ‘gecko love’ to ‘chameleon love’ 🙂 Thumbs up to Luna. Anyways, awesome pictures. Glad you guys got to experience that and that you had so much fun here in SA. Thanx for sharing your stories and pictures. Love it!!!

    Btw…you do get Amarula in America. I was there a year ago and we found Amarula in Louisville, Kentucky 🙂 Pricey but worth it! So, keep your eyes open, it’s there somewhere. But yeah, possibly one of the greatest things to come out of Africa!

  48. cassie Says:

    wow!! looks like an amazing time!!! =] minus the fact that there’s spiders the size of Gwam there. Kate, i’m right there with you, i’d scream like that too if I EVERRR came across one of those bad boys. holy cow. I couldn’t even look at the picture without freaking out lol. GROSS. mad props to you for actually being in the same area as those ha

    But the pictures are incredible and it looks like yall had such a wonderful time! I’m happy y’all got to experience that 🙂

  49. Meg Says:

    Did you really just type “in the landing strip out in the middle of the bush”? Haha I couldn’t help myself, but seriously thanks for all the pictures looks like it was awesome!!

  50. Courtneylace Says:


  51. Danielle Says:

    Those are some AMAZING photos! So kudos to you all and to your friends for taking some great shots!

    Where did you get set up with this tour? How would I, for instance, be able to get hooked up with it? I really want to do something like this, but have no clue as to how to find tours (especially ones this amazing!) 🙂

  52. Keri Reck Says:

    Freaking awesome. Nuff said! =}

  53. You Oughta Know Series « JillandKate's Blog Says:

    […] Series is our friend David…aka Safari Dave. He is South Africa’s FINEST. We met him in March of 2010 while he was one of our guides on the most amazing safari ever! He spends his days in the middle of […]

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