Flying Will Make You Crazy

I mean, that’s just a fact, right?  Being up in the air for long periods of time…sure they say the cabin is fully “pressurized,” but really…they can’t fool us…we know everyone gets a little loopy up in the great big sky.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, was our 30th flight since January 1st, 2010. 5 continents. 23 countries to date. What the heck?  Yeah. So you get it. We are a little crazy from all the flying. Especially on this tour, since we are traveling to LOTS of different countries–all with their unique habits, customs and formalities–it has been nothing but entertaining.

So, back to the crazy. Today on our short one and a half hour flight from Taiwan to China, the lady in the window seat next to me (from here on out referred to as “crazy-window-lady”) did something crazy.

I, Kate, was in the middle seat and Jill was on the aisle. I was using the flight to take a nap. Why? Because I like to sleep and sometimes on the road, you’re tired. There. I said it. I was napping.

So, there I am–rocking my neck pillow…sleeping in my own seat…quietly…not disturbing ANYONE…when…slap, slap, slap, slap, slap on my thigh…the crazy-window-lady is hitting me. I freak out, look around, to see who obviously needed LIFE OR DEATH attention from me at that present moment…and there is no one around…just crazy-window-lady smiling at me. WHAT?

I look at her–ask her what’s going on…she just smiles and looks away. I tell her I am sleeping–I do the motion for sleeping because of the language barrier…and I try and calm myself at 38,000ft and return to my slumber.

No, no, no. 5 minutes later she is slapping my thigh again–this time she motions to her mouth–apparently alerting me to the fact that it was almost time to eat on the plane. At this very point in time is when normal Kate jumped out of the plane and all I was left with was crazy Kate.

Jill and I spent the rest of the time laughing so much that tears were literally streaming down my face–Miles and Ric were sitting around us and could hear the cackle of my howling laugh.  Oh….good times.

By landing time we had both written “CRAZY” on our hands because we had totally lost it. You might not believe any of this to be true–well, I took a pic with crazy-window-lady just so I could remember the precious time we got to spend together. Take a good, hard look at my sleep deprived eyes, and my awesome plane-styled hair…and DO NOT overlook the “crazy” written on my hand.

{Disclaimer: If crazy-window-lady is somehow related to you in any form, fashion or bloodline…or if you know her…please tell her I said this: “You might be a pretty cool person, but you shouldn’t wake people on planes. Especially when you slap them repeatedly. People don’t like that. Nope. Not ever. Love, Kate}

Alright…it’s almost 4am here in China. One more show then more flying…woohoo….cause we’re going HOME!!!!



45 Responses to “Flying Will Make You Crazy”

  1. Erin Says:

    okay, the fact that you took a picture with crazy window seat lady makes this blog. seriously, hilarious.

  2. Pam Says:

    HAHAHAHA she looks SO confused in the pic. but don’t worry Kate, you totally work that plane-styled hair.

  3. Monica Says:

    Oh, goodness. That made me laugh. Awesome.

    You would take a picture with her, hahah

    And…holy crap, 30 flights since the first? That on its own is crazy.

  4. Linda Says:

    no no no, haha. But yeah, it’s good to know crazy people are everywhere around the world, and not just here 😉 I hope you eventually got your nap 🙂

    I hope you have a great last show, and safe trip home (with no crazy people next to you)

  5. Jaclyn Says:

    Hahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahha….if that had been me, I probably would’ve slapped her right back and gone back to sleep, lol

    And holy cow, 30 flights?!?!?! I think I’ve only been on 1/10th of that in my whole life, lol…that is definitely enough to make you crazy.

  6. Erin Says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaat hahaha that was the craziest freakin story possibly ever. WHAT?! Who does that? That is so frickin weird i’m sorry hahaha who slaps someone they don’t know?? hahaha i’m amazed. LOVE your photog skills. The picture is quite splendid. I have no other words. I think you’re right though, Crazy about sums it up! haha 🙂 Have a great show and have a safe flight yay hooooome!!

  7. Selena Says:

    Well, that was an interesting, entertaining, and yes, crazy story! With all the globetrotting y’all do, it’s understandable that it would be a lot to take in and you’d want fit in a much needed nap when you could.

    I don’t know what “Crazy-Window-Lady”‘s deal was. She may have just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss your meal or something, but waking up a sleeping passenger, especially with thigh slapping just isn’t proper plane etiquette!

    I hope you’re final flight home won’t be crazy and you’ll get all the R&R you need at home.

  8. anakellya Says:

    haha seriously, that woman is, what can only be described as, crazy… imaginative of you to come up with that name 😉 and in england she’d be what we’d call a ‘bloody slapper’.. not a good thing 😉 but then again – she could be cool.

    anyway, that story made me laugh 🙂 have an AMAZING last show, rock it. missing you from the uk still!


  9. Boston_Holly Says:

    One would think that the “no slapping random strangers on an airplane” would be a universal rule…right? Guess crazy plane lady did NOT the memo. And please tell me you get frequent flyer miles for all these flights. If not, well, I’d go crazy too.

  10. Elisa Says:

    Hahaha, did you knew that lady? cause she looks at you as if she don’t know who you are. haha, so funny!

  11. Mary b Says:

    Interesting…. Very interesting…. Language barrier or not I wouldve been like look crazy lady I’m trying to sleep…. Would you want me slapping you awake the entire flight if you were a sleep deprived musician… I think not so if you plz I’d like to get back to my nap! Lol but then again I say things in my head but never out loud.. Haha I prolly wouldve been like you girls and laughed my butt off especially if I was sleep deprived I always get loopy then lol!!! Have fun tonight today yesterday what is it there lol and have a safe trip back home!!!

    July 1st can’t wait WOOHOO!!!

  12. Hope Says:

    30 flights ? wow ! that is insane ! i bet you keep going back for the plane food right?! nom nom nom 😛

    why was she hitting you?! thats a bit dramatic … maybe she really loves plane food and wanted you to share the experience with her crazy self !

    planes make everyone mental. youre thousands of feet in the air, in a circular tube, going a million miles per hour … if that doesnt make you crazy i dont know what will.

    glad you got a funny story out of it , and i hope you managed to catch some zzzz’s !

    safe travelling xx

  13. Jacinta Says:

    A much needed laugh. Even if it was at your expense, Kate. You’re too funny. Safe travels!

  14. Bianca Says:

    So I was laughing the whole time reading this blog but once I scrolled down and saw the picture I lost on control. My roommate just looked at me like I was crazy because I seriously had to contain myself. Thank you for this. And if home you mean you are both coming to Nashville, YAY! I’m leaving to go back to NY in the next week for the summer and I am going to miss this place. I can’t imagine being away from it for so long! Hope your house is all ok with the flooding here! Have fun at the last show!

  15. anakellya Says:

    ohh and also, i believe 30 flights since january makes you two qualify for being crazy ladies too 😉 just sayin’…. 🙂

  16. Gypsy Gies Says:

    Wow – I’m glad you had a good time in the end. I totally would’ve ended up slapping her thigh repeatedly anytime she looked out the window, or did anything non-paying-attention-seeming. Sleep deprived, I can be obnoxious that way haha. Hell I can just be obnoxious that way at random, what can I say? Kind in kind. I hope y’all get some rest at home, and that your home *isn’t* under water – have you heard if it’s okay yet? Please do tell, been wondering and hoping it’s alright.


  17. Jennifer Says:

    haha crazy plane lady sounds just delightful!

    I have to say though I do love that crazy sleep deprived insanity when you can’t stop laughing and everything seems hilarious. Some of the best memories come from those moments.

    Can’t believe you’ve been on 30 flights though since Jan that is so insane!
    Hope you girls have a nice time being back at home and get the well some well deserved rest.

  18. jenn Says:

    CRAZY!!!!!!! hahahah

  19. Stephanie Says:

    The middle finger is well know world wide! 🙂

  20. I'm just sayin'.... Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Oh my god that was freakin’ hilarious!! The picture mad it for me… Too funny!

  21. Britt Says:

    Woow, haha.. Dejavu.. The same thing happend to me when I flew from Amsterdam to China.. haha! Okay, I didn’t wrote ‘Crazy’ on my hand.. 😉

  22. JillAndKateFan1 Says:

    Does this surpass the crazy grandma on that one flight who said she was going to shoot you guys if you didn’t quiet down?

  23. JillAndKateFan1 Says:

    Actually, come to think of it, wasn’t that the first of your 30 flights — the crazy grandma? Sort of like crazy lady bookends, in a way.

  24. 1wildegirl Says:

    Kate, it was hilarous. Sorry for your travel nightmare. But you know, that can be easily solved: Tell your boss y’all need a private plane! Hello, y’all are rock stars. 😉

    All that globetrotting, are y’all gearing up for the Amazing Race? I think y’all could kick butt! And since you’re like the language girl, perhaps you need Rosetta Stone to teach you “I’m sleeping” in every language? To get you started, “Estoy durmiendo” ( in Spanish).

  25. Riana Says:

    Haha she’s lucky u went on crazy mood instead of cranky one.

  26. Lynda Says:

    I so know what you mean by 30 flights. It wasnt quite 30, but our family had about 16 or so in just under a month when we took a trip to the states from new zealand and then to australia after we had gotten back home.
    OMG, still cant believe there was all that slapping, sleep is definitely important esp on a plane when you’re basically constantly on the go. Hope you get some sleep and no crazy person next to you on your flight home in a couple of days. Bet that is one flight you’re looking forward to.

  27. Sya Says:

    im sorry kate, but tt story totally made my morning! 🙂 just a thought.. maybe someone else’s plane craziness rubbed off on her and it got passed on to you.. my point is, kate, you should pass on the craziness the nxt time u’re on a plane! anw, hv a gd last show girls!

  28. Emzy Says:

    Ok Kate that literally made me laugh out loud!! I can totally imagine your face when she started tapping you! lmao!!
    Please never stop telling us guys your crazy stories. I think maybe Crazy lady was excited to be sat next to you and Jill, i mean come on who doesnt love ‘pop song’ haha
    Enjoy the last show guys and safe travels hope

  29. Emzy Says:

    OMG safe travels home, not hope, sorry im sleepy! haha

  30. kevin Says:

    hey kate that’s my mail order wife? no, really i sleep also on planes trains, and buses and automobiles, i would have just growled at er ! one time on plane iwas sleeping on plane and a business man just save it for me now that is considerite person!

  31. Jen Says:

    THATS MY MOTHER!!!!!!!
    hahahaha just kidding. But that blog has just made me literally howl with laughter, especially when i seen the picture! My mum wasn’t impressed as it’s 2am and my laugh isn’t very discreet.
    Never mind….

  32. Jess Says:

    OH MY GOD! MOM??!!

  33. Elle Says:

    Dude, you are too funny! This blog was a much needed jolt of laughter. It’s amazing, you can go to another part of the world, see new things, learn new things, and not even be able to speak to one another, but you just can’t escape crazy – haha. Hope you guys have a great last show, and everyone has a safe trip home!

  34. Chelle Says:

    thank you for sharing this VERY entertaining story and kudos with the pic! you never cease to amaze me! can’t wait for the next story =)

  35. cassie Says:

    omg, that was one of the best stories i’ve ever heard! thank you for sharing!! 🙂

    I’m sorry she woke you up kate, but at least she gave y’all a great laugh for the remainder of the flight lol. always a good time! haha

    good luck with the last show and have a safe trip back to the states!! keep the people in nashville in your prayers!! ❤

  36. Vincent Says:

    Yikes! Luckily it was a short flight. I couldn’t imagine somebody slapping me away every couple minutes on a multi-hour flight. Also; where was Jill while you were getting your butt kicked? Not a very nice friend to let that happen haha 😉

  37. Vincent Says:

    Uhg away=awake. Been a long week. Your craziness is contagious! Can’t wait till July 1 and the Lilith Fairs.

  38. Ryle Says:

    love your story!! haha~ were you flying first-class? business class? cuz if you were, you probably won’t get that memorable experience. at least you have something interesting to write once again here! awesome!

    btw, she didn’t look too happy having her picture taken with you. she must not know how rad you are. haha~

  39. Rozzzz Says:

    Dear Kate,

    You are AWESOME. I needed a laugh, and ya came through for me once again! This entry is yet another reminder why I read this blog- for the constant source of enlightenment, hilarity, and entertainment- compliments of two very fine musicians. Freakin awesome, as per usual.

    I am just sorry that my entertainment had to be at the expense of your in-flight solace. And apparently also your SANITY!!!! Well, not too sorry.


    And don’t think for a second that you aren’t awesome too Jill. ‘Cause ya are!!! And crazy. In a good way. *Wicked freakin awesome.

    Between the geriatric granny-issued death threats and the cross-cultural thigh-slapping, I dunno- it might be just me, but I think you guys have some weird sort of traveling karma. #Discuss?

    …Speaking of discussing things, I am still waiting for Jill’s account of her Fried Rice Airport Immigration, LMAO…. #RightOnJill

    *I went all Bostonian with the dialect. Did you catch that? ‘Cause it was just for Jill. To that, I’ll add, “Nomah!!!” Not because it has any relevance, but because it’s a weird compulsion I have. “Nomah!” must be added to punctuate any deliberate Boston Dialect.

    Yup, I might be weirder than y’all are.

  40. Elle Says:

    lmao! Okay, I laughed so hard at this. Hahaha could only happen to Kate!

  41. Georgina Says:

    haha omg wish i was there to see that, at least it wasn’t your face lol and that is a lot of flights, i’d turn into a zombie if i traveled that much bet its worth it tho, seeing the sights and crazy people, you’ll have loads of stories to tell when you get back home. Home sweet home xx

  42. Danielle Says:

    Kate, this is one of the funniest things I have ever read. The fact that you and Jill can still giggle to the point of tears after 30 flights is amazing! To keep humor at times like that is a skill. I love it.
    I saw you both in Newcastle & Sydney! I was blown away once again by Kelly (and everyone else involved.) I was front row in Newcastle and couldn’t stop smiling. I was so star struck I couldn’t concentrate. Shame about the crappy audience though. I felt they were lacking somewhat in enthusiasm. My hometown Sydney turned it on though. I had such a good time. You girls were great!
    I can’t stop listening to ‘Finding My Own Way’. It’s so beautiful and I loved the post you did – New Song on April 17th. Please release!
    Loving the blogs too. Keep them coming.

  43. Bianca Says:

    For some reason I found this overly funny, like, it’s funny to start with but I laughed way more than I should have, I have no idea why. I just think the mental image of some random crazy lady slapping someone sleeping just cause it’s time to eat was possibly one of the greatest things ever. HAHA still hilarious.

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