New Song on May 17, 2010


Closing another hotel door
Drop bags on another patterned floor
I’ve seen this city once or twice
I’m sure

It’s all about me and I’m
Missing friends and losing time
Or am I losing friends while I’m gone this time
I’m not sure

What’s it like in your 9-5
While I’m chasing skies, earning miles
Are you counting down to Saturday night?
I can’t remember what it’s like
I can’t remember what it’s like

I hang a sign that says please come back
While you step out on your welcome mat
If isolation has a cost I know
The price of that

It’s all I could ever do
To go against the grain
And if I wanted to
I’d never stop
But it can’t hurt to ask

What’s it like in your 9-5
While I’m chasing skies, earning miles
Are you counting down to Saturday night?
I can’t remember what it’s like
I can’t remember what it’s like

38000 miles high
Flying right over your life
I can’t remember what it’s like
I can’t remember what it’s like

42 Responses to “New Song on May 17, 2010”

  1. crystal Says:

    i love you two. plain as that.

    love this song! you guys are so awesome at what you do, but i’m sure it gets tough..keep on keepin on ’cause you’re awesome. :]

  2. Monica Says:

    “It’s all about me and I’m
    Missing friends and losing time
    Or am I losing friends while I’m gone this time”

    Favorite lines.

  3. ashleyelayne Says:

    Holy crap. That was just freaking amazing. Wow.

  4. Joana Says:

    love it! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. Amanda Says:

    I love this song! And I’ll take your 38000 miles high and you can have my 9-5 πŸ™‚

  6. Pam Says:

    awesome birthday gift πŸ™‚ thanks girls

  7. Emzy Says:

    I really do love this song a lot, please record it for the next ep guys.
    You really are so talented and such amazing song writers.
    Thanks for finishing it πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy being at home πŸ™‚

  8. jacinta Says:

    great song.

  9. I'm just sayin'.... Says:

    Great song! Makes me appreciate my 9-5… Even though sometimes I want a life like yours.

    The grass is always greener though, right…

  10. Laryn Says:


  11. Selena Says:

    Oh, cool! It’s good to see y’all finished this one up. Nice capture of that “on the road” feel. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  12. Lisa Says:

    Awesome song. You guys are great

  13. carol Says:

    I just love this song such a catchy tune, thank-you so much
    Sure do wish I lived in the US so I could come an see ya.thanks again

  14. Erin Says:

    super cool girls. thanks for sharing.
    your voices mesh together so well, but it was nice to hear you guys separately on this one. lovely.

  15. Jaclyn Says:

    Loooovvvveeee πŸ˜€ Very very nice. I’m so glad you finished this one.

    AND only 45 days until the Nashville show πŸ™‚ The place we were supposed to stay in got flooded though 😦 but we’re looking into somewhere else. I will sleep in the car if I have to, I am not missing this, lol.

  16. jkfan Says:

    What I love bout this is, it seems a lot rawer than you other SO17ths, you guys look and sound like youve been travelling 38000 miles and you need a break:) I’d love to hear a song where you really get the grit in your voice going Jill:)

    What I also think is great is that your harmonys are so good that I often watch these videos and when Jill is singing lead I struggle to pick up Kates voice at all. Jill your voice is so good that I’ve come to expect it.
    Thats why its always a nice surprise when Kate sings solo parts because its a reminder that you are both exceptionally talented.

    I think what it is, is that Jill’s voice is so warm and rich that I’m drawn to the sound, the lyrics almost become irrelevant, where as Kate’s voice has a special quality that makes me really listen to the words. Both are fantastic.

    I know that sometimes these SO17th’s must seem like a bit of a burden especially when you are both so busy, but I hope you realise there are people out here who appreciate you sharing your time and effort but even more so your talent:) Enjoy your time off! You deserve it.

  17. kevin Says:

    sounds like a song from up in the air?

  18. Sara Says:

    I just love you ladies…for serious…so much. Keep up the good work…the harmonies you girls crank out [and your all-around talent in general] is truly a gift & it makes me pretty damn happy that you share it with the world πŸ™‚ Hope to see you guys at another show in Chicago soon!!

  19. Sya Says:

    what a great way to start my (9-5) day! πŸ˜€ what a beautiful song and u girls are mega talented!

  20. Rebecca Says:

    Wow, thats another great song girls. I love it. There isn’t one song of yours I haven’t loved πŸ™‚ You are both super super talented!

  21. Jen Says:

    Weird! How fast has this month gone! I always look forward to the 17th but i thought it was next week! Jeez this year is flying by!

    But anyways, YAY! i was hoping to hear the full version of this and you did it πŸ™‚ thanking you. AMAZING! xxx

  22. Mel Says:

    that was amazing! i loved it.

    but im still upset that we (sydney) let y’all down and you had a bad time here.

  23. Christina Says:

    aww, this song is so good! i love it!

  24. Mary B Says:


    LOVE SOT17th!!!!

    Can’t wait for July 1st!!! WooHoo!!

  25. Linda Says:

    Awesome song to capture your time on tour. I liked it a lot. And I always love the harmonies. But maybe that one line should’ve been like this:

    What’s it like in your 9-5
    While I’m chasing skies, & getting slapped on the thigh

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  26. riana Says:

    lovely song and lyrics…oh I love Jill’s hair

  27. Sota Says:

    Yes, spring has sprung. Nice job chickas. Luv it – and welcome home! πŸ™‚

  28. vanilla Says:


    that was awesome, great song ladies πŸ™‚

    spring is great but bring on the summer !!!!

    hope ur both well xx

  29. anakellya Says:

    i love love LOVE it.
    i mean, i loved it during April too… but, now that it’s finished i love it even more πŸ™‚ love love love. k, just love it. :] dunno if i’ve made that clear? L.O.V.E. I.T πŸ™‚
    bring onnnnnnnn JUNE’s 17th.. :]


  30. Daniela Says:

    Me gusto muchisimo.. saludos desde venezuela. siempre estoy pendiente de todos sus blog! πŸ˜€

  31. higzy646 Says:

    love it as always, and thanks a million for the birthday shout out on twitter! xx

  32. Marleen Says:

    Love this song, happy that you 2 finished it! Hope you’re having some great weeks off, you deserve it.. xo

  33. Tina Says:

    Amazing song.. sad though, gives me goosebumps.

    Enjoy y’alls well-deserved break! πŸ™‚

  34. Britt Says:

    wooow.. can’t explain what this song does to me..
    You girls, for real, sooo amazing!
    Everytime I think I love you guys.. Jou make me fall even more in love..
    Surprised every time!

    Still waiting on your album to’s a long travel to the Netherlands, like you guys know πŸ™‚

    Keep doing what you’re good at.. cause, man, you’re good at what you do!

    love, love, love, love you!

    Greetings from the netherlands,

    Byeee Britt

  35. Carly Says:

    Congrats girls you just wrote the theme song to my life – or even better everyone who is in the arts. I can’t remember the last rime i was able to enjoy time with friends without warning them i had rehearsals in hours.

    I think the best song yet!!!

  36. blah Says:

    Please don’t hate me, but you meant 38000 ‘ft’, right?

  37. Kim Says:

    Another great song!! Every month I wait for the 17th (or sometimes a little later than that depending on how busy you guys are). I can’t wait for a new album. Every song on the 17th I love especially “Guess I Better Move On”. It would be an awesome idea to name the next album “Songs from the 17th” and have them all on there πŸ™‚

  38. Angie Says:

    I love you guys. Keep being awesome.

  39. Elaine Says:

    Absolutely beautiful song! And yes, I know I’m VERY late to the party LOL, but I was watching a comedy DVD over the weekend and the guy started going on about hotel rooms and I thought of yee πŸ˜€
    His name’s Dylan Moran and he’s the funniest Irish man in my opinion. Here’s the clip (he also talks about wine ;P)

  40. Hippo Brigade Says:

    Love the song. You girls are amazing. You’re going to look back on this time of your life and be so in love with the memories you’re making. Keep on rocking.

  41. Annie Says:

    AMAZING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I always think of it when I look at an ugly patterned floor now…..(and hum it out loud)

    I’d love to try to play this on the guitar, what are the chords???

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