Oh yes we do.

This is what we do every morning in our house:

15 Responses to “Oh yes we do.”

  1. Courtneylace Says:

    Ahahahahah NOOO WAAAYYY I do that too!!!! haha just kidding…. I could so picture ya’ll doing that! 😛

  2. Mary B Says:

    You guys do that every morning too!!! Wow I thought it was just me and this little girl!! Lol

    Great minds pep up alike!! Bahahahaha

    Can’t wait for y’all new stuff!!

    I’m guessing this will be one of the songs lol

  3. Deb Says:

    WOW. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am in love.

  4. erin Says:

    she is SOOO cute.
    and you should probably videotape yourselves doing that for a random video blog.

  5. Hope Says:

    omg that was soooo cute !!!

    and i agree with Erin, i think you should do a little parody of that for your next vlog 🙂 pretty please !!!


  6. Selena Says:

    Hey, whatever works for ya, right? 😉

  7. Christina Says:

    LMAOOOOO that is adorable and freaking hilarious! ahahahahah love it!

  8. Danielle Says:

    How hilarious and cute!! And so, this one comes out 15 years later … tee hee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzzsw4D5kto&feature=related

  9. Riana Says:

    Bahahaa that’s awesome. Just tell me ur not standing on the counter too?!

  10. crystal Says:

    can you tape it next time!? make sure to stand on the sink too!
    haha she’s so cute

  11. Jaclyn Says:

    yep, I’m inspired.

  12. Marleen Says:

    Cute =D

  13. anakellya Says:

    hahaha that’s bloody brilliant!
    if only everyone was as positive & as happy as her.. she reminds me of Sarah from your song 😉 just saying. 😀


  14. Johan Says:

    Soooo cute!!!!!!

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