It’s a Wrap!

Hello fabulous people!!

On August 19th you need to be here:

Click here to buy tickets!

We will be there with big smiles on our faces.



6 Responses to “It’s a Wrap!”

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    I would love another excuse to visit Nashville again, haha….but I will be getting ready to move into my new apartment, boo….well, not boo, I am very happy to be moving out and for the new school year to start up, but boo that I can’t go to Nashville 😛

  2. Selena Says:

    I can’t be there, but enjoy the show!

  3. Christina Says:

    going back to school the next day and can’t make it = ( Have fun!!!

  4. crystal Says:

    i’d love to go back to nashville, but stupid college calls.

  5. Jessica Says:

    oh man, if this show was the week after i’d totally be there for it cause i’ll be in nashville then! booo!

  6. Mary B Says:

    I would love to!!!!…… but I’m “Broke” : (

    Y’all have fun though!

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