New Song on August 17th, 2010–a little late :)

Hey everyone!

Here is a verse, chorus and bridge–a preview if you will–of one of our new songs called “Tired of Being Alone.”




I’m gonna put my heart on my sleeve

And wear it til it’s all worn out

Watch everybody throw it around

Then I’ll pick it up right off the ground

I just can’t keep it in anymore

I’m gonna play my favorite song

‘Til the words don’t mean a thing

All I hear is melody

Gonna sing out loud, all my life, been such a coward

I just can’t keep it in anymore

I’ve spent all this time in hiding

Left me spinning like a siren

Left me silent like a stone

And I’m so tired of being alone

Love come take me break me now

Love come take me break me now

Love come

Love come

I’ve spent all this time in hiding

Left me spinning like a siren

Left me silent like a stone

And I’m so tired of being alone

(c) 2010 J. Pickering, K. Rapier, R. Williams

32 Responses to “New Song on August 17th, 2010–a little late :)”

  1. Elisa Says:

    wooow, beautiful song guys, great:)

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    Pretty song 🙂 ….I kind of kept getting distracted by that lamp, lol…it just looks so odd 😛

    • Jaclyn Says:

      mhmm, ok, so I just listened again and actually paid attention to the lyrics instead of just how it sounds and omg, it’s amazing…I’m so on the same page.

  3. Amanda B Says:

    That was absolutely beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes.

  4. 1wildegirl Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! If that doesn’t make it clear, I’m kind of excited at new J&K tunes.

    Two things: funny, I was thinking y’all were just gonna skip August and wait the two weeks. So glad y’all didn’t! Also, I’m feeling like y’all went all Inception on my head with this. So, clearly, love this song. :mrgreen:

    PS. I’m sure y’all are busy and all, but we really need a JillandKate “Songs on the 17th” official release. I’m already in line….just sayin’.

  5. gypsygies Says:

    The perfect blend of your voices still leaves me awe-struck. So beautiful.

    Interesting camera angle – from a balcony or stairs or something?
    And that’s a funny camera woman you’ve got there…hope you paid her the big bucks. ;’P

    I’m amazed you got such good sound and lighting recorded for a low-light environment – what did y’all use to record this video?

  6. Riana Says:

    Thank u guys! Jill,ur cute! Kate, I LOVE u! KeEpoNroCkiN

  7. Selena Says:

    Yay for new song on August 17th on September 7th! 😉
    What a pretty one! It seems like a lot of people could relate to it as well.
    Also, nice sunflowers, interesting light, and awesome camera girl!

  8. Keri Reck Says:

    *happy sigh* 🙂 Today I was Boosting the Jill&Kate-ness in college, playing them loud and got a lot of cool kids interested, I feel like this is the “Thank you” in return. Literally just out if college and this is what awaited me 🙂 Thank you girls! ♥ x.Keri

  9. syakira Says:

    awesome song….. congrats…… relate with people’s daily life……….

  10. cha Says:

    Love this song ! Beautiful lyrics. Thanks a lot guys !!! 🙂

  11. Kim Says:

    I missed you guys!! I love it:) So pretty!

  12. crystal Says:

    love it. it’s beautifully written.

  13. Pam Says:

    i love the new song! your harmonies are ridiculous. i can’t wait to hear the full thing. 🙂

  14. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    Ok when when when can we buy that new CD? Thanks for the song… They make life so much eaiser…..

  15. Erin Says:

    Gorgeous! Reminds me of Sara Bareilles. Love 🙂

  16. kay Says:

    love the sara b vibe 🙂
    speaking of– her new record is out today… it’s perfect.

  17. Boston_Holly Says:

    Great song ladies (as always)! Can’t wait to hear it in its entirety! Love the piano skills Jill…

  18. erin Says:

    So pretty. Jill you are such a talented musician, it’s not fair.

  19. rachelle Says:

    so glad you guys are back! lllovin the melody on this one. can’t wait for the full version. ya just made my night =)

  20. jasper Says:

    1. Beautiful song
    2. Throw in a cover…maybe?
    3. The cute girl behind the camera should buy you a tripod;)

  21. beth Says:

    I looove this song, it sounds sooooooo gorgeous! cannot wait to hear the full version of it! where was this vid filmed? the place looks really pretty! looove this video quite alot especially cos kc made an appearence. very proud girls 🙂 ❤

  22. Britt Says:

    in one word: Ama-za-zing!

  23. HeinV Says:

    This a beautiful song Katie. I love it.

  24. Mary B Says:

    I’m kinda confused right now lol there was a different video here yesterday….

    But they were both AMAZING!! You girls are Inspirational!!!

    LOVE the blog and y’all!!!!! Thanks!!!

    • Mary B Says:

      Ok wow I’m special lol somehow when I clicked on y’alls twitter link it took me to one of the blogs from NOV 17th sometime!!! Bring You To Life is what that ones called if y’all haven’t checked it out y’all should!! It’s Amazing too!!! Who I’m kidding all of J&Ks stuff is AWESOME!!! Glad I figured that out I was super confused about a different video being up… But I’m glad there was a glitch cause I hadn’t seen that video!

  25. Lauren Says:

    Ya’ll sounded amazing!! I loved it! I can’t wait to hear it in it’s entiredy and I cannot wait til we hear more music from ya’ll! You guys have me all excited now! lol

  26. jasmine Says:

    Lovin’ it!! Strongwork once again! I think the illuminated windows in the adjacent buildings,the streetlights and headlights from passing cars gave this song an atmosphere that just fits. More so than the sunflowers and the light-ball (did I just really say light ball? Um no. I did type it though.Ok, I just said it outloud and it sounds just as weird as it looks)…Weird.

  27. Amanda Says:

    Um. I love you girls. Period.

  28. Cassie B Says:

    Wow. AMAZING! && Can I just say how much this song describes my thoughts and feelings at the moment? Unbelievable. You two are crazy talented and I can NOT wait to hear the full version of it. Brilliantly written and (as always) beautifully sung!! ❤

  29. HeinV Says:

    Hey! Are you doing well today? Sending a big hiug from Cape Town – I hope it reaches you! Take good care of yourself! Try catch a flight to Cape Town some time, okay! I know you’re in an airport like very day, so one day when you see a plane leaving for Cape Town, then do the impulse thing and buy a ticket. Just SMS me the flight details, and I’ll pick you up at the airport. You can borrow my car or my motorbike, and you’ll love the holiday! Bring a friend or your mom or sister with, even! You’re so sweet, and I hope you have an awesome day.

  30. Kim Says:

    I’m obsessed with this song!! I hope we get to hear the whole version soon and that it makes an album. It’s beautiful.

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