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Announcement #1.

October 27, 2010

With many more exciting announcements to come….here is number one:


November 17th: Grayson, KY

November 18th: Anderson, Indiana

November 19th: Marion, Indiana

November 20th: Upland, Indiana

November 22nd: Nashville, TN

More details to come, but we are very excited to be a part of a short tour & are hoping to add a few more dates in the next couple days…

Thanks for all the love & support & hope to see some familiar faces out there!


Contributing to the Bully.

October 23, 2010

I have so many thoughts in my head right now–sometimes when this happens I get overwhelmed and can’t get anything written down for a few days until I have the energy to get all my thoughts down…this is a conversation I’ve been having with myself & some close friends and I wanted to share…so here it goes:

All of this buzz of “anti-bullying” and “being kind” is fabulous. I fully support people and their efforts to try and reach out to others to let them know that if they are in a bad place that it does get better and help is out there. But, here is the problem I have with celebrities and non-celebrities alike preaching the message of “not bullying”–a lot of these same people are supporting bullying. Here’s how I came to this conclusion.

The other day I was in a room with a person who has a popular television show and the purpose of the show is to make fun of people…under the guise of “comedy” of course–but nope–it’s actually just making fun of people–bullying. Then it got me thinking about other online outlets…bloggers and “gossip sites” that do nothing but bully people–most of the time the victims are celebrities, but still, they are people just the same and are getting bullied like everyone else. So, how do we as consumers and the general public continue to support these types of media outlets and expect a change?

It’s clear that our culture learns from media and the entertainment industry. (That’s super sad to me but whatevs…one battle at a time :)). If skinny jeans and eighties head bands are sported by the young hollywood celebs, it trickles down to our schools and our homes no matter where you reside…it finds you. The entertainment industry sets the precedent (good or bad) for how we live and what we find socially acceptable. If we want bullying to stop in our schools and on our streets, we need to look to people in the media to raise the bar and stop making fun of people online and on their TV shows.

Kids see a blogger post an embarrassing picture or video of someone, it gets millions of views on YouTube, that blogger receives recognition/money/fame and I believe that example is what causes kids to post videos of their peers and that’s what causes kids to jump off bridges. It’s not a separate cycle–it’s all linked together–so this is my challenge: BOYCOTT websites or TV talk shows that make fun of people–change the channel or refuse to go to the website…these people stay in business because of ratings or “hits” to their site and we are contributing every time we visit or watch.

Don’t get me wrong–I am guilty of it too–I’ve visited these sites and watched these shows but a while back I decided to make a conscious effort to stop. Because when you think about it, you might not be “bullying” someone yourself but by going to these sites you are contributing to the cycle of bringing someone else down. Encourage other people not to visit these sites, and find something else to do. Read a book, buy someone a cup of coffee, paint, clean out your closet, write a song, eat some candy–there are so many other things to do than read about the faux-pas of another person that you don’t even know. Being kind these days does not only mean being kind to your peers at school, your family, etc. but it also now implies that we need to have a greater kindness for humanity in general. Do not support the bullying in any form or fashion.

“…LOVE is kind…” 1 Cor. 13:4



Sleeping On the Job

October 19, 2010

So, if you didn’t know this already, we are so excited about the photoshoot we did with the ultra super talented Todd & Ashley earlier this year! We are getting very close to releasing a new website with loads of fun new pics on it…but because we have no patience we thought we would post this one teaser shot. We were exhausted…and so we thought we’d get a little shut eye on the job 🙂

New Song on October 17, 2010 “Don’t Feel A Thing”

October 17, 2010


I don’t feel a thing, no

I don’t feel a thing

All I hear is

My breathing out and my breathing in


Oooooh a broken heart

Has broken me

Oooooh a broken heart

Has broken me

It might set me free

Just might set me free

Right now I don’t feel

I don’t feel a thing

I don’t feel a thing


I don’t feel a thing, I

Used to feel everything

My body numb

The face is painted but the doll undone


Oooooh a broken heart

Has broken me

Oooooh a broken heart

Has broken me

It might set me free

Just might set me free

Right now I don’t feel

I don’t feel a thing

I don’t feel a thing


Do you feel a thing

Do you feel anything


Oooooh you’re breaking hearts

You’re breaking me

Oooooh you’re breaking hearts

You’re breaking me


Oooooh a broken heart

Has broken me

Oooooh a broken heart

Has broken me

It might set me free

(C) J. PIckering K. Rapier, 2010

2 months ago today.

October 15, 2010

I know I’ve always heard that time starts to fly the older you get…and wow, I’m really feeling that…cause it seems like just yesterday I was in South Africa with three good friends playing with beautiful kids…when in reality, it was two months ago.

But here I am, two months later, sitting on my couch, my TV is on, fuzzy warm slippers on my feet, sipping my freshly brewed coffee and they are still where I left them two months ago. I’ll admit that when I’m there I’m focused on their needs…I wonder if they are hungry or consumed with sadness or whether they are having a good time playing the silly game we taught them, etc. But somehow, when you are removed from them, you start to forget about them. I know that sounds horrible, but it’s true–at least for me. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t forget about them in a permanent sense but I don’t think I live with the thought that every hour of every day I live in luxury and there are kids out there who need help…lots of help.

So that’s where I’m at this morning…wondering how I can help more, how I can keep them at the forefront of my mind because they are still there. And for the twenty-something kids that I met and locked eyes with, there are millions more out there. I live in a world of absolute excess…I’m embarrassed at times at the amount of food I buy at the grocery store and waste because I just chose to eat something else. I wake up in the morning in a warm bed, can take a hot shower anytime I’d like, I can see a doctor whenever I choose, etc. I live in a world of excess.

The story I am about to share is heavy, heart wrenching and true. I wanted to share with you because this is reality. It’s not separated from me anymore. A girl who was dropped off at an orphan home in South Africa hours before we got there is 13 and has AIDS. Both her parents have died. She was living with her aunt who was physically abusing her and while that was going on, her uncle was repeatedly raping her. Her aunt found out and got mad at this precious little girl and kicked her out. I could hardly believe my ears. This was this girl’s reality just hours before we arrived.  And now she is living at one of the orphan homes in South Africa. This story hit me hard.

I wish I had a nice way to tie up my thoughts…so I’ll leave you with a pic of the kids doing a little painting craft when we were there 2 months ago. You have no idea how much your prayers and love helps these kids. Thank you for supporting them with us. xoxo -k

Sweet Cece’s

October 8, 2010

So, you all know our affinity for sweet things…drum roll…we found another great sweet spot…appropriately named “Sweet CeCe’s”…we tried it out last week after a fun little trip to a Pumpkin Patch!  It was a pretty hot day so frozen yogurt was the perfect finish and it was sooooo yummy.  And…all of their frozen yogurt is nonfat and you get your own dish and you do it all yourself…there are tons of toppings to pile sprinkle on…it’s fabulous.

So, if you have one near you you should check it out…if not…well…ice cream from a box still kicks butt.



September Mug Shot Winner!

October 5, 2010

Congratulations H. Nicole Young for winning the September contest!

J&K Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes video…

October 4, 2010

We put together a little video from our photo shoot this summer. Hope you like it!


Hipstamatic, David Schwimmer & Ricola

October 1, 2010

I’ve been sick. Well, since you asked….I have had this nasty little thing representing flu-like symptoms the last couple of days and it is no fun at all. Okay, well a little fun cause I’ve laid in bed or on the couch for 48 hours doing nothing but watching movies & TV & eating frozen yogurt…and besides feeling the knives in my throat and not being able to talk, it’s been a real hoot. But during this sickness I realized again my deep love affair with Ricola’s. They are herbal cough suppressant throat drops…aka…heaven to your throat when it’s hurting. With the seasons changing, these little drops are always good to have around 🙂

I had this dream last night that I was dating David Schwimmer. Now, what was my subconscious trying to tell me? Too many cold pills, too many romantic comedies leaving me lonely, too many FRIENDS episodes?? I don’t know…it’s weird…we were out on a lake with lots of people…then we were eating dinner…hmmm…I don’t think I’ve ever had a “thing” for David (yes, we are on a first name basis now)…but I distinctly remember waking up knowing that moments ago in dreamland David and I were happily dating…aren’t dreams SO WEIRD? Weird, weird, weird. Ey yi yi.

And finally I wanted to share that hipstamatic is still the coolest iPhone photo application in my book…check out this rad pic of Jill I took the other day:

You can thank me later for all of these gems.