Sleeping On the Job

So, if you didn’t know this already, we are so excited about the photoshoot we did with the ultra super talented Todd & Ashley earlier this year! We are getting very close to releasing a new website with loads of fun new pics on it…but because we have no patience we thought we would post this one teaser shot. We were exhausted…and so we thought we’d get a little shut eye on the job 🙂

34 Responses to “Sleeping On the Job”

  1. Danielle Says:

    OMG I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Nicola Says:

    Ack….im all excited now, can’t wait for the new (recorded) music and website!! Woooooo.

  3. Shari Says:

    Very creative:) Kate, I love your ring!! Cant wait for your new website…

  4. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    Great CD cover……. But flip side would need to be reveresed…

  5. Emzy Says:

    Awww love this pic such a cute shot, would make a great cd cover i agree, apart from u cant see Jill LOL and we need to see Miss Pickering lol
    Cant wait to see the new site and hear the new music 🙂

  6. Jessica Says:

    wow that photo looks awesome!! i am a photographer and i CANT WAIT to see the rest bc this one looks so amazing!!

  7. Khitam Says:

    I love everything about this picture. It’s just.perfect.

  8. Amanda Says:

    Awesome! Excited to see new pics, music, etc! bring it.

  9. Bianca Says:

    This picture is amazing! Such a good shot!

  10. Jaclyn Says:

  11. Amanda Says:

    This photo is precious. Seriously though.

    I mean this photo is cool, edgy, dark…

    … and precious!


  12. Erin Says:

    rockstars have to sleep somewhere. i mean those faces don’t just happen 😉

  13. Riana Says:

    Wow! Beautiful! I love the boots!

  14. Selena Says:

    Haha, awesome shot! I’m looking forward to seeing more and the new site. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the good stuff to come! 🙂

  15. SarahLee23 Says:


  16. Amelia Says:

    Ahh, so very cute! Loving the setup of it, looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest with the launch of the new site!

  17. becca Says:

    Beautiful shot, seriously…but are those bowling ball bags? lol

  18. Kristina Says:

    Awesome pic! Loving the vibe from the colouring, texture, staging…all very warm but with an understated kind of cool factor.
    Excited to see the new site & the rest of the pics unveiled! 🙂

    Congrats to everyone involved! So much talent happening here! ❤

  19. myriam Says:

    Exciting! I like Kate’s heart ring thing.

    And I have those shoes, Jill. Except I wore them today and they got soaked after I stepped in a puddle from the rain. Or, um, “sprinkle”. 🙂

  20. lucy_elenore Says:

    OMG! love the pic. kudos to mr todd and ms ashley too. would be a good cd cover although we would prefer one where we can see both of your faces. lol. love the texture and color or the pic. just awesome.

    btw, i love the bags too 😉

  21. Pam Says:

    I love the theme of this! Fun, classy, and sassy all at the same time. And yes I made that rhyme on purpose. 🙂 can’t wait to see the rest!

  22. Anakellya Says:

    I love it!!
    Stunning even when “sleeping”… JEALOUS. 😉

  23. randy Says:

    Very awesome,dark eyes are cool,can’t wait for new site and music.
    I want a J&k guitar pick.Seeing you”ll live is top of my bucket list.Youll are quirky,fun,inspirational and so talented.Your music soothes the soul

  24. Nina Says:

    very cool picture!!!
    but you shouldn’t hide jills face 😉

    cant wait for the other pics…

    love ya’s!

  25. Alison Says:

    Love the bowling bag props guys!!!

  26. michelle Says:

    cool shot! Love the whole vibe of it.

    love the bags too 🙂

  27. SleepingBuddiesFan Says:

    Cute. Cute. Cute. This reminds me of that picture floating around of KC and Ashley sitting on a sofa, fast asleep and leaning on each other, as friends should. 🙂

  28. cassieleetx Says:

    what a great picture ladies!!! i love it!!!! ❤ these kind of shots are always some of the best… not the fact that y'all are sleeping, but the ones where they're almost "candid" and not looking right at the camera. those are the ones that are the best. lol i even think this one would be awesome for an album cover— oorrrrr at least on the inside of the booklet lol

  29. I'm just sayin'... Says:

    Oh my god, I LOVE it!

  30. Marleen Says:

    Wow.. that’s amazing! Can’t wait to see the other pics 😀

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