Song On The 17th Vol. 1 Release Day Video Fun

6 Responses to “Song On The 17th Vol. 1 Release Day Video Fun”

  1. Mary B Says:

    Soo imma loser cause i don’t get to go to any of yalls shows,…. Terrible terrible planning on my part BUT i hope y’all will have more shows that I’ll be able to go to cause i LOVE y’all and y’alls awesome talent!! especially when its all live and junk lol but anyways hope y’all have Oober amounts of fun!!!

  2. Kim Says:

    I’m so excited for volume II!

  3. Danielle Says:

    Hahahaha… ‘why is everyone looking at me?’ ‘Where are the cool kids and where can we join them?’… Nice to see you can still fit in with school LOL… those college kids dunno how lucky they are haha.

    But, YEAH! for Vol.2 whenever that will be haha.

  4. Selena Says:

    No need to look further than yourselves… I think y’all *are* in the “cool kids” group!

    Yeah, I figured specifying Vol. 1 was a good indicator that a Vol. 2 would eventually follow, but yay for confirmation!

  5. Pam Says:

    good thing it wasn’t like the lunch table cliques in Mean Girls. that would freak me out haha.

    and YAY for the album! now if only the USPS would hurry their butts to deliver it to me… 😉

  6. Lisa Says:

    Lunch tables in middle school *shudder* School in general. *shudder*

    Haha — I’m glad those days are over. But I’m SUPER excited that you confirmed that a Vol. 2 is in the works for the future. 🙂

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