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Goodbye 2010…you’ve been sah-weeet.

December 31, 2010

Hats Off To You And Yours.

December 30, 2010

We were at Macy’s today and decided to have a “Hat”shion show. Like a fashion show with just hats. Get it? K good. Check it out.

Who thinks we should bring outrageous hats back?

We do.

Who says they’re only for the Queen?

One more day of blogging in 2010. Whoop whoop!


You Never Know *Dings*

December 29, 2010

A comment we hear a lot is that people LOVE the little chime-sounding-dings that happen in the chorus of “You Never Know” … well…we were going through some video footage from our recording session with the producing geniuses Will Gray & Ben Kesler…this is raw footage of them trying to work out that part and we caught them in action 🙂 This was in the spring of 2008 while recording our EP “Finding My Own Way.” In case you wanted to know what or how the studio works…here is a little glimpse.

We love getting to work with such talented people 🙂


j&k take on twenty-eleven.

December 28, 2010

If we, j&k, would do 1 thing in 2011….what would it be??

Leave your answers in the comment section 🙂

Thanks for you input & lovely thoughts…



December 27, 2010

About six weeks ago some super awesome peeps gave us the first two seasons of the television drama “One Tree Hill”…known to hardcore fans as “OTH.” We decided to give it a whirl…see what all the fuss is about…and now…I (kate) have watched the ENTIRE first season and am on the second…how did that happen? Jill is almost done with the first season and so now we can start talking about these lovely ficticious characters together 🙂 See below:

Okay. Pause. I was going to insert cute pictures of all of the characters here but I just googled it to find pretty pics & ALL of these articles, and pics showed up and I started to read some of it and I DONT WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS…these people were gonna give it away….all of these crazy things about people leaving the show…etc….I want to live in naivety and NOT FIND OUT.

Nope. Nope. Nope. So, no cute pics of all of the characters….but I will say if you need some good, high-school, love-triangle induced drama….One Tree Hill is your show…haha…i almost typed one tree jill 🙂

Oh and here’s a funny story about OTH. As I was flying to Chicago a few days ago for Christmas I was on a tiny little plane and of course I busted my computer out and started watching the latest drama go down between Lucas, Brooke, Nathan, Hailey, etc and then I noticed a guy sit down behind me…I continue watching….

An hour later, we are getting off of the plane & we start chatting (which at this point I realize he is quite nice to look at;) ) and then he says, “Do you mind me asking…what show was that you were watching?” HAHA…I turned a bright little shade of red and told him what it was…I guess I was embarrassed that I wasn’t watching indie documentaries or war movies…nope…cheesy TV drama…and I LIKED IT. Haha…but then he told me that his roommates in college used to watch the show all the time so he recognized the characters…woohoo…another win for OTH.

Anyway–this blog turned out differently than I thought it would…but really just a big thank you for getting us hooked on the dramatic lives of the kiddos’ of One Tree Hill.



5 Good Things.

December 26, 2010

1. Dove Chocolates.

2. The Patriots.



3. Blizzards. (both kinds.)



4. Vacation.



5. Text Twist.



Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2010

Today has been a great day! There has been game playing, sledding & LOTS  of yummy eating….

Here are a couple pics from the sledding fun:

My dad & me on our way to go sledding!

Getting ready to soar down the hill for the first time!

It felt like I was flying….LOVED it.

My brothers & a friend making a ‘chain’ to go down together…

My dad, sis & I went together and broke the sled!!!! HA!

Hope you all had a fabulous day…

Hugs all around…



‘Twas the night before Christmas…

December 24, 2010

Why do we say things like “‘Twas” and “‘Tis” at Christmas time? It just hit me when I was writing the subject line that there is no other time of the year that I say those things, BUT….since it’s that time of year, here we go…

‘Twas the night before Christmas (actually…’TIS the night before Christmas) and all through MY house, we just finished watching The Best of Will Ferrell…(I made no promises that this blog would rhyme or be any sort of poem.)

‘Tis the season to be jolly…so that’s why we watched something that would make us laugh. Now my whole family is quite jolly because, well…Will Ferrell is a pretty funny guy. —-jill


Speaking of Will Ferrell–I (kate) enjoyed the day with my family in the white wonderland that has been created in Chicago…and am about to go watch Elf…cause…well…it’s’s Christmas Eve & it’s funny…


That’s about all we have on this fine Christmas Eve. Wrapping up present-wrapping and perhaps leaving some cookies and milk out for the ol’ S.C. Who knows?

Hope everyone is enjoying the night!


2010 from A-Z

December 23, 2010

We’re going to make our way through the alphabet and highlight some of the awesome experiences we’ve had in 2010! Last year I think we did places we’d been that year from A-Z…this year it will be things we’ve done!

A: African Safari—everyone should try to do this at some point in their life if possible…unbelieveable!

B: Benefit show for Houses of Hope in South Africa—what a phenomenal night!

C: CMC Tour—got to tour with the students from the Contemporary Music Center…so fun!

D: Dunk tank wars—had a 4th of July party that included a dunk tank…can’t beat that.

E: Enjoyed traveling to each and ever country we visited this year—all 24 of them!

F: Fish Pedicures—had fish eat the dead skin off of our feet in Singapore. CRAZY!

G: Got to visit New Zealand for the first time ever—and watched people bungee jump off a really tall tower near our hotel.

H: Halloween at HOME—this was the first time in…a LONG time…that we haven’t been on the road during Halloween!

I: Ice Skating in Nashville—did this last weekend and have been sore ever since!

J: Just about died while canoeing down the Harpeth River—no joke! Remember to steer clear of canoes!

K: Karaoke Night-Twitter Style—had a random Twitter party at Larry’s Lounge and sang some awesome Karaoke!

L: Loaded up on SWEET CeCe’s frozen yogurt—and plan on continuing to do so in 2011!

M: Mall of America show—we got to play at a mall…(like Tiffany!)

N: Next To Normal—saw this play on Broadway and it was so good!

O: One Tree Hill conversion—some of you got us hooked on this show…ahhhh!

P: Paul McCartney—went to his show at Bridgestone Arena in July…pretty amazing!

Q: Quelf—we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: This game is so random and awesome!

R: Roadtrip to Texas—To see Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. YES and YES.

S: Songs on the 17th Album—Had so much fun making this album in our living room!

T: Toadies—This was one of the best shows we’ve been to ever. LEGIT.

U: Underwater adventures with sharks—shark diving in cages…so scary and awesome!

V: Vegas trip! Started playing Roulette and LOVED it!

W: Wore flip-flops way past flip-flop season—just because, why not?

X: X-Rayed a J&K Mug—okay, WE didn’t do this per se…one of our lovely MugShots winners did…and it was actually a cat scan…but X is really a hard letter to work with, so you’ll give us this one, right?

Y: Yoo-hoo Re-discovery—re-discovered how amazing Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk is. So thankful for that re-discovery. 🙂

Z: Zestfully wrote this blog—and totally reached on this last one, but HEY, it’s true!

Happy Christmas Eve EVE.


Reindeer Cars

December 22, 2010

Okay people. I (Jill) grew up in New Hampshire…as you may know. Now, I live in the South and am learning new things everyday about how different parts of this wonderful country are. I love things about the South. I don’t love things about the South. Same goes for the North, the West, the Midwest…you get the idea.

This year, I am learning something brand new and I’m trying to decide how I feel about it. Here’s what I am learning:

People in Tennessee LOVE to turn their cars into reindeer this time of the year. I mean, they LOVE it. I have never seen so many cars decorated with antlers and red noses in my whole life. Is this a new thing? Or a southern thing that I missed the memo on? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here are a few examples:

Cute or hideous? I don’t know. You be the judge. But I’ve been thinking about these things a lot because, well…they’re EVERYWHERE in Nashville. I even almost blogged about them a few days ago. So this morning, I was at a stoplight and saw something in the road in front of my car. What was it you ask?


Need a closer look? Okay, I zoomed in:

One lone antler! Stranded in the middle of the road! This was my sign that I needed to blog about reindeer cars today. So what do you think? Yay or Nay on the reindeer cars? You won’t be seeing my car pretending to be Rudolph, but maybe I will see yours and I will wave…because you know what? You are showing some holiday spirit and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

Until tomorrow,

Jill (and Kate)