2010 from A-Z

We’re going to make our way through the alphabet and highlight some of the awesome experiences we’ve had in 2010! Last year I think we did places we’d been that year from A-Z…this year it will be things we’ve done!

A: African Safari—everyone should try to do this at some point in their life if possible…unbelieveable!

B: Benefit show for Houses of Hope in South Africa—what a phenomenal night!

C: CMC Tour—got to tour with the students from the Contemporary Music Center…so fun!

D: Dunk tank wars—had a 4th of July party that included a dunk tank…can’t beat that.

E: Enjoyed traveling to each and ever country we visited this year—all 24 of them!

F: Fish Pedicures—had fish eat the dead skin off of our feet in Singapore. CRAZY!

G: Got to visit New Zealand for the first time ever—and watched people bungee jump off a really tall tower near our hotel.

H: Halloween at HOME—this was the first time in…a LONG time…that we haven’t been on the road during Halloween!

I: Ice Skating in Nashville—did this last weekend and have been sore ever since!

J: Just about died while canoeing down the Harpeth River—no joke! Remember to steer clear of canoes!

K: Karaoke Night-Twitter Style—had a random Twitter party at Larry’s Lounge and sang some awesome Karaoke!

L: Loaded up on SWEET CeCe’s frozen yogurt—and plan on continuing to do so in 2011!

M: Mall of America show—we got to play at a mall…(like Tiffany!)

N: Next To Normal—saw this play on Broadway and it was so good!

O: One Tree Hill conversion—some of you got us hooked on this show…ahhhh!

P: Paul McCartney—went to his show at Bridgestone Arena in July…pretty amazing!

Q: Quelf—we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: This game is so random and awesome!

R: Roadtrip to Texas—To see Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. YES and YES.

S: Songs on the 17th Album—Had so much fun making this album in our living room!

T: Toadies—This was one of the best shows we’ve been to ever. LEGIT.

U: Underwater adventures with sharks—shark diving in cages…so scary and awesome!

V: Vegas trip! Started playing Roulette and LOVED it!

W: Wore flip-flops way past flip-flop season—just because, why not?

X: X-Rayed a J&K Mug—okay, WE didn’t do this per se…one of our lovely MugShots winners did…and it was actually a cat scan…but X is really a hard letter to work with, so you’ll give us this one, right?

Y: Yoo-hoo Re-discovery—re-discovered how amazing Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk is. So thankful for that re-discovery. ๐Ÿ™‚

Z: Zestfully wrote this blog—and totally reached on this last one, but HEY, it’s true!

Happy Christmas Eve EVE.


22 Responses to “2010 from A-Z”

  1. Lauren Says:

    One tree hill? I LOVE you girls. Best show ever! โค

  2. Jaclyn Says:

    “O: One Tree Hill conversionโ€”some of you got us hooked on this showโ€ฆahhhh!”

    ^Jenna got me converted too! And then I helped Amanda and Chelsea find the first 2 seasons for you guys, haha

  3. Georgia Says:

    I love you guys! this is an awesome blog ๐Ÿ™‚ glad you had as much fun this year as we have had!

  4. Jennifer Johnson Says:

    Thanks for a year of blogging and tweeting its always fun read all your post .. Thanks for taking time to help the kids most of all …you are making a difference in someone’s the life there is no better gift we can give.. Thanks for the music no words can express what that can do for a persons soul.. Merry Christmas โ€ฆ..God Bless

  5. Selena Says:

    Wow, y’all have had a lot of exciting experiences this year! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m particularly pleased with the OTH conversion! I can’t take responsibility for getting y’all hooked, but I definitely support it!

    One Tree Hill is my favorite show, so I when I found out y’all had been informed about it and gifted seasons 1 & 2, I wondered if you just might like it too, ’cause I like you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Mary b Says:

    Awesome Beautiful Caring (living the) Dream Enthusiastic Fearless Generous Humorous Intelligent Joyful Kick-butt Loving Memorable Nifty OMG Passionate Queens Radical Sensational Thoughtful Unforgettable VIPs Wonderful Xciting yogurt zesty lol

    In short y’all rock my socks!!

  7. Nina Says:

    :))) happy christmas eve-eve to you too,
    thanks for sharing all of that great stuff and stories on your blog with us

    xoxoxo BIG TIMES


  8. Erin Says:

    sounds like a pretty awesome year to me!

  9. H. Nicole Young Says:

    So nice that the first two up on the list have to do with South Africa. That just seemed like such a great experience for everybody. So glad you took us all along for the ride with you — and are still doing so.

    I was wondering what you would do for x. Glad nobody broke anything this year. I thought for sure you would either say something about x-ray machines at the airport or say something about xeroxing something, but what you put about the J&K mug is so much better. (And at the risk of exposing myself as a nerd — because gawd knows I have portrayed myself as a cool, suave, smooth operator up until now — but a CAT-scan is a special kind of x-ray scan, so were right on in the first place). LOVED THE J&K MUG X-RAY. LOL. That was just too special and made me LMFAO (where F stands or friggin, of course, and A stands for antlers — while on the subject of alphabets and while I am trying hard to get on Santa’s “nice” list between now and x-mas by not swearing).

    Okay, once again another enjoyable blog. December sure is flying by. Gonna miss the daily blog in the new year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. H. Nicole Young Says:

    PS — I thnk in honor of your Australian fans (and in deference to a previous blog in which the subject was covered in the comments pretty extensively) you should have put for W:

    W: Went to a Toadies concert

    And then in the T spot you should have put:

    T: Thongs — wore them way past thong season. just because. Why not?

    LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alison Says:

      So i may have laughed out loud at that!!

      • HeinV Says:

        ๐Ÿ˜‰ When’s ‘AFRICA 2011’?

      • HeinV Says:

        Or for x you cd hv said ‘x-rated stuff avoided’, which would hv bn cool, or ‘x-mas presents opened early’ (!), – but I like the x-ray comment because my dad has a CAT scan (radiologist) (although I shd hv won that month..) Anyways! Sending lots of xoxo’s!!

  11. Lynda Says:

    Woo-hoo, i am loving Letter “g”. got to visit new zealand for the first time. yaya. now you guys need to come back and see us all down here. new zealand misses Jill&Kate, and Kelly

  12. Elaine Says:

    Your hotel in Auckland was near the Skytower? Very cool, I just got back after living in Auckland for 6 months.

    …pssst, that wasn’t bungee-jumping, it was controlled falling like they use for movie stunts ๐Ÿ˜€ You can’t bungee off a tower ’cause you might knock into it LOL

  13. Amanda Says:

    OTH…You Are Welcome! Love me, Jenna, and all the other crazy people that are now hooked. OTH4Life ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Victor Says:

    One Tree Hill. I got hooked because 24 took a season break. You should checked that series out also. You wont be able to put it down.

  15. cassieleetx Says:

    awesome list ladies!! sounds like y’all had a great year!! and that was just 26 things you did…. out of 356 days… I can’t even imagine how more amazing your year was if you were able to count those days too haha

    the best thing on your list besides the awesome safari and night for hope concert… is the fact that y’all are hooked on One Tree Hill… that show is amazing!!!! (I hope y’all started it from Season 1 haha) I’ve been hooked ever since the first episode. I used to watch it so intently that whenever someone talked during it, I yelled at them lol It’s now in season 8, and I bawled my eyes out on the last episode– like, to the point where I thought I was going to hyperventilate. lol What an emotional show!!! Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton are FANTASTIC actresses who can cry on the spot and do it well!! They cry, I cry. I can’t tell y’all how much I’ve cried over this show haha

    well enough blabber- Happy Christmas Eve Eve lol

  16. Pam Says:

    you guys have such exciting lives. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. John Ross Says:

    I started watching One Tree Hill again after seeing Kate Voegel in concert in Dallas. My only problem is that she’s not on it enuf.

  18. Fiorella Says:

    Yesterday i was reading this blog so fast that i read DRUNK TANK WARS … haha if that happens CALL ME.. i have to see that x)

  19. Danielle Says:

    One Tree Hill is FABULOUS, but I’m partial to K- karaoke night Twitter style! That was definitely loads of fun. For me anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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