5 Good Things.

1. Dove Chocolates.

2. The Patriots.



3. Blizzards. (both kinds.)



4. Vacation.



5. Text Twist.



18 Responses to “5 Good Things.”

  1. crystal Says:

    the patriots?! reeally?! c’mon!!

  2. Fiorella Says:

    Kate, you def wrote this… you really like chocolates xD … have a nice NYE… my best wishes for you and your family 🙂 ♥

  3. J.Nicole Says:

    besides the patriots (gotta go w/ my home team…) i approve this list ; )

  4. Vincent Says:

    Chocolates, yes. Blizzards of the snow variety, certainly not! Although, now that I live in the South, I laugh whenever my friends and family in New Hampshire get slammed mwahaha 🙂 Vacation, heck yea! And text twist, not sure what that is, but if you like it, it must be good.

  5. Vincent Says:

    Oh and the Patriots? They’re gonna be Super Bowl champs! Wahoooo!!!

  6. Regine Says:

    I completely agree with those 5 good things. Great minds, ladies, great minds.

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends. Happy holidays, Jill and Kate!

  7. 1wildegirl Says:

    Well, since Sound of Music is on, all I can say is … these are a few of my favorite things!

    And mark it down, Pats vs Falcons at Cowboys Stadium! May the best team! *cough*Falcons*cough* 😉

  8. H Nicole Young Says:

    Back, I say, back away from me with those chocolates, you vampolates! I’ve got a fresh new boatload of bacon from CostCo, and I’m not afraid to use it!




  9. Jaclyn Says:

    1. Yes, but only the dark chocolate for me 🙂
    2. GO LIONS…we’ve won 3 whole games in a row!! woohoo! haha
    3. Winter blizzards = no thank you. Dairy Queen Blizzards = yes please.
    4. mhmm
    5. I just spent the last hour playing that Text Twist game…which I will be going back to after I finish writing this. It’s addicting.

  10. Selena Says:

    1. Not huge into chocolate, but that just means there’s more for the people who are, right?!

    2. I like the Dallas Cowboys the best, but the Patriots are a good team!

    3. Not crazy about loads of snow, but if it gets me out of doing something I really don’t want to, then bring on the blizzard! Haven’t tried many DQ blizzards, but there’s bound to be some tasty ones!

    4. As long as the vacation lives up to its name, of course!

    5. Never played Text Twist, so I guess I don’t know what I’m missing!

  11. Erin Says:

    text twist is sooo addicting. it’s been snowing in chicago. i’m sorry but GO BEARS. i bought 2 bags of dove chocolates for my secret santa person at work. i’m a fan of vacation. hope you had a ton of fun!

  12. gypsygies Says:

    Goodness – if you think snow Blizzards are a good thing you’ve obviously never been trapped in one! oO
    I was stranded once on I80 and had to walk into the nearest town in a white out. Town turned out to be De Soto, Iowa “home of John Wayne”. I hate John Wayne – seriously. Have always had a low tolerance for some ridiculously BAD acting. So suddenly was trapped in a town *all about him*. Everything I saw, heard or breathed was JOHN WAYNE. I had to actually debate whether freezing to death in the Blizzard was better or worse lol. So all night The Fates have a sick sense of humor, really.

    This was all long ago and maybe that town isn’t all about him anymore. One can hope. All along that interstate then it certainly was!

    SNOW on the other hand…just snow, can be oh-so-lovely, true!

  13. H Nicole Young Says:

    Well, it’s ironic that I have sworn off chocolate as one of the worst possible things to eat when I am really trying *not* to gain weight (like I have promised my brain that I can eat all the bacon I want as long as I stay away from the chocolate — and this actually works! LOL — an indication of how bad chocolate really is), yet my own godmother and favorite aunt (which is saying a lot since I have about 10 aunts), Aunt Huguette (whom I also happened to be named after — that’s the “H” in H. Nicole Young) (boy I sure am using a lot of parentheses today), runs the cutest little chocolate shop with my Uncle Hermann in Rosemere, Quebec, near Montreal. They make all their own chocolates on site, but my favorite are all the trinkets and wrappings my aunt finds to wrap all the chocolates in.

    The name of the shop is Chocolats Suisses (my Uncle Hermann originally comes from Switzerland), and its web site is http://chocolatssuisses.com, but I thought Jill and Kate would especially appreciate the chocolates that are called “Fantasia” because they have cute little music themes right on the chocolates… http://chocolatssuisses.com/en/produits/chocolats.html#

    Anyway, if you ever go there or, if you are rich enough to afford to buy some online (they are relatively pricey, but chocolate experts agree it is really top notch, melt-in-your-mouth stuff — my Uncle Hermann worked for years as a chocolatier for Lindt before opening his own shop) (and I am apparently still hooked on parentheses today), by all means let Aunt Huguette and Uncle Hermann know I sent you, but for gawd’s sake, please don’t tell them that I swore off chocolate and am online ranting and raving and throwing bacon at chocolate peddlers — like, I am just *this close* to calling my own flesh and blood Aunt Vampolate and Uncle Chocpire behind their backs. LOL. Gawd almighty.

  14. Monica Says:

    DQ Blizzards? Delicious (Especially the strawberry cheesequake, yum).
    Winter Blizzards? Not quite… though, my sister enjoys eating snow? Haha. I’m snowed in and right now I can’t sleep because all I hear are the plows and sliding cars! It’s crrrazy.

    Oh, and Dove chocolates are always a win. Double yum for that.

  15. Pam Says:

    1. Dove chocolate is the best because of the messages inside 🙂

    2. Patriots….meh

    3. DQ ftw 🙂 and I just missed the first blizzard of the year at home. Not sure if i’m happy about that or not.

    4. Currently on vacation 🙂 I wish it were somewhere warm but hey, I won’t complain

    5. Ironically I played a game similar to Text Twist on the plane to my vacation.

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