Ahhhh. I sometimes wish I weren’t as sensitive as I am. I am pretty sensitive. I mean under my outward independent-woman-kick-butt-cause-I-can-do-anything-skin…I’m sensitive. I get my feelings hurt, I cry about only really important stupid stuff and most of the time I feel like a big giant cry-baby girl because of it. Seriously.True story. But, when I stop to think about it, my sensitivity, I am thankful for. Because as I have been observing recently the opposite of being sensitive is being hard…and when you are hard you can become cold and numb…and well, that’s not good. Cause when that happens you can sometimes stop feeling things…good, bad, happy or tragic or heart-stopping…it all just kind of passes you by like a blurry vision from a speeding train’s window. So, embrace your tears or hurt feelings…tell whoever or whatever is hurting you nicely to STOP & then pat yourself on the back cause hey…you’re sensitive and that’s a-okay.

I love this song (Sensitive) by Jewel…I sing it to myself sometimes when I feel like someone is needing a reminder…that well, I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way. xoxo -k


It doesn’t take a talent to be mean

Your words can crush things that are unseen

So please be careful with me, I’m sensitive

And I’d like to stay that way.

23 Responses to “Sensitive”

  1. Anakellya Says:

    just what I needed to read, Kate. i don’t know how stupid it is that I find it amazing that I can relate to how one of my biggest inspirations (you) feels… but i guess you’ve inspired me even more because of it!
    And i hope these idiots who’ve hurt your feelings back off… cause you’re beyond ama-z-zing… NEVER forget that!

  2. Human Says:

    This is so relatable, it’s untrue. Whether it’s something someone’s inadvertently said in conversation; or something more serious – we all have feelings. We need to respect that not everyone reacts to something in the same way. That’s what makes us unique.

    Something happened at work last week which really upset me. I was trying to convince myself (for a good few hours) that i was just being over-sensitive and that i should get over it.
    Then i just thought, no, i had every right to be feeling hurt. I told my friend and she completely agreed.

    It’s so easy to question yourself for being ‘overly sensitive’. It’s harder to tell someone to stop being so sarcastic…or just flat-out-mean. Sometimes it’s funny, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a limit. We should all be more considerate of that.

  3. Lauren 'Elle' Says:

    High five for sensitive people! I’m extremely sensitive, a little more lately than before and I did feel bad about it, for crying all the time but then realised that it was actually a good thing.

    I haven’t heard that song before but going to go have a listen! Thank you for the blog ❤

  4. cassieleetx Says:

    I couldn’t agree and relate to this blog more. I, too, am a very sensitive person. But like you’ve said here, it’s better to be sensitive than to be cold-hearted. My sensitivity makes me feel like I am alive. I cry with a lot of emotions- sadness, happiness, anger, etc. I laugh at myself sometimes for being such a sap when I watch movies, but at the same time, I’m happy that I can actually cry. I’d rather be proud of my sensitivity and warm-heart and caring personality than to be proud (like some people are) of a cold heart, brick wall and “hard” attitude like nothing effects them and has no care in the world.

    So what I’m trying to say is that i’m glad you’re okay with being a sensitive person because you have such a big heart. && I know that I don’t know you personally, but with the vlog’s and blogs y’all post and the things you write/say and the lyrics you write, I can tell that you’ve got a heart of gold and that you care about a lot of people and a lot of things in the world. And that is something to be proud of. You are a wonderful person Kate and I hope you know that! ❤ Much love!


  5. cassieleetx Says:

    ps. I LOVEEEE the Jewel song. It was one of my favorite off of that album! 🙂

  6. Pam Says:

    This was me about a half hour ago. I was all upset (and still kind of am) about something really minor. But I feel like if i told the people, then I’m just being a nuisance. *shrugs*

    And now I’m really tempted to sing Insensitive haha.

  7. SarahLee23 Says:

    Ah yes, this has “me” written all over it. I am super sensitive, too. A lot of the time I don’t tell people when I am upset and I just keep it to myself. I’ve gotten better about letting things roll (only because my sensitivity was so bad it pretty much consumed me). I think being sensitive has it’s perks, though – such as what you mentioned in this post, as well as being sensitive towards others. I appreciate being sensitive because it gives me more room to accept others for who they truly are and not be so judgmental. Being sensitive means that I am more caring of self and of others, so that’s not a bad thing at all!

    Here’s to sensitivity! 😉


  8. Mary b Says:

    I think i know how u feel, only most of the time it’s me who is being mean to me because I’m not accomplishing what i want to faster yunno. So when i do start crying over everything that I’m not doing after i get done i kick my ownself bc its my fault that it’s not happening…. Maybe i should tell myself to get off my back and that all things happen when they are supposed to.

    I think i just rambled

    Thanks Kate for another blog that got me thinking! : )

    Ps if you Just give us fans some names we would be glad to open a can of “whoop a$$” on whoever is being mean to you ; )

  9. Erin Says:

    Love Love Love 🙂 I write this as I suffer from a crying headache from watching the saddest movie ever haha i’m an emotional freak but i’m totally fine with it 🙂

  10. Lynne Says:

    I will have to listen to that song… i also consider myself very sensitive and i go back and forth that it is a good and bad thing. Sometimes i wish i wasnt and could come across stronger but i agree would rather be sensitive rather then hard and cold!!!

  11. amandaarch Says:

    I love that song Kate, and I am totally freaking with you in the sensitive department. I cry over the silliest things, and I definitely wouldn’t change that. It allows me to empathize, and without empathy or sympathy, I think a persons morality can suffer.
    Yay for sensitive people 🙂

  12. Amanda Says:

    I totally agree (with the comment above me) that sensitivity leads to empathy and understanding. I am a sensitive person as well and although I sometimes feel silly for crying at the drop of a hat, my tears always remind me that at least I am in touch with my feelings. It would be pretty horrible to be that person walking around in the world, unaware of, or ignoring the way they (or sometimes others) feel. Sometimes I feel like I have too many feelings, but I am thankful for that. I am also an intuitive person, which I think ties into sensitivity. If my gut tells me something (about a person or situation for instance), I usually go with it because I’m generally right. It’s a great trait to have and never let anybody tell you otherwise Kate 🙂

  13. nataliana3 Says:

    I love your blogs Kate!

  14. Selena Says:

    Aww…thanks for such a sweet blog. I can definitely relate, as I consider sensitivity to be one of my most prevalent traits. Depending on the cirumstances, feeling so intensely can be welcomed or difficult to deal with, but I agree, it’s better than being disconnected from one’s emotions. Granted, we might be more easily hurt and misunderstood, but it can also make us more considerate, empathetic, and better tuned in to ourselves and others.

    Power to the softies! 🙂

  15. Jessica Says:

    i totally feel you, kate! i’m so sensitive too…sometimes it really drives me nuts!

  16. carol Says:

    I am also sensitive Thanks so much for your blog. You are awsome
    Have a smiley day…

  17. Erin Says:

    i’m not that sensitive. sometimes i wish i were. touchy feely stuff isn’t really my thing. but i’m not cold and heartless and dead inside! i just am sensitive when i’m alone. i’ve got the whole not showing weakness thing going on. but as i’ve gotten older i find myself crying a lot more at things i never used to…life does that to you.

  18. Shari Says:

    I am with you on being sensitive. I too some times wish I would be less sensitive and just be able to hold my ground and be upset. But then I think Why? Doesnt get you anywhere….

  19. gypsygies Says:

    COMPLETELY Kate. I am so glad that you have come to this wisdom. I myself am very very sensitive – always have been, a big o’ sap. I realized long ago that is my strength. I love people. Agape. I can’t help it. It’s who I *am*. But I believe accepting our own passionate, sensitive natures is the great strength in a woman. So we’re not flippant robots as society seems to strive for – I choose to be full of love, no matter if it puts me on the outs of a careless “walk away” at any second society.

  20. jasper Says:

    I think sensitivity should be accompanied by some sensibility, and crying a lot should not equate being a sensitive person.I am glad that people with Kate’s temperament exist they even out the playing field in a sometimes rough playground.

  21. Luci Says:

    Amen sister!!!!

  22. Rebecca Says:

    Just reading this blog brings tears to my eyes yet puts a smile on my face. I am a cancerian and I am a very sensitive person. I think being sensitive makes you more kind and caring. It makes you a better person (not that you can’t be a better person if you’re not sensitive). Bring on Sensitivity!

  23. Rosalind Says:

    Kate, here is a book just for you. The book breaks down some interesting research about “highly sensitive people.” I’ve read it. It pertains to me too.

    Anyway, you might find the content interesting.

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