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Talk It Out

February 25, 2011

We are doing a new segment in our never ending get-to-know-us-via-the-web adventures… but alas, we have no clever title for it…we wish we did…but we don’t. We were trying for something cute-sie like “Facebook Fridays” or “Chat 2 Chat” or “Topic of the Month” but as you see…NONE of those are clever…or cute-sie…

So, here’s how it’s gonna work…even though we have no clever title (insert sad face.) Once a month we will post a message on our lovely Facebook page and you guys can leave comments and tell us what to talk about in our next “Chatterbox Episode”…nope…that one doesn’t work either…

Anywho…. here are some examples of comments you could leave…it should be something you’d like to hear us talk about…it could be anything from favorite foods, how we feel about boys who wear skinny jeans, what our favorite adventure has been, how electricity works…hahaha…you get it. It could be anything. We’ll look over the comments, pick a topic (or maybe two), discuss it in a video episode and then post the video on Facebook a few days later!

How fun is this going to be? Eeee…..

Fun. Fun.

Okay–our brilliant friend Meghan (and a big shout out to Jaq!) just came up with the most genius title ….”WORD ON THE 3RD.” How cute is that???

Sooooo, be looking for a post asking what our “Word on the 3rd” should be. Then, post your word or topic of choice in the comments & then check on our Facebook page every 3rd of the month and you’ll see a new video of us chatting away 🙂

So, make sure you scoot your little tooshie over to our Facebook page…like it. Love it.


Much love.


When You Try and Tell The Wrong Story

February 24, 2011

In life I think we all have a story to tell. Things are happening to you and not the person next to you for a specific reason. It’s hard at times because well…maybe you’re the only person you know that’s had a specific circumstance or situation fall into your lap and you are like…what the heck…how am I supposed to cope/survive with this? On the flip side, things might be way better than you ever imagined or dreamed.  Or what if your life becomes a story that you weren’t planning on telling? I think we all have a story to tell.

But, I think a trap that a lot of people fall into (I wish I could exclude myself but nope, I am definitely including myself)…is when you try and tell someone else’s story. You know, when your story isn’t working out so well and you see a friend get that nice job promotion or your best friend found that perfect 10 of a man and is now living the fairytale “happily ever after” cliche…you can start to envy these people and their stories and want your story to look more like theirs. That’s the trap. Your mind starts wandering and wondering, and then bam….you’re thinking…I should start to be more like them right? That person went to that college so maybe I should too…or that person loves this certain kind of music so I should too…or that person wears short skirts…maybe I should wear short skirts. Ok, that last example was horrible..but you get what I mean. Just because you look at someone’s life and think…man, they must have it all together…doesn’t mean that you should try and become mini-versions of them & get mixed up trying to copy their story.

Don’t get me wrong…I am all about having people in your life that help guide & shape you. But they key is that they shape YOU….that you aren’t becoming other versions of their stories, but that they are helping shape YOUR story. I think God made you & made you on purpose. Because seriously, you are the only person on the planet with YOUR story. With your fingerprints. With your heart. With your life. You have a story to tell. You might not know it yet….or you might be avoiding your true story but you’ve got one. Your story in unique. Why would you want to be a copy of someone else’s story…I mean…it’s their story…they’ve got it covered. Be you. Do your own thing. Your story can change people. Your story is great. Your story can help people. Don’t be afraid to live YOUR story.

Ok, I’ve typed the word “story” so much it was wigging me out…I literally just went and checked that I was spelling it right…you know…you’ve written a word so many times that it all of a sudden looks foreign to you…yup…that’s my cue to wrap it up.

Love yourself and your story. You never know who needs to hear it.



Bucket List

February 18, 2011

So, the other day we got to cross something off each of our bucket lists:  A HELICOPTER RIDE!

It was a little scary cause you are just up in the air…you know…two little blades holding you up in the sky…kind of wished we’d taken a Xanax prior to flight…but…we got over it…and it was awesome.

The water & waves were beautiful.

With our headphones on we wanted to say things like “10-4. And “Over & Out.” But instead we took pictures and gazed at the lush beauty below.

Waterfalls everywhere!

They made us wear those awesome blue booties…trying to preserve the earth or something.

Alright….more pictures to come from our Hawaiian adventure soon.

Cross stuff off of your list people–you never know when you’re gonna kick the bucket 😉



Song on February 17th, 2011

February 17, 2011


I’m not one to spell out how I feel

Got tear ducts made of steel

I don’t yell when I get angry

Won’t send an SOS when I feel lost

I need you more than I let on

And I wish you back when you are gone


I keep my phone beside my sleeping head

In case you need to call

I’d stay up waiting if I thought you needed me at all


These are all the things you’d never know

These are all the reasons you might love me if I let them show

This is a rocky road, this is the way I go

This is the me you’ll never know


You can’t read my complicated mind

I’ve seen how hard you’ve tried

And we breathe the same I know it

But still you never get just what I mean

I’d like your hand to hold

And I’d take a kiss over a rose


I keep my phone beside my sleeping head

In case you need to call

I’d stay up waiting if I thought you needed me at all


These are all the things you’d never know

These are all the reasons you might love me if I let them show

This is a rocky road, this is the way I go

This is the me you’ll never know


Upper Respiratory What?

February 6, 2011

Who likes to be sick?? NO ONE. I went to the Dr. this morning and he told me that I have an upper respiratory infection…i.e. it hurts like a freight train is ripping through my lungs every time I cough. Boo. Hiss. Complain. Complain. Complain. So, I’ve been resting and trying to heal (by the way, who can stand sitting still??) NOT ME. Anyway…

So today I laid in bed all day and watched OTH. See exhibit A:

(Note the pouty face)

But then my super awesome friends came and brought me flowers…YAY!!!!!!!!

See exhibit B:

(Note the happy face!!!)

So, there you have it. Hope you don’t catch the crudola that is going around…


Sometimes it’s cheesy.

February 4, 2011

Nope, not talking about Gouda, Goat or Cheddar (de-dum-chhhh). Talking about cheesy moments that happen in real life. I recently updated a facebook status with three simple words: “I Love Music.” I know people know this…duh…I’m a musician…newsflash right? Well…I do. And it might be cheesy but I really do love music. Like…a lot. And I know my fellow music lovers are out there and know what I’m talking about.

True story…so you all know we’ve been watching One Tree Hill like maniacs and they have some seriously awesome music on the show (SERIOUSLY)…and I heard this song playing…whipped out my phone…Shazamed it…and discovered this artist:

I’ve been playing the song “Coffee and Cigarettes” on repeat…cause it’s hypnotic and sad and I LOVE the piano part.

Good times. So, I’m having my cheesy music loving moment. I’m so thankful I love music and that I get to make music.

Ok. Cheeesy moment over.

Who’s excited for the super bowl?

-kate (and jill too)


February 3, 2011

So, the other day was a very exciting one for us. We were pumped because we got to meet up with a woman who writes these super hilarious blogs. Her blog is called Rage Against The Minivan. I (Kate) have been reading her blog for a while now and so to meet her was super fun. She is as honest & funny in real life as she is on her blog and being able to chat with her over lunch was awesome. We chit-chatted about all sorts of fun stuff and she also shared some insightful thoughts on orphan care and her experiences she’s had in her life. Very fun.

We took a pic to commemorate our new deep, long-lasting friendship (hint, hint)….hehehe.


So, if you haven’t already checked out Kristen Howerton’s blog…DO IT RIGHT NOW!

Oh and I was bored on a plane and had a little fun with my new favorite app PhotoStudio that takes regular old pictures and makes masterpieces like this one:

Or like this lovely butterfly theme:

You get it.