You say “Stage”…

We say “It”





We listened folks! We will be having our very first StageIt live show on Wednesday night!

March 16, 2011


Go get your tickets HERE and be sure to browse around and get familiar with it…it’s pretty sweet!

Can’t wait to play! Whoooop!!



15 Responses to “You say “Stage”…”

  1. Keri reck Says:

    Why do I not have Internet access??! I want to “Stage it”!!! Maybe next time J&K 😦

  2. Nina Says:


  3. Miriam Says:

    Y’all do listen! Ha. I also say……WHOOOOOP! Tix already bought. Exciting!

    So…April 1st weekend, Nash, yes? 🙂

  4. Pam Says:

    whoooooooooo! Getting my ticket now!

  5. Erin Says:

    woohoo! i’ll have to buy when i get home later tonight.

  6. Marissa Hunsberger Says:

    cool idea! too bad it’s 3am my time:) I am hardcore! but I try not to see 3 am if I don’t have too-have fun!!

  7. Erin Says:

    Sweet! I am deffo hardcore and if I had enogh money to buy the 17 more notes I need to get a ticket; I totally would! Ahhh, the perils of being beyond poor! 😦 I’ll be there in spirit!

  8. Selena Says:

    Y’all are so good to the fans! 🙂

  9. Lauren 'Elle' Says:

    Wait it’s telling me it’s sold out?? =(

  10. Jennifer Says:

    It’ll be like 2am my time and I’m in work at 7am 😦 boo if it had been a day later I would have been fine lol

  11. Alison Says:

    Missed out but will hopefully get a ticket next time!!

  12. Boston_Holly Says:

    I missed out too…curse Big Brother blocking the website at work…I guess you will have to have ANOTHER show!

  13. Shari Says:

    You all are rockstars as it is SOLD out already! Good for you all!

  14. jkfan Says:

    Add more tickets!!! I want to see y’all!!!

  15. Regine Says:

    I’m so excited for this…but I can’t watch you gals perform tonight 😦 please hold another stageit show!

    Break a leg, ladies!

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