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April 28, 2011

In honor of POP SONG coming out next week…

Why do we love the word “POP“..? Let us tell you the many reasons why…

1. POPcorn: There is no better food to eat during a movie. It goes perfectly with M&M’s. Nothing beats popping it on the stove old-fashioned style. You can make it into balls, make caramel popcorn, microwave popcorn…you get the idea…

2. POPsicles: The perfect summer treat. There is a popsicle shop in Nashville called Las Paletas that makes all of these obscure flavored popsicles like wasabi, avocado, and plain ones too…like chocolate-mint which is Jill’s favorite. There’s nothing like a sticky, sugary, ice-cold popsicle in the heat of the summer. (And if you live in Nashville, check out Las Paletas on 12th Ave South!)

3. Kellog’s Corn POPs: The cereal. Gotta have my Pops. Come on.

4. Dirty POP: Who doesn’t love some old school NSYNC??

5. POP rocks: Actually, I (Jill) cannot stand the way Pop Rocks feel in my mouth…it makes me want to scream and spit them out all over whoever convinced me to try them. However, you gotta admit, they are pretty darn cool. When I was in Junior High, we would walk next door to Cumberland Farms when school got out and sometimes I would buy them just to be cool. Peer pressure gets the best of us all at times.

6. POPples: Didn’t we all LOVE Popples as kids? I had a white one with a blue stomach. Remember how you could turn them inside out and then suddenly they were balls? Ingenious!! There were big ones, little ones, all different colored ones…where did all the cool toys go? Now it’s all Wii-this and XBox-that. Popples were where it was at.

7. POP goes the weasel: A classic. That’s the way the money goes….POP goes the weasel. Gotta love this song.

8. POPper Stopper: It cuts out the thump of the “p” or “b” sound that comes out while you’re recording. May sound uninteresting to some, but has saved us many times.

9. POP-up video: Coolest show VH1 ever had. The jingle was great too…I wish this was an audio-licious blog, because I would totally sing it for you. How would we ever know that the Spice Girls came up with their own alter ego names without Pop-Up video?

10. Mary POPpins: I’m not gonna lie. I tried watching this movie a few years ago and couldn’t even make it through the first 20 minutes. I guess it’s one of those movies that was cool when you were a kid and then when you try it later on, the magic is not quite as…magical….BUT…a spoonful of sugar will ALWAYS make the medicine go down no matter how old I am.

These are all the reasons that we love the word POP. Soon there will be a #11…and it will be this:

Have a POP-filled day. 🙂


A Gun Filled Day For j&k.

April 27, 2011

Ahahaha…okay–so not really. But…I (kate) was with my family over Easter and I had just woken up, walked down the stairs, barely awake and my dad walks into the kitchen with my little brother’s air-soft BB gun…which looks very much like a REAL, big gun. I hadn’t even had my coffee yet people…I was still asleep and this sight was realllllly funny to me. So, obviously, I documented…note the sleepyhead smile:

Then later that day, Jill flew into Chicago because we both had a meeting to attend. That night we went to the movies (to see African Cats obviously!) and leaving the theater, Jill saw the toy gun video game and was instantly drawn to it. Haha…I guess we are all 12 years old deep down inside. So, obviously, I documented this as well:

So, there you have it. It was a gun filled sort of day. Random? Yes. Totally amusing to us? Yes. Worthy to share on a blog? Probably not. Haha.

But in other news…guess how many days until Pop Song is released???????? 6 DAYS!!!!




April 21, 2011

Hey everyone!

So, we’ve told you about our friend Will Gray & the documentary called Broke* he was making. Well, last night was an exciting night because the movie made its WORLD PREMIERE at the Nashville Film Festival!!! If you don’t know…that’s kind of a big deal. The movie was screened at a local movie theater…which sold out…so much fun! I (kate) was unfortunately the only one of the two of us able to attend but Jill was there in spirit with us.

It was a great moment to see someone like Will, along with his wife Angie, who have been working on this project for over two years make it to the “big screen.” And let’s be honest, just seeing your friends on the big screen is fun.

So, anyway…here are a couple pics I snapped from the premiere & the after-party! Fun times 🙂

Wearing my brand new Broke* t-shirt while getting ready for the event! You can get your very own at

Woohoo–my Broke* ticket!

My friend Jenny & I. Concessions are almost my favorite part of going to a movie.

Yup. Concessions. I told you.

Here is my excited face with my friend Reva who is a big part of the film. She’s in a band called Gretel.

Will received a standing ovation at the end of the screening & then did a Q&A.

The man of the hour–Will Gray & a friend of ours at the after-party.

Good times. So proud.



April 19, 2011

So, you know the feeling of burning yourself on a curling iron (guys…you might not be familiar with this…but just go with me.) It sucks. It’s often a minor injury but dang…IT HURTS. And if you’ve had a major run in with a curling iron and gotten a more serious burn, that REALLY sucks. Worst feeling ever.

That experience might lead you to never wanting to pick up a curling iron again. Much less, ever go near another curling iron again…OR ever be in the same room as one. No matter what kind of joy it once gave you…those awesome curls, the great volume & texture…the confidence…all out the window because you never want to pick up a curling iron. Because then you are opening yourself up to the possibility of getting burned again. And who likes getting burned twice? Not this kid.

So, you will settle for straight hair because straight hair is safe. There is no danger in getting burned. There is no fear that that heat will singe your skin and make you scream. There is no possibility of going through that dreadful pain &  tears if you just never pick up another curling iron again. Just stay away.

Sometimes the reminder of the burn stays with us forever. Sometimes it’s physical. Many times it’s emotional. That pit at the bottom of your stomach, the anxiety, the heart pounding and trembling hands.

That’s how I feel about life sometimes. Certain situations have left me so burned that I never want to open myself up to them again. Just stick to the simple, straight hair and never venture to the wavy or mega curls again.

Some of us think that it’s their fault that they keep getting burned. It’s not. They think “…Well, I was stupid enough to pick up the curling iron” or “This curling iron looks MUCH safer than my last one” or “I’ve learned so much since I last tried curling my hair.” It’s not your fault. Evaluate. The purpose of a curling iron is NOT to burn you. But sometimes it happens.

Silly to compare life to a curling iron, I know…but it’s a practical analogy I could relate it to. So what do we do folks? Close ourselves off to everything that’s in the shape/form of a curling iron or anything that’s hot? No. Cause then we have the potential of missing out on so much. And who likes to miss out on stuff? DEFINITELY not this kid. (I mean, I LOVE curly hair!)

Set healthy boundaries. Take extra precaution when near curling irons. Be ultra aware. But know that  not every curling iron is gonna burn you.

Love yourselves & know it does get better and burns do heal.


New Song on April 17th, 2011 “Never Over You”

April 17, 2011

“never over you”

it’s been 18 days without you

and everything is wrong

i’ve been alone since i found you

i’m never where i belong


if we ever meet again

do you think

do you think we could try

when you wake up in the night

i hope i’m

i hope i’m on your mind

i hope i’m on your mind

cause i’m

never over you

never over you

i’ve seen a million faces

since i’ve been back in town

but i’ve been lost since i found you

always searching for you in the crowd


if we ever meet again

do you think

do you think we could try

when you wake up in the night

i hope i’m

i hope I’m on your mind

i hope i’m on your mind

cause i’m

never over you

never over you

i’m holding out for you

i’m holding onto you

i’m holding onto you

to pull me through

to pull me through

to you

to you

cause i’m

never over you

never over you

(c) jillandkate, 2011.

Safari 2011 Highlight Reel

April 15, 2011

Being on a safari in Southern Africa has to be one of the best things we’ve ever gotten to do. For real. It is so exhilarating…and freeing…and peaceful…and exciting…and beautiful…the stars were shining big & brightly over us. Amazing. Seriously. We will hold onto these memories from the wild of Africa for a lifetime. Being able to experience this with family and friends was awesome. Here are a couple highlights…our friends shared their pics with us so any awesome photo was probably not taken by a j or a k. Sweet.

Okay…you caught us…this last one is *altered* a bit…but it is two real pictures combined. Thanks to Dave for this one 🙂



StageIt Double Whammy Wednesday!

April 14, 2011


Thanks to everyone who tuned in to one or both of our StageIt shows yesterday! If you don’t know what we are talking about…let us explain…StageIt is an awesome website where you can go watch live shows from anywhere in the world right in your own living room…or in a Starbucks…or from your bed…haha 🙂 The cool thing is that your favorite artist we  could also play a show from our living room, Starbucks or well just about anywhere that has good internet.

So, anyway…we played two shows yesterday…here are your pictures of you watching us. Thanks for watching. Thanks for supporting. Seriously–these pictures are amazing! They warm our hearts…a lot.


Target & Tornadoes

April 12, 2011

Yesterday, we got stuck in Target during a tornado warning. They made everyone go stand in the fitting room/maternity section in the back of the store. Luckily, we had an iPhone to document the whole thing. This might change your life. Haha.

Scared faces.


Laying down.

We’re free!!!!!

Summer Single Fun!

April 11, 2011

Who wants a fun, upbeat, summer single from jillandkate?


You do?



This works out so well.



Pop Song, produced by the seriously amazing Jason Halbert, is becoming available digitally for download on 5.3.11




Funny Things and Geese

April 10, 2011

I’ve been doing a funny thing recently…I’ve been coming to our blog and looking at the pictures of our trip to see the kids…almost daily. I’ve been trying desperately to re-live those magical few days. I call it a funny thing cause I don’t know why I just don’t go to my iPhoto library and look at all the pics there? I’m not sure…that’s why I said it was a funny thing to do 🙂 Weird.

I’ve also been doing another funny thing….waking up before the sun comes up. I think my body is being stubborn and not adjusting on purpose…no matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up between 5am & 6am. Honestly, I kinda like it. It’s totally different than my normal lifestyle but man, by 10:30am I’ve already gotten SO MUCH done. Who doesn’t like the feeling of accomplishment before lunch time? (And also…an early bird special at supper time! Haha!)

When we left Nashville it was winter…and when we got back it’s definitely feeling like Spring. Flowers everywhere, temperatures have sky rocketed. Bring it on. Can’t believe it’s already April. Spring is awesome. Everyone should get outside. Breathe in some fresh air…get some Vitamin D.  We recently went for a walk at a nearby lake…it was beautiful & also a moment of growth for me. It went something like this:

Walking & enjoying nature.

Encountered a bunch of Geese…they knew I was afraid…they could sense it…you see how that one is looking at me? Not cool.

The Geese didn’t get me…so we documented the happy walk.

That was the best story ever? Right? Haha.

Speaking of animal encounters…okay…that’s a bit of a stretch…haha…just go with me…in Africa we went on a little safari and will have to post some pics from that experience…much more exciting than Geese.

Okay. Enough rambling for now. Tomorrow. Monday. April 11th…we will making an announcement on this blog right here. Is it life changing? Maybe. Unbelievable? Maybe. Run-of-the-mill exciting? Find out tomorrow.

Here’s to the best Sunday you can have.