Funny Things and Geese

I’ve been doing a funny thing recently…I’ve been coming to our blog and looking at the pictures of our trip to see the kids…almost daily. I’ve been trying desperately to re-live those magical few days. I call it a funny thing cause I don’t know why I just don’t go to my iPhoto library and look at all the pics there? I’m not sure…that’s why I said it was a funny thing to do 🙂 Weird.

I’ve also been doing another funny thing….waking up before the sun comes up. I think my body is being stubborn and not adjusting on purpose…no matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up between 5am & 6am. Honestly, I kinda like it. It’s totally different than my normal lifestyle but man, by 10:30am I’ve already gotten SO MUCH done. Who doesn’t like the feeling of accomplishment before lunch time? (And also…an early bird special at supper time! Haha!)

When we left Nashville it was winter…and when we got back it’s definitely feeling like Spring. Flowers everywhere, temperatures have sky rocketed. Bring it on. Can’t believe it’s already April. Spring is awesome. Everyone should get outside. Breathe in some fresh air…get some Vitamin D.  We recently went for a walk at a nearby lake…it was beautiful & also a moment of growth for me. It went something like this:

Walking & enjoying nature.

Encountered a bunch of Geese…they knew I was afraid…they could sense it…you see how that one is looking at me? Not cool.

The Geese didn’t get me…so we documented the happy walk.

That was the best story ever? Right? Haha.

Speaking of animal encounters…okay…that’s a bit of a stretch…haha…just go with me…in Africa we went on a little safari and will have to post some pics from that experience…much more exciting than Geese.

Okay. Enough rambling for now. Tomorrow. Monday. April 11th…we will making an announcement on this blog right here. Is it life changing? Maybe. Unbelievable? Maybe. Run-of-the-mill exciting? Find out tomorrow.

Here’s to the best Sunday you can have.



15 Responses to “Funny Things and Geese”

  1. cookbooklady Says:

    LOL ~ would you be offended if I said you were a goofball? I mean it in the most “OMG, you are so endearing, silly, adorable, etc…” sense of the word. By the way, I’d put $5 on you in a Kate vs. Goose fight anyday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ~ sounds like tomorrow’s gonna be a big day!

  2. Pam Says:

    I do the same- I’ll go on Facebook to check out my pictures instead of my folder on my computer. I guess it’s more exciting to look at your pics where other people can see them too. But maybe not and that’s just me….hmmm…

    It hasn’t really been spring yet where I live. It’s been in the 50s all week. But tomorrow it’s gonna be a heatwave. 75 degrees….I can’t wait 🙂

    Geese suck. I had to wait a few minutes the other day in my car because they took their time crossing the street. They’re selfish….not cool guys.

    And yay can’t wait for the announcement!!!! Not sure if today will be the best Sunday (spring cleaning and writing a paper aren’t too exciting but I’ll make the most of it.)

    If anyone reads this, snaps for you. 🙂

  3. Miriam Says:

    Maybe it’s the fact that you’re seeing the pics in a “public” place? Not to mention, if the pics managed to capture even a third of the awesomeness of the trip, totally worth reliving every day.

    So loving Spring, but it’s feeling summery. Which yay baseball! (What is going on with the Sox?! 😦 )

    Announcement?! What could it possibly be? Hmm. Will it involve travels? Shows? Engagements? Weddings? Just kidding! Still can’t wait! Here’s hoping it involves the letters A-T-L. 😉

  4. Shari Says:

    I am glad you both made it past the geese without harm;: However, they can be mean. And it maybe sad to say but they do scare me when I have to go past a lot of them.

    Looking forward to seeing your post from your Safari….

    Those kids definitely bring a smile to everyone….

    Happy Sunday! I am going to an inside waterpark for a fundraiser for MS. Just sad it will be monday already tomorrow!

  5. Alison Says:

    Can’t wait for the announcement.

    The last pic is a really nice picture of you guys, just thought I’d say so.

    Till tomorrow…

  6. Lauren 'Elle' Says:

    Hahahah I hate geese too, I mean I don’t hate them they haven’t personally done anything to me but man they freak me out. Glad your walk turned out to be happy!

    Announcement? Tomorrow? woohooooo JK announcements are the BEST.

  7. Selena Says:

    Well, I suppose one place is as good as another for viewing the pictures, right? If you come to the ol’ blog, you might find additional comments to read on them though.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your walk, geese encounter aside. I thought about your fear of birds a few weeks ago when I had the displeasure of being in a store with one flying around. I wouldn’t say I have a phobia, but I’m not comfortable being around them either, especially if they’re overhead, if you get my drift.

    The weather’s heated up quite a lot here too recently. I was tired of the cold, but I think I may soon be complaining that’s it’s too hot, if the temperatures stay more summery than springy.

    Ooh…I’m intrigued about this announcement Monday. Could it be Sot17th, Vol. II? ANFH T-shirt auction? Well, I’ll just have to wait and find out!

    Have a happy Sunday, J&K!

  8. Hillary Says:

    Speaking of geese…when I was 5 one of those suckers bit me.I was at the park, being nice feeding all the geese some bread when the mean one decided he wasnt getting enough, he approached rapidly and stole the bread from my hand and bit my left thumb in the process..I now have a scar on my left thumb from that jerk of a goose! No joke!

  9. Erin Says:

    oooh cliff hanger… i was bit by a goose when i was 6. i was trying to feed it a pretzel. needless to say i now keep a respectable distance away from birds. you’re so lucky to get to do the house of hope thing. it looks so amazing and i would LOVE to do that. it’s 77 today. i can’t remember the last time it was above 60. i’m thrilled. enough computer time. it’s outside time!

  10. Marleen Says:

    I totally agree, SPRING = going outside.. and lovin’ it 🙂 And geese, yes they can be scary.. big birds in general actually.. a bit unpredictable! I’m looking forward to the announcement..

  11. Lauren M. Says:

    That goose did look pretty mean, just don’t ever give it eye contact and maybe it would leave you alone. lol

    Weather here in Texas is pretty nice. It’s already hit 90 today with a breeze so it wasn’t that bad. I love spring but I am not looking forward to summer with 100 degree weather..ick!

    I can’t wait to hear about the African Safari adventure and tomorrow’s announcement sound’s very exciting:)

  12. Bonnie Says:

    Well, you 2 look terrific!!! can’t wait for a KC tour…Come to Pflugerville, Tx. please!! love y’all….

  13. Mary B Says:

    I absolutely LOVE Kates sunglasses!! And my sister, baby niece and I have been taking walks. It’s so relaxing and fulfilling!

  14. Jennifer Says:

    I really hate Geese! I think it comes from being a kid when I was like 6 I was feeding ducks/geese etc and one kept trying to attack me everytime I tried to go over to my dad.
    I have documented evidence of this too oh yes every year in school we had to write a summer diary….my diary for that year clearly states how “birdzilla” attacked me and the Goose has 4 legs for some reason in the detailed drawing I did!

    Further proof *shudders*

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