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The Bitter End Show

May 28, 2011

So we had a great time last Thursday (5.26.11) in New York City–our very first j&k show in NYC ever!!!!! It was seriously SOOOOOOOO fun!!! Despite the late hour of the day, everyone was so kind and sang along to every single song….seriously…so much fun!

Ashley Arrison did a fabulous set before we played–we always enjoy singing along to all of her stuff!! She and Aben put on a damn good show! Here is a pic we snapped of them 🙂

Here are a couple pics of us playing that people sent us:

Oh and we ended the night outside the club playing one song (a special request that we didn’t play during our actual show)…which might have been our favorite part…see pic below…

Okay–so we hope to be playing again VERY soon. Like, VERY, VERY soon.

Thanks for the support and love and well wishes….

Have a fabulous SATURDAY!



Once Upon A Gym.

May 25, 2011

The gym is a funny place. I actually really like working out–it releases some sort of natural zen that helps me feel normal and happy. I enjoy taking out all sorts of emotion at the gym–from rage/anger to euphoria/happiness…it all comes out at the gym from time to time. I genuinely love that tuckered out feeling at the end of a hard workout. It’s good times for this kid.

Something funny I’ve noticed is how many people are checking each other out at the gym…nothing new there right? Right. Well, I’ve never met anyone of the opposite sex at the gym cause when I am sweaty, look like my head might explode from heat, and probably smelling a little funky…I’m not exactly enthused to put myself out there and try to find Mr. Right.

The gym can actually be quite a vulnerable place. People can learn a lot about you on those machines…you have to enter some personal info…some that I don’t really want the person/people next to me to see. Example: you get on a machine…first question…how long do you wanna go on the machine? Ok–this one isn’t so bad…but if people are watching…you might bump up that 15 min on the stairmaster to 20. Just me? Ok…moving on. Then they want you to enter your weight. Oh geez. At this point I’m starting to look around and see if anyone is peeking at my screen. The default number is low so you hit the arrow button up and every time it beeps. Up, up, dang it, why doesn’t it go up in incriments of 5’s. Beep, beep, beep, beep. Oh shoot. Anyway….Then they want your age. And it automatically starts at 20 so again I’m left hitting the up button, beep…beep…beep….beep…the incessant beeping of the last few minutes has caused people to turn, stare…oh man…uncomfortable for sure.

Yeah…the gym is a funny place…and a place where people can learn a lot about you…without you necessarily wanting them to. Whatever. The weirdest thing I ever saw on a gym TV was this:

HAha…yeah…that was funny!! I was working out and looked down & I was like…THAT’S ME!!! Woohoo!

What about you…do you like going to the gym? What’s your deal? Yes, no?

Post Your Favorite Day on Your Facebook Page!

May 23, 2011

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for all of the support during our jillandkate’s 5 days of music. That was fun, right? Well…we don’t want it to end there. We have a favor to ask of you…would you be so kind as to pick a favorite day & post the video on your Facebook page? Or even on a friend’s page if you think they’ll like it. Or a stranger’s page even. Just kidding. Don’t talk to strangers.  Anyway, that would be awesome if you’d do that for us…and let us know which one you posted!  We’ve posted all 5 of the videos below in case you need a refresher of what we’re talking about! You.guys.rule. Seriously.

Day #1: “Reason to Stay”

Day #2: “Walls & Walls”

Day #3: “Since U Been Gone” Cover

Day #4: “Let Me Go”

Day #5: “Skinny Jeans”

So, pick your favorite & post away! We really appreciate it 🙂

Hope your Monday is stellar.



Day #5

May 20, 2011

Day #4

May 19, 2011

Day #3

May 18, 2011

Day #2 AKA New Song on May 17th, 2011

May 17, 2011


There are walls and walls in between you and me

And I’m breaking these windows just to see

The ceiling is pushing you down to your knees

And you’re breaking these windows just to breathe

Yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah

Sometimes I swear that you look right through

My hollow eyes, these brittle blues

And I dig deep down to the roots

And still I get nothing from you

I might be strong

And I might play along

When everything’s wrong

I keep this smile on

Look like I belong

Until you’re gone, til you’re gone

Then I’m just holding on

I’m just holding on

I don’t believe you mean a word you speak

Even still they can make me weak

You break me down into a million pieces

Still you’re everything I need

Yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah

I might be strong

And I might play along

When everything’s wrong

I keep this smile on

Look like I belong

Until you’re gone, til you’re gone

Then I’m just holding on

I’m just holding on

I’m just holding on

I’m just holding on

A Good News/Bad News Sandwich

May 16, 2011

Happy Monday, friends 🙂

So, we have mostly good news and a wee little tad-bit of bad news…but the good news will make up for it *hopefully*…

Here is how a good news/bad news sandwich works (don’t blame us if we got this concept from a recent episode of Desperate Housewives…we never watch that trash ;)) We tell you some good news, a little bad news, and then some more good news.

If we were to draw a diagram of a good news/bad news sandwich…this is what it would look like:

Hahahaha…you get the idea? Phew. Good.

So, here goes.

Good news:

Everyday this week, we will be posting a video blog of us singing a song. It might be old, might be new, might be a cover…tune in to see. That’s right…your thinking is correct…everyday j&k are going to post a video blog of themselves singing a song. Woohoo!

Wee bit of bad news:

We had to cancel our Stageit show on the 20th 😦 All money will be refunded. We will be doing another Stageit show soon.*

Good news: We are still playing this show in NYC on May 26th. *also, did you notice how in the “bad news” section we said we will reschedule the Stageit show…that’s actually not bad news…so really…it could almost be a good news/good news sandwich. Bam. Phew.

YAY! So, here is video #1 of 5 for the week:

Response to: Holy Overwhelmed

May 14, 2011

You guys. Seriously. Thank you for all the feedback from the blog yesterday. It’s funny, we did have a Tumblr page a while back that we sort of used an an interim page before we launched our new site. Hmm…we were with the times before the times and now it seems we are behind the times. Hahaha.

Anyway–the goal for us is to stay connected with you guys…and to keep making music that you guys relate to and want to listen to. All of the social networking tools are just a way to stay more connected & reach more people…but ultimately…we want to make music that we love and believe in and that you can too.

We appreciate the love & support.

We’ve been having a lot of j&k meetings & planning sessions…..yes, yes & yes. World domination coming soon. Hahaha. That’s funny.

Happy Saturday to you and yours.



Holy overwhelmed.

May 13, 2011

I’m calling it. I’m overwhelmed. In the year 2011 there is just so much at your finger tips with social networking this, and DIY that…there is too much, people…TOO much!  I mean, it literally took us a good, long while to figure out how to archive our blog… don’t judge people, don’t judge…but yes, YES, we did it! Look to your right…———> Our blog archives. Whoop whoop. Now you can read all of our past posts without having to do a whole bunch of searching. Maybe MTV could do a new TV show called “Pimp My Blog”…ahahaha…we would definitely enter that contest.

But OMG, I (kate) literally was looking up HTML code and trying to figure out how to create those stupid little awesome boxes to the right. Let’s just say that me + HTML-coding is a really funny sight to see. Okay, this is turning into my whining about not being tech-savvy enough. But it’s kinda fun.

Seriously though, what are your favorite “social networking” tools? What sites do you frequent? Cause sheesh…there are a lot of them. Right now, we have:

What else are we missing people?