Someone says it better.

Sometimes you come across another blog post & you couldn’t agree more with what’s being said. We felt this way after reading this blog post by the lovely Bethany Joy Galeotti. Go read it.



9 Responses to “Someone says it better.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    aww, I feel that way about your blog!!!! and I agree with you, I love Bethany, she is awesome!! just like you two!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Fiorella Says:

    Thanks so much for the recommendation.. i really liked it

    “Someone says it better”… That’s why i read your blogs guys πŸ™‚

  3. Tina Says:

    Wow, I really like that blog post. It’s the type of blog that makes you open your eyes and realise stuff that you in fact already know but not ‘concious’, if you know what I mean? Thanks for showing this!

  4. Caroll Miranda Says:

    Oh God,i love her.
    Good job girls.

  5. Jenna Says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time until you two discovered the AMAZINGNESS that is BjG ❀ You guys need to meet and become besties and then collaborate with everly lmao. Her blog is amazing and always so inspirational!

  6. Boston_Holly Says:

    I could probably write an epic response/dissertation on this issue. I happen to work for my State’s Department of Environmental Protection and have a graduate degree in environmental politics and policy, so I deal a lot with the green movement, etc. It gets a lot of press, it’s a media darling, and doing little things make people feel like they are making a difference. This shouldn’t supersede other worthy and equally challenging (if not more challenging), social, economic, health or justice issues. These are all global issues that are all intertwined and feed off one another. An issue with one, begets another, which begets another (e.g., sea level rise will disproportionately effect third-world countries with limited access to resources, which may lead to economic and health issues, which push individuals into further poverty, which force them to turn to unsustainable practices that exploit our natural resources…and the cycle begins again). I guess that the main point is, everything is connected, we need to be good to one another, try to live a life that respects others, the planet, and the inherent equality of everyone…focusing on one issue alone won’t get the job done. πŸ™‚

  7. gypsygies Says:

    She does state it well. I had the misfortune of living in Portland, OR for about a year and a half and encountered endless HATEFUL – outright violently HATEFUL people who believed that if you are just conscientious about the planet and not an ABSOLUTE CRUSADER spending hours upon hours every day to do what THEY want – you are directly the cause of ALL sorrow on the planet and the most vile and evil of beings. Seriously. I was shocked and stunned by this. That is when I learned that Extremism/Fundamentalism is the same no matter which side of the fence it’s on. All extremes result in human beings trying to Bully and outright Force other human beings into being the small vision of what they, themselves, want. EVERYONE MUST CARE ABSOLUTELY AND LIVE FOR MY OWN ONE ISSUE IN LIFE (riiight). That’s what I slammed up against again & again.
    There are certainly enough horribly bad issues on this planet for each person to follow their own path, their own vision to try to do good. But extremists will try to tell you that their own particular issue is always the most important one that needs attention before anything else (no matter what their particular issue is).

    Please don’t misunderstand and think I’m saying `everyone in Portland, OR is aweful’ haha. No no – but I came up against this mindset continually there and came up hard against it. I don’t have a militant bone in my body, and that made me “the bad guy”. But it was a valuable lesson to learn in life. The *far* side of any issue is in danger of losing compassion and reason.

    I feel to simply get a majority of people to be basic conscientious would be such a huge triumph.

  8. Sarah Says:

    Great blog entry, checked it out the other day. A few blog entries ago she asked for blog recommendations and I suggested you girls. Love both your blogs. Word count for the word blog: 4…5

  9. Selena Says:

    I see you OTH fandom has extended to BJG! πŸ™‚ The girl makes some good points for sure!

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