Newsletter or Not-so-new-letter?

So remember that time last year that we did a cutesie, little j&k publication newsletter of sorts? Well, remember how we did it and then forgot to post it so the “news” section wasn’t exactly brand new information? Do you see where we’re going with this?? Yes, yes you do. We did another one of these adorable Newsletters earlier this winter and FORGOT to post it. WhhhhhOOOpsie. Oh well. Read it now. Pretend like all of the things haven’t happened. You know you want to. Haha.


Thanks to all ya’ll who watched the StageIt show last night. We had a BLAST!!!!

Happy Saturday folks!


PS. Check out our adorable little “FOLLOW” button on the right hand side bar…that’s right…one little click there and you can follow us on twitter….how fun is that??

6 Responses to “Newsletter or Not-so-new-letter?”

  1. MissingTrain Says:

    The first newsletter was awesome, and this one is too! Love the not-so-new-news, love the pics, love the design – DO THAT MORE OFTEN 😀

  2. Tina Says:

    Posted too late or not, it’s still supermegawesome to read 😀 love the pics as well!

  3. gypsygies Says:

    You know when I watched your cover of SUBG last night…all I could think was that someone needs to do an Industrial (or)/Heavy Metal cover of it now. Fill it out complete, haha.

  4. Selena Says:

    I’d actually wondered what happened to the newsletter idea. So, it’s late…no biggie…just think of it as a retrospective instead! 😉 Oh, and I already follow y’all on Twitter, but those are ad-ons look nice.

  5. Lauren M. Says:

    “Newsletter or not so-newsletter” it’s still a great newsletter Thanks for sharing;)

    I already follow you on twitter so that’s covered and the facebook add on cover art is awesome!

    Sorry I made you take down the other cover art last time but this one actually looks better!

  6. Anakellya Says:

    ooo and you’ve got a ‘facebook’ bit on the side too! you guys are really getting with the times! 😉 hehe jk.
    loving the newsletter!
    much love, xoxo

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