4th of July!!

We had a great day the other day.It was July 4th to be exact. We ran a race, went to the official “Nashville Hot Chicken Festival,” had a picnic with friends while watching a fun cover band play and then watched a fireworks display to close the night off. It was superb. Here are some pictures to summarize the day:

Kate’s race outfit. I (kate) wanted a cute, matching, festive outfit to run in…haha…isn’t it cute? Well, that was my rookie mistake of the year because I had never run in these shorts before. NOT COOL. I should have stuck to my not-so-cute but trusted capri’s that I run in all the time, but no, I wanted to match and be patriotic. Idiot. I paid for that one…not fun.

Pre-race excited face fun pic. Woop-woop! Running a race was on both of our goal lists for 2011. Bam. Crossed it off. 

This one was for my mom 🙂

Running shoes & ID tag on shoes. Check.

Oh you know, just giggling before race time. May have been delirious from waking up at 6:30AM.

Smile, check. Shuffle, check. Extra hair tie on wrist just in case, check.

This pic was taken while running. It makes us laugh. We’re weird.

Jill took this pic of me nearing 2.5 miles…this was very much the point of the race when I majorly regretted wearing the shorts…and did I mention there were hills on this little 5k?…Hills…lots of them…not so much a fan of the hills…(unless we’re talking about the TV show, that is…)


I am clearly delirious from the last 32 minutes and 46 seconds of fun I just had. Jill could have kept on running. Showoff.

After recovering and eating a HUGE breakfast, we headed to the “Nashville Hot Chicken Festival.” Yup. A whole lot of people get together to wait in long lines to eat really spicy chicken. (We prefer to go through the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru for a delicious Spicy Chicken Sandwich…)…But the atmosphere was fun!

Picnic time with a few thousand other people. Wine, cheese, ants, sweating profusely. What’s not to love?

Watching the fireworks go boom boom pow! Do you think this is how the Black-Eyed Peas were inspired? Fun times 🙂

Hope your 4th was a BLAST…ha ha.

Who’s excited for our Sunglasses-themed StageIt show tomorrow night? WE ARE!!!


11 Responses to “4th of July!!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Congrats on the race! Even that would be hard for me because I have asthma…not fun.

    I had an awesome 4th but I hadn’t seen a fireworks show in like 10 years and I was expecting some extravagant hour long thing. Apparently the shows last about 15-20…sad 😦 It was still a blast!

    And tomorrow…I feel pressured to get a shwild pair. I’ll be on the hunt.

    Until then….

  2. Monica Says:

    Way to go with the race! I need to really work on my running. It takes me that long to do 2 miles. I suck, haha.

    Glad you had a good 4th! Mine was pretty chill, I just watched Boston Pops on tv! You guys should come play at the Boston Pops next year 🙂

  3. Selena Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like your 4th was chock-full of activity! Sorry part of that cute outfit wasn’t so comfy! What a trouper for going 5 miles in those shorts! Congrats to both of you on completing the run and in good time! 🙂

  4. Erin Says:

    I’ve wanted to run a race too, but seriously …getting up early to run? Not really something I volunteer for. I run at dusk. Its cool and pretty with the sunset and all. But good for you two. You’re much more kick ass than I am. I’m digging the attire as well. 4th of July rules.

  5. Lauren M. Says:

    I’m so proud of ya’ll for making it through this race. 32:46? Not only did ya’ll make it under 3 hrs, you did it in under an hour! That’s impressive!

    I’m still a little confused about the short shorts, were they too hot to be in? Was it the fabric? I don’t know…I don’t own a pair of shorts like those. I thought they looked cool to run in.

    I’m glad you all had a wonderful 4th:) My 4th was pretty good too. I had to work a little portion of the day (yay time and half) then spent my evening with family grlling out and eating good food. It also started to rain so no fireworks…bummer! But all in all, it was good!

    • Lauren M. Says:

      oh and the stagit show…I can’t wait! I just need to find me some funky sunglasses somewhere..

  6. Kristen Howerton Says:

    You guys rock! And yeah – I never run in those kind of shorts. CHAFING!

  7. Regina Says:

    congrats ladies and cute outfits!! running in a 5k is on my bucket list…maybe it’s time i cross it off too. what were you listening while running for 33minutes?? excited for tonight’s show!

  8. Alison Says:

    The picture for your Mom is cool!

    Congrats on completing the 5k ladies!!

  9. Lynne Says:

    Love how you took pics while running!! haha Great Job again!! Looks like you had a great day!!

  10. jenbug1988 Says:

    Sounds like a good day. Being British I don’t usually have the whole 4th of July thing but being at a summer camp meant I got the full force of it. My cabin dressing up in red white and blue etc and ultimately managing to get me to (after of course I joked and was like ” You realize you’re celebrating independence from the British right?!” )
    But then we had to take the kids out on an overnight, 12 kids climbing on to the top of a mountain to sleep the night in JUST sleeping bags. Which resulted in them all getting too freaked out to stay until the morning as we were being eaten by Mosquitoes and kept hearing Coyotes. So came back down at 2am.

    So ummm yeah I had a fun 4th of July……

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