All of our Songs on the 17th in ONE place.

We did THIS for you guys.

Just to make them all easy to find in one place.

Thanks to all of you who keep coming back each month and seeing what song we are doing.








14 Responses to “A NEW SPECIAL Blog”

  1. Bianca Says:

    so cool! Thanks for doing that and thank you for making such amazing music!

  2. Pam Says:

    I swear you guys are too good to us. It’s gonna be fun looking back at some of the songs that I forgot about (forgot? what? never…)

  3. Miriam Says:

    Awwwww! Y’all! Seriously! Awesomeness! That! Is! All!

    PS! Had coffee! Hyperrrrrrrrr!

  4. Selena Says:

    Aw, thanks! The site looks nice. So, will that blog become the exclusive home of the Sot17th, or is it going to just be archived there, but still posted here?

  5. Lynda Benzie Says:

    this is such a good idea, havnt seen some of the earlier ones, so will definitely be looking back through them. always look forward to the 17th each month (well its more like the 18th here in new zealand). im excited bout next months song already and its still a month away

  6. elleinbetween Says:

    Ooh! Convenient ….you two are thinkers. πŸ™‚

  7. Tina Says:

    Omg! So cool! This made my day πŸ˜€ thanks for doing that!

  8. Lauren M. Says:

    This is nice! I won’t have to keep going to youtube everytime I wanna hear a certain song:)

    Btw: There is a song that you did and it’s unfinished. Would you guys finish it? It’ called “Far From Me” I REALLY loved what I heard so far:)

  9. lucyelenore Says:

    AWESOME! thanks πŸ™‚ love you guys!!!

  10. Regina Says:

    just a suggestion if it’s not too much to ask…could you put the lyrics up too?!

  11. Saskia Says:

    woooooow thx!!!

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