Not Your Average Nails.

These look fun…anyone tried them?

9 Responses to “Not Your Average Nails.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    They’re very fun – I got the butterflies for me and my 9 year old… It takes a few nails to get into the groove as to how to apply ’em.

  2. J.Nicole Says:

    My friend recently tried the leopard print ones & they were adorable. Kinda reminded me of the minx nails.

  3. Kaylah Says:

    Love them! But it’s much easier if you have someone else put them on for you!

  4. Lynne Says:

    I know someone who has and they love them!!! I got some for my bday and haven’t triedthem but I’ll let you know

  5. Selena Says:

    I haven’t used those, but from what I can tell in the ad, they look interesting and pretty “handy” to use.

  6. Danielle Pope Says:

    So funny. My friend just got the black and white flower ones yesterday at Walgreen’s! They turned out really well.

  7. Mary B Says:

    A lady at work said they actually are easy to use and do stay for about 2 weeks! I still havnt tried em.

  8. Lauren M. Says:

    I haven’t tried them. I do, however, have the crackel nail polish going on right now. I painted my nails with silver sparkle nail polish then I painted a pink crackel nail polish over it and it crackels and makes this cool design on your nails. It’s pretty neat, you should try that also:) You can use any colors you want.

  9. Heely GoLightly Says:

    Hi. I found a link from your journal to mine…wonders why because your journal is so amazing 😀

    You’re so amazing!



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