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August 31, 2011


How awesome are all ya’ll? In 5 days YOU helped us reach our i KICKED jillandkate kickstarter goal!! Seriously. We are blown away and beyond grateful for your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We cannot wait to make this album with you.

There are still 25 days to get your friends involved–the more the merrier 🙂 Click here for more info.

You guys are seriously the BEST!!!

Thank you 🙂



PS. We named our album yesterday….it’s a secret…but VERY exciting!!!

i KICKED jillandkate!!

August 26, 2011

Hey guys!

So we are really excited about this and are really hoping you can help us as we prepare to get our next album recorded!

We are launching a KICKSTARTER campaign called “i KICKED jillandkate” to help fund our next album which is all ready to be recorded. The songs are ready, the producer’s ready, the musicians are ready, WE’RE ready…and now we just need your help!

If you don’t know what KICKSTARTER is, you can read about it on their site here…basically it is a website that lets you and us work together to fund a creative project which in this case happens to be our next album! Watch our video, check out the pledge options and let’s see if we can do this!!

Thanks for considering it!

Much love.


A Funny Text Day.

August 25, 2011

Have you ever gotten a text from a random number that you don’t know? You probably have. I did the other day*. But the funny thing about it was that it only said 3 words:

WHAT? I was like….what the? What am I not supposed to do. This was the first funny text of the day.

*I did later find out that a friend has mass-texted and a friend I did not know hit “reply all”…a tricky little technological error. Nonetheless, it kept me amused for a bit.

The second incident happened later that evening when a few friends and I had gone to a local bar in town. This particular bar puts your bill inside an old book when they bring it to you. I opened my book, signed my credit card receipt and thumbed through the pages at previous customers’ signatures or random musings and declarations of love. Then I saw something that caught my eye…someone had written towards the back of the book…something about turn to page…21…so I eagerly turned to page 21. On page 21, I found some complimentary words that read something like this: “You’re beautiful…have a good day. Turn to  page 45″…I was getting giddy at this point…it was like a choose your own adventure series…so I turned to the final page of this adventure and this is what I read (I blurred out the #):

What? Could it be? My name already written on the page?? Was this the divine romance fairytale I’d waited for my whole life? What were the chances that I would get that book, and that there would be a message that said “text me and say you love me”…with my name right next to it? That’s right…MY NAME> KATE….was already written there. WHAT THE? So, being the hopeless romantic brave soul that I am (with the encouragement of my friends)…and being the good instruction follower that I am…I texted the following: “I love you from *insert bar name*.”

This was the response I got:

HAHA. In one fell swoop my romance was over and I was told to “have a great night.” Awesome. We laughed a lot.

What a weird a texting day.

Here’s to hoping.


Bitchin’ Biscuits.

August 23, 2011

Since reading the book “The Help” I’ve been craving biscuits. I totally blame the book. All their talk of southern food…it’s not fair…I’m a very easily influenced person. The last time I made biscuits I think I was in junior high…so, since my craving for biscuits was in fact SO STRONG I decided to give it a whirl. They did not turn out as fluffy as one might like, but I actually liked them a little crisper. Here is my photo journal of the biscuit making event of 2011:

Flour. The foundation.

I searched high and low on the internets for an easy biscuit recipe. Haha. Right on the bag people!

Buttermilk. Key ingredient.

Mixing bowl.

Working hard.

No fancy biscuit shape cutter thing…used a glass.

Laying them out.

Pretty excited at this point.

A wee bit over cooked…oopsie.

Because I’m adventurous I made some with turkey sausage in the middle of some…

And with the leftover dough I made some random cinnamon and sugar biscuit strips (my mom does this with her leftover dough…she taught me well.) I really think we’re onto something. Biscuit Sticks. I think they could be huge. Cinnamon and sugar + biscuit = YES.

Okay…I wonder how many times I’ve blogged about food? Hmm…probably a lot. I love food.




August 20, 2011

The other day we went over to a friend’s house and played Rummikub. This game is FUN–it’s pretty easy to learn and once you play one round you’ll want to play over and over again….hence we played about 5 rounds the other night! Good times.

 Anyway…this is what the board looks like while playing…you try and make runs or groups of numbers…

One funny thing about this game though is there are two “joker” tiles….how CREEPY do they look?

RIGHT??? So creepy.

Everyone should find a group of friends or strangers if that’s your style  and play this game. Good times!

JillandKate’s New Song on August 17th, 2011

August 18, 2011

I won’t ever change my mind

I won’t ever change my mind about you

I’ve been crazy bout you yeah

I’ve been crazy bout you since I found you

So you can fall right to pieces on the floor tonight

You can break down if you need to cry

But I won’t ever change my mind

I won’t ever change my mind about you

So come on take a walk with me

Take my hand

You can scream into the darkness and tell me your plans

You can cry all night til you understand my love

Cause I’ll be here in the morning when the sun is bright

And when you see it there shining

You will come to find

That it’s always gonna be here til the end of time

My love

I am never gonna leave

I am never gonna leave you stranded

Life is never gonna go

It will never go like you planned it

So you can wear yourself down trying to figure me out

You can love me later if you hate me now

But I am never gonna leave

I am never gonna leave you stranded


August 14, 2011

What happened to our blog? We haven’t posted anything in what seems like forever. Our bad. How is everyone?

I need to apologize right now if you were looking for a deep, meaningful, well thought out blog. This probably isn’t it. This blog probably will not be making any sense or have any real theme or flow. It’s really just gonna be sporadic ramblings of whatever pops in my head…this is kate by the byyyyyy 🙂

My new favorite drink to blend up in my magic bullet has been a Kefir based smoothie. Nothing fancy but you blend:


-1/3 of a cup Kefir (any flavor–I prefer strawberry)

-Handful of grapes

-Handful of blueberries

-4 strawberries

Put all of that and a splash of water into a blender or magic bullet and woop-tee-doo you have yourself a refreshing little smoothie drink. Not too sweet…quite delicious if you ask me.

I have this new found respect for whats-her-face…umm…Emma Stone. Isn’t she just the sassiest thing around right now? And she has 2 movies out right now? WHAT? Who does that?  She does. I loved Crazy, Stupid, Love and I think I will really enjoy The Help which was sold out last night or else I would have seen that instead of Crazy, Stupid, Love again.

I saw Bon Iver in concert a few weeks ago at the Ryman.

It was an amazing show. I’ve never seen a show where there are two full drum kits on stage the entire time and they were both played the whole time. Great musicianship and their songs put you into a perfect comfy-hypnotic bliss. It was great. Later that evening was not so great…had a near death experience…which is an entirely different blog…but I made it…so no need to worry 😉

Last week I had the same really vivid dream twice. Random. I always think that’s weird.

Went to NYC last week to celebrate our good friend Ashley’s birthday. Bradley Cooper’s face was on a cake–so that made it grand! We also went  up the Empire State Building. I  was looking for Cary Grant (which by the way did you know his real name was Archibald Alexander Leach?or Tom Hanks but nope. Didn’t find my love at the top of the building..but let me tell you…if you find yourself at the top of that building around midnight you’ll stumble across many a couple making out….kinda funny.

I made those muffins the other day…banana nut. Pretty good. But the kicker is cutting it in four pieces…smearing butter on all sides and then grilling it in a frying pan. Yup. Next level.

I love this bracelet. That’s all.

Love this quote from Mother Teresa:  “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

I have been trying to use less exclamation points while writing. I think I use them too often. Well, Jill will often point out that my exclamation use is somewhat over the top. I mean, I didn’t really see this as a problem..maybe I’m just an over-enthusiastic person? Haha. In any text I send or email I write I like to put two or three !!! here and there and I guess that’s not appropriate behavior. Who knew?

Have I ever shared with you my deep love for movie theater popcorn? It’s maybe the longest love relationship I’ve ever been in. It rarely disappoints. I never see a movie without it. Never.

Okay…this is a lot of nonsense rambling. Hope everyone is having a delightful Sunday.


Behind The Scenes of Our Video Shoot

August 3, 2011