The other day we went over to a friend’s house and played Rummikub. This game is FUN–it’s pretty easy to learn and once you play one round you’ll want to play over and over again….hence we played about 5 rounds the other night! Good times.

 Anyway…this is what the board looks like while playing…you try and make runs or groups of numbers…

One funny thing about this game though is there are two “joker” tiles….how CREEPY do they look?

RIGHT??? So creepy.

Everyone should find a group of friends or strangers if that’s your style  and play this game. Good times!

11 Responses to “Rummikub”

  1. Martin Molnár Says:

    I want this game home! Can I? 🙂

  2. tal0424 Says:

    the joker tiles creeps me out… 😀

  3. Kim Says:

    I am a pro-Rummikub-er!

  4. Selena Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever played Rummikub, so I guess I should just take your word on it being fun. I can agree that the jokers are kind of on the creepy side!

  5. Shari Says:

    Love the game!!! We used to play it all the time growing up at my grandparents house. And I still play. I love sequence too!

  6. Marleen Says:

    Yay, Rummikub, great game! 😀 Haha, yeah, the jokers look a bit creepy..

  7. lucyelenore Says:

    the game is loosely based on the chinese game Mahjong. i love it. 🙂

  8. Courtney Says:

    so you guys are into games, right!? go to Toys-R-Us or Amazon & look for the game “Jungle Speed”. it’s a card game and LOADS of fun. and if you play with anyone spastic, kinda dangerous. lol, but it really is so much fun.

  9. melanie Says:

    i like rommy

  10. hennie Says:

    Ever tried Rummikub on the Iphoe or Ipad. Good to practice

  11. Alvin Mitchel Says:

    Gentelmen, as much fun as it is to play with real people in one’s house, nothing come near the exitment of playing online on Facebook with complete strangers! I’m just kidding of course, but if you’re ever in the mood for Rummy on Facebook, look no further than Raminoz:

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