A Funny Text Day.

Have you ever gotten a text from a random number that you don’t know? You probably have. I did the other day*. But the funny thing about it was that it only said 3 words:

WHAT? I was like….what the? What am I not supposed to do. This was the first funny text of the day.

*I did later find out that a friend has mass-texted and a friend I did not know hit “reply all”…a tricky little technological error. Nonetheless, it kept me amused for a bit.

The second incident happened later that evening when a few friends and I had gone to a local bar in town. This particular bar puts your bill inside an old book when they bring it to you. I opened my book, signed my credit card receipt and thumbed through the pages at previous customers’ signatures or random musings and declarations of love. Then I saw something that caught my eye…someone had written towards the back of the book…something about turn to page…21…so I eagerly turned to page 21. On page 21, I found some complimentary words that read something like this: “You’re beautiful…have a good day. Turn to  page 45″…I was getting giddy at this point…it was like a choose your own adventure series…so I turned to the final page of this adventure and this is what I read (I blurred out the #):

What? Could it be? My name already written on the page?? Was this the divine romance fairytale I’d waited for my whole life? What were the chances that I would get that book, and that there would be a message that said “text me and say you love me”…with my name right next to it? That’s right…MY NAME> KATE….was already written there. WHAT THE? So, being the hopeless romantic brave soul that I am (with the encouragement of my friends)…and being the good instruction follower that I am…I texted the following: “I love you from *insert bar name*.”

This was the response I got:

HAHA. In one fell swoop my romance was over and I was told to “have a great night.” Awesome. We laughed a lot.

What a weird a texting day.

Here’s to hoping.


13 Responses to “A Funny Text Day.”

  1. littomissdom Says:

    that is such a cool story 🙂 weird how ur name was on the page :O x

  2. Miriam Says:

    The random text happened to me yesterday! But the story wasn’t near as serendipitous as yours. (Tangent: Serendipity is a must see movie!) Wonder how many times they’ve gotten a text. Sounds like a cute short story. Shame it didn’t turn into a fairy tale. 🙂

    Btw, I first read that as Kate sending the text at 10:30 in the morning! No judging, but that a lil early! Ha. Also, books to bring your check in?! Love. It.

  3. Fiorella Says:

    So sad your romance fairytale didn’t work but … Honestly, it’d be a great story to tell haha.

    So rude that the guy only replied that haha. Probably someone texted him before haha. 😉

  4. Lauren 'Elle' Says:

    LMAO! Kate that’s hilarious!!

  5. Selena Says:

    Well, that’s really random! So, it didn’t turn out to be a fairytale, but your texting adventure still made for an interesting story!

  6. gypsygies Says:

    That is absolutely beautiful, haha. Awesomeness. And bring the check in an old book? That is fucking GREAT – GREAt.

  7. Vincent Says:

    Sorry it didn’t work out between you and the mysterious stranger. You’ll find your man someday. Also, how did you take a picture of your phone with your phone? I’m so very confused by that. Have a great weekend you two.

  8. Lauren M. Says:

    Not gonna lie..I had to read that over a few times to get what was going on. Your name was on the credit card, right? That’s probably how you got your name on there. I don’t know, i’m confused as hell right now…lol Anyway..cool story!:)

  9. Jaclyn Says:

    I totally would’ve texted the number too. But man, what a disappointing response haha.

  10. nataliana3 Says:

    I do enjoy reading your random blogs Kate! They are really funny but sometimes they make us tjink about different things in life.. so thanks for writing them!

  11. Marleen Says:

    Ha, awesome ‘adventures’! 😉 The reply was a bit disappointing though.. but it was fun(ny) anyways 🙂

  12. Erin Says:

    that is probably the neatest and most random series of events ever.

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