You Oughta Know Series: David Steyn

Most times on our blog it’s all about us. Capital J. Capital K. We know that’s fun and all but we thought we’d start a new thing and feature different friends of ours on our blog. Now…make a mental note, we use the word “friends” loosely….it may be a close friend or it may be an acquaintance or it very well might be someone we don’t know at all but someone that we want to know. Catch our drift? Anyway…we’ll try and tell you guys how we know them or how we heard about them…what they are doing, who they are helping, what they are experiencing or what their passions are…it’s always nice to know what people are up to all around the world.

So, our first person we are featuring in the You Oughta Know Series is our friend David…aka Safari Dave. He is South Africa’s FINEST. We met him in March of 2010 while he was one of our guides on the most amazing safari ever! He spends his days in the middle of the African bushland and has the most incredible wealth of knowledge about EVERY animal, plant, etc. It’s crazy. He is a ton of fun & is ridiculously handsome…it’s really not fair.

Anyway…he has a blog where he shares some of his experiences and photos from his adventures…it is super cool. You should read it (we promise you’ll learn something), follow it, frequent it…it’ll be grand.

So there you have it. Here is a cool pic of Dave in action & apparently the ‘ole j&k were the only ones who got the memo to raise the roof! Haha. We were flipping out that a CHEETAH was right in front of us. That’s right…a freakin’ cheetah.

Thanks for checking out the You Oughta Know Series…there will be much more to come so watch out! Much love.


8 Responses to “You Oughta Know Series: David Steyn”

  1. Mary B. Says:

    I love all the things yall do for us fans!! Yall rock!! Thanks for always keeping us in the “Know” of yalls lives!! : )

  2. carolfritz Says:

    Definitely couldn’t get through this post without singing “you, you, you, you oughta knowww” about 5 times. haha
    Anyway, Dave’s pictures are incredible!!!

  3. Selena Says:

    Nice idea! It should be interesting seeing features on some of your friends, maybe getting to know them more, and possibly, being introduced to some other cool people. I remember you talking about Safari Dave before. What an adventurous life he leads!

  4. Fiorella Says:

    Just read his blog… so freaking amazing 😀

    “He is a ton of fun & is ridiculously handsome…it’s really not fair” … I agree *wink*

  5. Esther Says:

    baie mooie blog!

  6. heinv Says:


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