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Flaskback From Fallon.

October 29, 2011

Words Mean Something

October 26, 2011

Words mean things. But why is it that people sometimes think that they don’t? Ugh. This topic gets me all fired up. We’ve all heard the expression “white lies” and I think everyone is guilty of “stretching the truth” from time to time. But I’m not such a fan of the white lie. Yes, I think that there are appropriate times to not tell the exact truth, i.e. surprise party planning :), protecting someone from physical harm, etc. But other than that, I think people really should tell the truth. I am really not even thinking about the big stuff here–I’m thinking of the nitty gritty, the small stuff. The stupid little details of life that I wish people were more truthful with. I think it would make the world a better place…just saying. Here are a few examples:

In friendship: We are all human, so we are all unkind or not the most thoughtful at times or just downright mean and bitchy . Fact. When we are on either end of these pendulums, we have choices. Let’s say  you were on the end of the friendship where you got your feelings hurt. Regardless of what the situation was…if your feelings were hurt; they were hurt. NO one can argue with YOUR feelings. Doesn’t matter who is “right” or who is in the “wrong” here. They’re your feelings…so if they were hurt…SAY SOMETHING. It doesn’t have to be a big dramatic hour long conversation…it just has to be honest. Simple truth. This is something I have really tried to implement in my friendships…and yes, it can be awkward sometimes. Cause sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to hurt my feelings and so I feel silly saying “Hey…remember that time you said (insert “said” thing here”)…well…that kind of hurt my feelings.” Ugh. No one likes to point that stuff out but it’s SO WORTH IT.

Or let’s say you are on the other side of the pendulum and you are the one handing out the hurt. You may have reasons for being a bitch handing out the hurt, but you have to be able to recognize and speak up. Use your words. There have been plenty of times when I have to go back to a friend or yes…even a total stranger…and say “I’m really sorry for speaking to you that way” or “Hey…I realize what I said could have hurt your feelings, did it?….etc.” Being honest in recognizing your own faults can open up a communication superhighway for avoiding hurt feelings in the future and just better relationships overall.

In dating: Oh man….don’t even get me started on this one. People…if you like someone…TELL THEM. If you love someone…TELL THEM. If you don’t want to date someone anymore…TELL THEM. Yeesh. In my opinion, the worst thing in a relationship is lack of communication. In my dating history the absolute worst experience was when the guy stopped communicating…he didn’t just stop communicating…he fell off the face of the planet. Why do people think that’s a good idea? This is why I like honesty so much. I would rather have them look into my eyes and say, “I thought I liked you but it turns out you are the most annoying person in the world and I don’t want to date you anymore.” I mean, don’t get me wrong…hearing that would suck…but at least I’d know. I’d also be able to do some self-evaluation…i.e. am I really the most annoying person on earth? How can I learn from that experience, etc. If someone just ditches you…you’re left questioning everything. Everything.

In life: If everyone were more honest, we’d second guess less. I hate second guessing. And second guessing someone’s intentions is the worst! Let’s say a someone invites you to dinner and you really just don’t feel like it. Instead of making up something…i.e.lying…just say so. Just say, “Man, I just really don’t feel like doing dinner with you tonight.” Or if someone asks you out on a date and you really aren’t interested say, “I’m not interested.” Ahh…wouldn’t it  be great if when you got a response from someone and you knew they were telling the truth?!?

One of my major pet peeves is when people lie about the little, little stuff–it seriously drives me bananas. Cause seriously, if you’re lying about something insignificant and feeling fine about it…what else are you lying about?

Ahh..okay…my rant is almost over. I am really telling myself all of these things at the same time I type them. I want to always tell the truth. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when it takes longer. Even when it hurts. In my relationships, in my songs, in my relationship with God, in my encounters with total strangers.

Honesty for the win.


*Note: Please in no way read this as me thinking I’m better in some way because I try and practice this. I have not always practiced this…but I’m trying. I have & will often not tell the truth…but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the topic.



October 24, 2011

Friends…today is THE DAY!!! Kelly’s new album “STRONGER” is out today. October 24th. GO BUY IT. Run, don’t walk. You’ll like it. We promise.

We are so, super PROUD.

Let’s play a game…what’s your favorite song on the new album?

See…this will be so fun.

Okay. We’ll start.

Kate: You Love Me

Jill: I have three. Yes, it’s that good: You Love Me, What Doesn’t Kill You, and The Sun Will Rise

Your turn.



October 23, 2011

In case you couldn’t tell from TV…here are closeup visuals of us on DWTS…

Now you know why we spent all day in hair & makeup…

We had to make the pics black&white. Trust us.


(thanks to jason halbert for snapping this pic)

Happy Sunday.


You Oughta Know Series: Weiss Eubanks

October 21, 2011

Our next person to feature is our friend…a Texan native…ladies and gentlemen….drum roll please….

Mr. Weiss Eubanks.

We first met Weiss through his brother Aben (Aben plays guitar for Aben is a part of our fabulous road family that we get to travel with!) Weiss is a jack of all trades…he has a stellar screen printing business &  is a bad-ass photographer/videographer. We’ve known Weiss for a while (he actually printed our j&k t-shirts) but we recently got to spend some quality time with him in South Africa during our trip there earlier this month. He met us over there and was able to capture some amazing photo/video of one of the Houses of Hope we visited. He has the best attitude of anyone around– a great personality to have in a group of people–and he’s funny. He’ll make you laugh and hearing him laugh will make you laugh even more. We are bummed that his wife Genie couldn’t be with us–she’s super cool too. Love them both!

Anyhow…so…everyone needs to go check out his blog:

Bookmark it people. He has posted some photos from the trip & we know you’re gonna love them. His way of capturing people and emotion speaks volumes. Also, check out some of his awesome wedding videos…that one is our favorite 😉 Super cool, super fun.

Okay….until the next YOKS post. We’ll keep keeping you in the know of cool people we know or want to know. For those of you reading this confused about what the YOKS (You Oughta Know Series) is about…click here to read our first edition.



Dancing In Hair & Make-Up

October 20, 2011

So, this picture is why we missed tweet back Tuesday this past week. We were on the set of Dancing With The Stars getting ready to perform with Kelly and after soundcheck we got swept away by production people. First, we went to the hair trailer, then straight to the makeup trailer, then the full dress rehearsal run through of the show…then back to hair cause they wanted to fluff it up some more…and then we got dressed again and had to GO BACK TO MAKEUP so they could touch us up and BRONZE us. Yes, bronze us. So, in the pic above Jill has two people working on her…one on her face, one bronzing her arm and Kate has one lady working on her face and the other bronzing her arm.

Therefore, we were left with zero free time and thought we’d share this fun story with you.

Those people at Dancing With The Stars were a big, ball of energy & fun. And they really, really, really were concerned about how we looked.

Good times.

Off to London BABY!




Song on October 17th, 2011

October 17, 2011

Random Pics From Continents That Start With The Letter “A”

October 16, 2011

We recently got back from a little jaunt around the world…here are some random pics from our travels 🙂



Getting a little boxing done at the gym. Made us miss our old trainer Adam.

A little acoustic rehearsals.


No caption needed.

Backstage pre-show at the NRL Grand Final.


One of the kids actually took this picture. A heart shaped cloud. #Goddoesntjokearound

Early morning drive through a game reserve.

The tranquility of water.

Weiss walking out on the lookout spot.

This was one of the best things we’ve EVER seen. An elephant rolling around in the mud…trying to stand back up. Key word is trying…he had to kick and roll around to make it to standing position. I mean..we’ve all felt like that right?

Again with the water. Beautiful.

Giraffe on the move.

Really we should all live by this 😉

Our feelings exactly.


Really Random Thoughts by Jill.

October 15, 2011

My random thoughts for today.

Still feel awful from that falafel I ate yesterday. Not cool, not cool. But I do enjoy saying “That falafel made me feel awful.” I have totally been over-using that sentence in the past 24 hours. Try it out loud, it’s fun………see?

I tripped big time walking into Bread&Co. today. No, I mean like a big time, legitimate, embarrassing trip…right in front of a long line of customers…who I looked to for a good laugh, but they all just kind of looked at me with pity. Come on people, LAUGH for goodness sake. Tripping is funny and it makes the tripper feel better when someone else is laughing with them.

Something about Bread&Co. stresses me out and I’m not sure what it is. It doesn’t even have anything to do with my awesome tripping incident. It’s like…the ordering/paying system is very confusing and I never know where to stand or who to give my order to or what to do. Therefore, you will not find me in that restaurant very often. (But if you do, and I trip….laugh. Got it?)

We are heading to LA tonight to play on Dancing With The Stars and at the Troubadour with KC next week. Pretty exciting. I’ll admit that I’ve never gotten into Dancing With The Stars except one time. Literally one night last year I watched the season premiere for two straight hours and may have even shed a tear or two. But that’s it. I never had watched it before and I never have since. I don’t know why. Maybe being at the show will make me more intrigued? I’m a horrible dancer. Maybe I’m intimidated.

We spent this past week in the studio working on the new J&K album and I’m super stoked about it. You don’t even know.

I think one of the things I miss most when I am out on the road traveling is driving my car. It feels so weird when you are used to driving every day and then all of a sudden you go a month without driving at all. Sometimes when I get home I just drive around and around because I can.

Did you hear? Peanut butter’s about to get expensive. Yes, that was really a headline.

Whoever stocks the travel sections at Walgreens and Target might hate me because I pretty much clear them out every single time I go in.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched the Sound of Music. Better get on that.

What are you gonna be for Halloween?


One Last Thing…

October 14, 2011

Thanks to PEOPLE magazine we got this idea…

Sure, Katie Holmes is WAY more intersting than we are..she’s all Tom Crusie this, Dawson’s Creek that & cute little Suri keeps following her around everywhere…haha…no really…we aren’t as interesting but thought we’d answer the same questions anyway.

The Last Time I Laughed Out Loud…

Jill: After reading a REALLY hilarious email yesterday. I probably looked crazy.

Kate: The other night at a Mexican restaurant…I was trying to tell a story and COULD NOT get my words straight. Everything came out jumbled and in the wrong order. My friends laughed equally as hard. #jetlag

Last Vacation…

Jill: New Hampshire–took some time to see my family. Live free or die!

Kate: Hawaii–loved it. Love the beach. Love being in the water.

Last Card I Sent…

Jill: My cousin’s birthday card.

Kate: A note to my friend Meghan who I miss & do not get to see enough.

Last Thing I Bought Online…

Jill: I’m not a big online shopper…actually I’m not a big shopper in general. I guess probably the last thing I bought online was music.

Kate: A super-comfy black dress from

Last Show I Watched…

Jill: The New Girl–pretty funny!

Kate: Parenthood–LOVE this show.