One Last Thing…

Thanks to PEOPLE magazine we got this idea…

Sure, Katie Holmes is WAY more intersting than we are..she’s all Tom Crusie this, Dawson’s Creek that & cute little Suri keeps following her around everywhere…haha…no really…we aren’t as interesting but thought we’d answer the same questions anyway.

The Last Time I Laughed Out Loud…

Jill: After reading a REALLY hilarious email yesterday. I probably looked crazy.

Kate: The other night at a Mexican restaurant…I was trying to tell a story and COULD NOT get my words straight. Everything came out jumbled and in the wrong order. My friends laughed equally as hard. #jetlag

Last Vacation…

Jill: New Hampshire–took some time to see my family. Live free or die!

Kate: Hawaii–loved it. Love the beach. Love being in the water.

Last Card I Sent…

Jill: My cousin’s birthday card.

Kate: A note to my friend Meghan who I miss & do not get to see enough.

Last Thing I Bought Online…

Jill: I’m not a big online shopper…actually I’m not a big shopper in general. I guess probably the last thing I bought online was music.

Kate: A super-comfy black dress from

Last Show I Watched…

Jill: The New Girl–pretty funny!

Kate: Parenthood–LOVE this show.

6 Responses to “One Last Thing…”

  1. Selena Says:

    Fun idea! No offense to Katie Holmes, but y’all are WAY more interesting to me! 🙂

    I thought about responding to those same questions, but didn’t know how well I’d remember this early in the morning, and in a rush! I enjoyed seeing yours though.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Thanks people and Katie Holmes great idea!!

  3. Lynne Says:

    I also think your lives are probably just as cool as Katie

  4. random Says:

    This post sparked a random show recommendation: Drop Dead Diva. Such a good show. Take it or leave it – I say take it!

  5. kaylah Says:

    parenthood is the tv love of my life… but makes my heartache for that gilmore girls movie i haven’t given up hope for!

  6. Jaclyn Says:

    Parenthood seriously gets better and better every single week. I’m in love with it….but Haddie’s hair is annoying me this season (that is my shallow comment for the day…ha)…also loving New Girl.

    and lol last vacation…what’s a vacation? 😛

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