Really Random Thoughts by Jill.

My random thoughts for today.

Still feel awful from that falafel I ate yesterday. Not cool, not cool. But I do enjoy saying “That falafel made me feel awful.” I have totally been over-using that sentence in the past 24 hours. Try it out loud, it’s fun………see?

I tripped big time walking into Bread&Co. today. No, I mean like a big time, legitimate, embarrassing trip…right in front of a long line of customers…who I looked to for a good laugh, but they all just kind of looked at me with pity. Come on people, LAUGH for goodness sake. Tripping is funny and it makes the tripper feel better when someone else is laughing with them.

Something about Bread&Co. stresses me out and I’m not sure what it is. It doesn’t even have anything to do with my awesome tripping incident. It’s like…the ordering/paying system is very confusing and I never know where to stand or who to give my order to or what to do. Therefore, you will not find me in that restaurant very often. (But if you do, and I trip….laugh. Got it?)

We are heading to LA tonight to play on Dancing With The Stars and at the Troubadour with KC next week. Pretty exciting. I’ll admit that I’ve never gotten into Dancing With The Stars except one time. Literally one night last year I watched the season premiere for two straight hours and may have even shed a tear or two. But that’s it. I never had watched it before and I never have since. I don’t know why. Maybe being at the show will make me more intrigued? I’m a horrible dancer. Maybe I’m intimidated.

We spent this past week in the studio working on the new J&K album and I’m super stoked about it. You don’t even know.

I think one of the things I miss most when I am out on the road traveling is driving my car. It feels so weird when you are used to driving every day and then all of a sudden you go a month without driving at all. Sometimes when I get home I just drive around and around because I can.

Did you hear? Peanut butter’s about to get expensive. Yes, that was really a headline.

Whoever stocks the travel sections at Walgreens and Target might hate me because I pretty much clear them out every single time I go in.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched the Sound of Music. Better get on that.

What are you gonna be for Halloween?


18 Responses to “Really Random Thoughts by Jill.”

  1. Vanilla Says:

    Got it … but I would of burst out laughing anyhow lol

    I’d stock up now on the peanut butter

    Have fun on dtws I’ve been following it here in the uk as my mum loves the show who’s your favourite ??

  2. kaylah Says:

    the sound of music makes any day better. julie is a legend. i can’t wait to hear your new music…. the basement is a current obesh of mine! hope you feel better.

  3. Ayde Says:

    Did you know that in every pound of peanut butter there are at least 4 rodent hairs and several bugs? That’s what I read anyway =S. Have a safe trip =D and enjoy your next pb&j sandwich!

  4. gypsygies Says:

    I am physically incapable of -not- laughing if someone trips nearby me. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a “should-laugh” social/work situation I can’t help it. It’s FUNNY, dammit. So I would have burst out. Saw that you were OK – but burst out laughing lol. *shrug*

    I’m feeling grateful I’ve never been to a Bread&Co b’c I tend to be easily disoriented in places with different setups…like I feel awkward *not* inherently knowing where to go and what to do.

    And I am right there with you on the car, Jill. Being behind your own wheel is your freedom. FREE. To go where *you* decide to go. right on.

    Thx for sharing.

  5. Esther Says:

    Thanks for being random. Here’s some random rambling back: have been playing dixie chicks most of the day while doing laundry & other household stuff; just found out itunes japan has snippets of Stronger, and my favorite is a bonus track called ‘why don’t you try’; had tiramisu for desert; thanked the Lord that my sons recovered from a nasty flu this week; I’m very very much looking forward to the new J&K album because lots of music these days is “rinse wash repeat”, but yours isn’t; love the song you did in July during the story-telling Stagit show which was dedicated to the HoH. can’t remember the title, something with ‘cry’; wishing you well after the falafel thing; the pursuit of happiness is on TV now…..after that time to walk our dog & go to sleep.

    Have fun in LA!

  6. Selena Says:

    Well, β€œThat falafel made me feel awful.” makes for a fun pun, but not a fun experience, I’m sure. Sorry it didn’t agree with you.

    As for the tumble you took at Bread&Co., I wouldn’t be inclined to laugh at someone’s expense, and I probably wouldn’t be calling attention to the trip by looking at the tripee with pity, and making them feel more awkward about it. However, if it makes you feel any better… HAHA! πŸ˜›

    I don’t watch DWTS either, but obviously, I want to catch the KC performance!

    I don’t really have the luxury to drive just to be driving, but one of my favorite things is being behind the wheel for a solo drive and good sing-a-long. There’s just something liberating about the open road and awesome tunes!

    I have heard about the peanut butter price hike, but I’m not a PB fan, which is seemingly rare, as others seem to really like the stuff.

  7. Whitney Says:

    I would hope someone at least had the decency to ask if you were okay! I would probably do one of those Laugh/Don’t Laugh things if I saw that. Depends how epic the trip was πŸ™‚

    I don’t watch DWTS much either, it usually interferes with my other shows. Also, I can’t dance and seeing some of these fancy dances just reminds me of that fact.

    Serious bummer about peanut butter, it’s the only way I can get my dog to eat his pills haha Oh well.

    I have yet to see Sound of Music in it’s entirety, so I guess I should get on that too.

  8. Amanda Says:

    A Smurf, more specifically Smurfette is my big time costume this year. Also recycling my pirate wench costume from last year for some bar hopping fun, and probably going to end up being a “nerd” for a party or two because its cheap and easy. Yup!

  9. jenbug1988 Says:

    I always laugh if someone trips and then feel bad for it. I recently tripped when I went to blackpool but I tripped with a force, on a ride called Valhalla (Google it, so much fun) and it’s a boat ride that keeps going at the end as you try and get out, well I have high top trainers/sneakers on and the tongue gets caught on the boat and of course the shoes are on tight for fear of them falling off on other rides….so I promptly trip, crash down to the floor on my knee and bounce up as quick as I can, I did also hit my head on a post, smooth right? Luckily I had my 3 Senior Section girlies with me and I knew they’d laugh and make fun of me so it made it feel ok. although the pain still a week on is not so funny eeep.

    Sucks about peanut butter hope it won’t be too expensive, it is a little bit of an obsession for me!

    Not a clue what I will be for halloween, I recently purchased a Merlotte’s bar t-shirt while in the USA so might add an apron to it, some fangs blood etc and be a vampire waitress True blood style lol I will be in work anyway and we’re all encouraged to dress up for halloween.

  10. ElenaFR Says:

    Enjoyed reading your random thoughts. Thank You for sharing.

    I’m not a huge fan of DWTS but I do love me some Maxim. Try to get a picture of him with his shirt off πŸ˜‰

    Why is PB going up? Will stock up. Organic crunchy is on sale at Randalls this week.

    We are doing a family theme for Halloween. My 7 year old will be Rapunzel with long blond hair, my 5 year old will be Rapunzel when her hair is cut, I will be Mother Gothel and my husband will be one of the silly goons.

  11. Cassie Says:

    Haha great blog Jill! I always enjoy reading a bunch of mamble jamble randomness because it makes me feel less of a nerd for always being so random too lol

    And thanks for mentioning the peanut butter thing bc if my cousin didn’t tell me yesterday I’d have never known. I gotta stock up though I eat that like its nothin haha

    Not sure what I’m gonna be for Halloween yet how about you? Hope yall go all out! Lol

    Glad you’re doing well Jill! And by the way I totally would have laughed if I had seen you trip haha always entertainment. Did you at least laugh at yourself? Cuz that always makes me fewl better too esp if no one laughs at me haha

  12. ashleyarrison Says:

    Co-sign on the Bread&Co awkward payment sitch. Parking no bueno, too.

  13. Kiri Nelson Says:

    I wanted to be sumo wrestler, then there’s a cow or tinkerbell or the devil ( hmm catholic school wouldnt approve) What are you and Kate gonna be or do you still need ideas

  14. Kiri Nelson Says:

    I was telling my sister we could go as you guys, or Ashley and Aben or something we could be together Or a gutair and a pick πŸ™‚ I pod an headphones.

  15. Lauren M. Says:

    Love the randomness! I once fell at a doctor’s office while going with a friend. She told me to hold her purse and said “It’s heavy” and then boom…I tripped and fell forward! It hurt, she laughed…I told the nurse and my friend that I was ok but really I wasn’t cause that hurt! lol I bruise easily. I laugh now cause it was funny. I blame her purse. lol

    I look forward to hearing the J&K album, so excited! Am excited about KC and her album and all the promo. I am taking a vacation the week her album comes out so, i’m extra excited! Smart, huh?

  16. Jaclyn Says:

    I had to google what a falafel was…it didn’t look very appetizing :-X

    Also, I’ve never seen an episode of DWTS…but I think we know which episode will be my first πŸ˜‰

    I’m super stoked for the new J&K album.

    As for Halloween, I’m going the cheap route…I’m going to make a paper pepper and tape it onto my lab coat and go as “Dr. Pepper” hehe.

  17. Erin Says:

    I just saw Matt Nathanson. That boy dances pretty well. It’s kind of Shakira meets Michael Jackson. That would be a weird baby.
    I tripped on the way into the concert. Everyone laughed. I find it weird when people don’t laugh. They’re too uptight.
    If the price of peanut butter is going up, does that mean peanut butter cups will be more expensive? That would be a tragedy…and a half.
    My grandma watches Dancing With The Stars. She’s pretty awesome so the show can’t be that terrible. Plus some of the boy dancers are attractive…and ripped. A mighty combo.
    Julie Andrews kicks major booty.
    While driving in your car you should probably listen to the Sound of Music soundtrack while eating peanut butter. That sounds like good times.

  18. Maggie Says:

    Loved the randomness! πŸ™‚

    I’m going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween!

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