Friends…today is THE DAY!!! Kelly’s new album “STRONGER” is out today. October 24th. GO BUY IT. Run, don’t walk. You’ll like it. We promise.

We are so, super PROUD.

Let’s play a game…what’s your favorite song on the new album?

See…this will be so fun.

Okay. We’ll start.

Kate: You Love Me

Jill: I have three. Yes, it’s that good: You Love Me, What Doesn’t Kill You, and The Sun Will Rise

Your turn.


93 Responses to “STRONGER”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m with Kate on this one. You love me is my favorite but I really love Dark side and You can’t win. Dang I just love all of it!!

  2. Pam Says:


    My favorites are Dark Side and What Doesn’t Kill You.

  3. Deborah Burgmeijer from Holland!!! Says:

    I have 3 too,,What Doesnt Kill You (Stronger),I forgive you,You can’t win!<3 It was a hard pick,i love the entire album.Got it in the mail on friday,ive been playing it a LOT already.:)

  4. Julio Says:

    You Love Me, Honestly, The War is Over, Alone, Dark Side

    …is that too many?

  5. jpalmatier Says:

    Anything but Einstein ๐Ÿ™‚ I really dig you love me and the sun will rise though.

  6. aโ„“โ„“ison gโ„“apa (@allisonlynn0122) Says:

    Standing in Front of You!

  7. Catherine Says:

    I love Dark Side!

  8. Louise Says:

    i have a few too! Dark Side, What Doesn’t Kill You, The Sun Will Rise and You Love Me

  9. Martin Molnรกr Says:

    Why Donยดt You Try is superone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Carolline Says:

    Honestly,Standing in front of you,You Love Me,Dark Side.

  11. Jessica Says:

    Dark Side!!

  12. Anakellya Says:

    I also have 3!
    You Can’t Win, The Sun Will Rise & I Forgive You!
    although they all freakin rock!! SUCH a good album! like crazy super freakin fantastic!!!
    please come back to the UK soon girls and tour! miss ya, love ya (: xoxo

  13. Amanda B Says:

    The soulfulness and feeling pouring out of Why Don’t You Try is killing me right now.

    So. Good.

  14. Jaclyn Says:

    Honestly , Hello, You Love Me, and The War is Over….in that order…for now ๐Ÿ˜€ And I love how Dark Side starts off with that almost eerie music box sound โค

    • Jaclyn Says:

      Oh shoot, I forgot to add Standing in Front of You….that’s five favorites…I mean really though I could list the whole album, so…

  15. CourtneyLace Says:

    You love me, honestly, the war is over, dark side!!!!! Oh and YOU CAN’T WIN! love it!…. You know… I like them all! I thought darkside was AMAZING live at the troubadour though so I think that’s gunna be my favorite on tour!

  16. Chriz the Sparky One (@SparkyChriz) Says:

    Honestly, Dark Side, What Doesn’t Kill You!

  17. Emily Burhoe (@Emily_Burhoe) Says:

    Ahh.. so hard to pick i’m going to pick a couple Why don’t you try (deluxe), you love me and what doesn’t kill you (stronger) probably my top favs but seriously all are good!!!!:)

  18. Astrid Says:

    What doesn’t kill you, Mr. know it all, Dark side and You canยดt win. THIS ALBUM IS GREAT!!!

  19. ElenaFR Says:

    Mine is a tie between Darkside and You Love me. I also love The sun Will Rise from the Smoakstack sessions. So good.

  20. Danielle Says:

    I have 18 favourites but I’ll pick ‘The Sun Will Rise, Hello, & You can’t Win as the stand outs so far!!!!

  21. Vanilla Says:

    Snap jill !!!!

    The whole album is awesome KC and everyone who’s worked on it has done an amazing job !!! And it just gets me excited for the tour

  22. Penny Says:

    Brought the album whilst sat at work today and SO glad i did ๐Ÿ™‚ never been disapointed yet by Kellys albums. So far my fave is I Forgive You, very relevent for my current world and an epic sing along tune!! So whens the tour coming to the UK? ๐Ÿ˜‰ will be the 3rd time seeing you all and this time i have a list of names wanting to come along to! Xx

  23. elainesnowden Says:

    I downloaded it from iTunes on Friday morning (midnight haha) and ran to a HMV store and bought a physical copy at 9am ๐Ÿ™‚ Just waiting for the Smokestack Sessions EP to arrive and my collection will be complete.

    Fav’ tracks at the moment are ‘Standing In Front of You’ and ‘Alone’.

  24. Tina Says:

    Aloooooooooooooooooooooooone but they’re all perfection!!!

  25. Jenny Says:

    I have three too. The Sun Will Rise, Standing In Front of You and The War Is Over. (I’m gonna change my mind the second I post this comment, soooo hard to choose! They’re all sooo GOOD!!)

  26. allie Says:

    Breaking Your Own Heart ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. allison Says:

    What Doesn’t Kill You, Darkside, Eistein, Let Me Down, Standing in Front of You (OK! The whole thing!! Gosh!)

  28. Emily Says:

    Einstein!!!… Closely followed by The War is Over โค or all of them…. X

  29. jasper Says:

    1. Breaking your own heart
    2. Dark side
    3 I forgive you

    Honorable mention
    Don’t be a girl about it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Gotta love it!

  30. Jodi (@StephanieIrvine) Says:

    Has to be What Doesn’t Kill You, I Forgive You and The War is Over. It’s not easy just picking one, you CAN’T.

  31. Katie Says:

    i have a few….you love me, you can’t win, i forgive you, and what doesn’t kill you ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Erin Says:

    So hard to pick just a few favs but I also LOVE ‘You love me’. Im actually listening to it this very moment! I dare anyone to listen to it while being completely still. HaHa. Close second is ‘Honestly’. The lyrics to this song are totally how I feel about life. I have come to realize not everyone is going to be your biggest fan In real life and thats fine but just dont BS me. Tell me how you feel. And of course KC sings it with amazing vulnerability.

  33. Selena Says:

    I downloaded from iTunes (standard) and pre-ordered Stronger Deluxe CD + The Smoakstack Sessions EP from the official site!

    Oh, how can I choose amongst all those great KC tracks?! Actually, I haven’t heard them all yet, since my package hasn’t arrived yet. Based on what I’ve listened to, so far, it *might* be You Love Me and You Can’t Win.

    Well, by you two revealing your favorite(s), you’ve already addressed what I was going to ask for TBT, if it happened!

    • Selena Says:

      And, see I’ve already been thinking I should’ve included some others too, like Dark Side and Let Me Down. It’s too tough to pick for sure, and as I mentioned, there’s still more in store for me!

  34. jennifer slewoski (@morganax31) Says:

    to be honest, this whole album is so solid from beginning to end. this will be one where my favorites will constantly change. can’t wait to hear em on tour!!

  35. Erin Says:

    I hate picking favorites because they usually change like every time I listen to an album where I truly like every song but right now I would say Breaking Your Own Heart and Standing In Front of You!

  36. T Says:

    What Doesn’t Kill You, Let Me Down and The War Is Over

  37. Gemma Says:

    You can’t win is my favorite!!!! But whole album is brilliant!!!!!

  38. Amber Hobson Says:

    This is so hard, but I would choose What Doesnโ€™t Kill You, and Darkside as of right now, I’m sure my answer will change so many times!

  39. ck Says:

    the war is over. you love me. and honestly. but i can’t get over how amazing the whole album is ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. heinv Says:

    I love it, cool song. Jill and you are still better songwriters by far. h

  41. Lynne Says:

    You love me, darkside, what doesn’t kill you

  42. Nicole Says:

    You love me and the war is over! But seriously wen has there been an album in the last year that has been this spectacular from start to finish??? I’m obsessed!

  43. anita Says:

    Dark Side….it’s awesome.

  44. Ali Says:

    Can’t get enough of Honestly & The War is Over. The whole album is awesome, can’t wait for a tour.

  45. nataliana3 Says:

    Honestly! Honestly! Honestly! I looove this song! And Alone And You Love Me;)

  46. Miriam Says:

    Y’all, this album is amazing! Seriously, picking a favorite is near impossible! So, first impression faves: You Love Me, Dark Side, I Forgive You and The War Is Over.

    But really, our girl, sounds fantastic! And I cannot wait to hear y’all live with this new material. Stronger tour, the best yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Camille Says:

    i have a lot of favorites… i love this whole album but my top 7 not in any order are
    I Forgive You, You Love Me, The War Is Over, Let Me Down You Can’t Win, The Sun Will Rise, and Don’t Be a Girl About It

  48. Annette L. Says:

    Love every song in this album, but if i had to chose, my top favorites would be:

    Mr. Know It All, What Doesn’t Kill You, Dark Side, You Love Me, The War Is Over and The Sun Will Rise.

    Yes! Is that good. This album was So worth the wait. โ™ฅ

  49. Aurelia Pilate (@AurelP85) Says:

    My fav one is ” Standing in front of you ” … but i have to say all the song on this CD are totally awesome !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Aurelia Pilate (@AurelP85) Says:

    oh i forgot dark side ha .. stupid me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  51. Danielle Pope Says:

    First time through… My favorite is Einstein. So what if I like all the math references. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. chicky24 Says:

    i dont have mine yet! just ordered it offline, so im waiting, which was stupid cuz of the suspense!!!
    but of the songs kelly has leaked herself! (ive been good)
    i absolutely adore “darkside: and you love me is great!!

    cant wait for the album!

  53. Danielle Pope Says:

    Okay, so I’d also like to add The Sun Will Rise and Breaking Your Own Heart. MAKE A FREAKING COUNTRY ALBUM! Doo you guys have any pull? haha

  54. Miranda Says:

    So hard! Really love You Love Me and Breaking Your Own Heart. Oh, and I Forgive You. All of the songs are amazing.

  55. Debzah Says:

    I’m so loving “You love me” but I’m also obsessed with “Honestly”… This album is amazing!!

  56. Lynne Says:

    I forgot I lovvvveee u can’t win!!

  57. Boston_Holly Says:

    My favorites are You Love Me and Let Me Down. For ballads, I’m totally digging Standing in Front of You. This album has been on repeat all day! Congrats to everyone who contributed to this album!

  58. shelby Says:

    my pre ordered copy hasn’t arrived yet, so i couldn’t tell ya ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  59. Casey T. (@musicaddict009) Says:

    i have to say that i’m proud of you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ its an amazing album!

    picking a favorite is so hard!

    Let Me Down is my queen latifah head bob song. i can get into it a lot!

    The war is over is the song i think i relate to the most

    and You Love me is a favorite too

    but i love them all!

  60. Kathy H Says:

    So hard to chose. But I have to go with What Doesn’t Kill You. Can’t get it out of my head. Plus love the sassy-ness of Don’t Be a Girl About it.

  61. marcus Says:

    The waaar is overrr

  62. Gary Says:

    “I Know You Won’t”, oh wait………haha.

    1. “You Love Me”
    2. “Hello”
    3. “Standing In Front Of You”….why does this song remind me of The Carpenters? Maybe, I’m crazy?

    Kelly must be very happy with the album! Pop perfection.
    You all should have a fun time touring.

    Looking forward to your album, also.

  63. Ayde Says:

    The whole thing is ahhmazing!!! Kelly could sing the McDonald’s menu, and I would love it!!!

  64. Kim Says:

    You Love Me and The War Is Over. Breaking Your Own Heart should be mentioned too.

  65. Jenny Says:

    I am listening to it now.. I love it! She sounds absolutely amazing!! Im not sure about favorites yet.. I like them all!! Right now The Sun Will Rise is on, awesome!! The Dark Side is another great one!! You Love Me is great too. So I guess they are my favorites so far!! It is a great CD!! I love her and I love the two of you!!!!!! Can’t wait for the tour to start!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Lee Says:

    Yeah!!! Here’s mine: Dark Side, You Love Me and Stronger. ๐Ÿ˜€

  67. myriam Says:

    I saw Kelly and you all at the Troubadour show and loooved Dark Side. I also love The Sun Will Rise and Breaking Your Own Heart.

  68. Amy-Jo Lange (@AmyJoLayla) Says:

    Dark Side and Honestly. I think that there should be a remix of Dark Side-it would be amazing! and Honestly should be a single, I love it!!!!

  69. Marissa Hunsberger Says:

    Such a great album! I love “The Sun Will Rise” but really the whole thing is pretty amazing!

  70. Blythe Hall Says:

    Alone and Don’t Be A Girl About it ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. JustLeftMyHeart Says:

    I’m just so in love with I Forgive You & You Can’t Win. But love every single one!!

  72. Joanne Hutton Says:

    the sun will rise!:)

  73. cassieleetx Says:

    My top 3:

    1. The War Is Over.

    –> favorite line: “Now you wish you really had known me.. All I have to say is that you don’t deserve me, you don’t deserve me. I’m finally walking away, cuz you only hurt me.. And you’re not worthy.”

    * i love the message behind this song favorite line: “You said I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough.. but what you really mean is you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough.”

    (took me a long time to realize that it’s not me who isn’t good enough, it’s the ones who say I’m not that aren’t.. and this song opened my eyes more to that concept. This is why I love her music).

    3. Standing In Front Of You

    –> favorite line: The chorus is by far my favorite part of the song but this line is simply the truth..

    Watching the rain today, even though it’s clear and sunny
    And you fight it so hard, how to tell if it’s real or not.

    this one definitely suites my life right now. this song is beautifully written and her vocals are so sincere. absolutely love it.

    definitely hard to pick the top 3 because theres a few others that are right up there for me. sheesh. haha

  74. Kiri Nelson Says:

    My fav songs are What doesn’t kill you (Stronger), the sun will rise, Einstin, alone, standing on front of you, and Dark side.

  75. Lauren M. Says:

    My favorite songs are What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) ,The Sun Will Rise,Darkside, The War is Over there might be more…It’s a great album!

  76. Victor Says:

    You Love Me is my fav. Darkside and Standing In front of You are also good.

  77. Esther W. Says:

    Today’s top 5 for me:
    1. Why don’t you try. Holy Guacamole. Thank God for this song. And Eric H. for writing. And KC for singing her socks off. Heartwrenching ridiculously good.
    2. Dark side….
    3. What doesn’t kill you (Stronger)….I love jumping around in the living room on this one.
    4. The Bonnie Raitt cover on the EP…KC nails it for me, and I love Bonnie Raitt.
    5. Honestly

    Just wondering how on earth she hits those high notes….

    Wish you & your KC road family a wonderful touring year. Take care & enjoy.

  78. dontchawannadream Says:

    HARD question… I love all the songs. But (as I’m extremely cool) I’m gonna answer your question. Ahah

    My favorite songs are:
    “You Love Me”,
    “Let Me Down”,
    “You Can’t Win”,
    “The War Is Over”… and “The Sun Will Rise”.

    Excellent album. So excited to finally have it on my iPod. ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Esther Says:

    My top 5 for today:

    1. Why don’t you try….my permanent nr 1…..Amazing with the capital A.
    2. Dark side
    3. What doesn’t kill you (Stronger)
    4. I can’t make you love me (Bonnie Raitt)
    5. Honestly

    (my previous post didn’t get through moderation…apologies…I didn’t mean to be offensive….just wanted to say I really really really like these songs)

    I wish you and your KC road family a great tour. Take care & enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Amanda Says:

    Oh! I just saw this now, but it makes me super, super happy that your favorite songs are mine also! I absolutely adore You Love Me. Legit have had it stuck in my head for the past few days. It’s funny too because I can totally, like, workout in my head where your backup vocals will be for the live version. Life of a JillandKate fan: I pretend I sing backup for Kelly too. Whoop! Haha. I’m like harmonizing and stuff. It’s been beautiful – my neighbors love it. Really.

  81. J.D. (@jdell52) Says:

    I love the whole album! It is seriously awesome. I can’t pick a favorite yet, but I’ll give you a top 5 of the moment lol. You Love Me, Hello, What Doesn’t Kill You, You Can’t Win, and Standing In Front Of You. ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Dan Says:

    “Honestly”, “The Sun Will Rise”, “Breaking Your Own Heart”… I too love the whole album but those three songs are amazing.

  83. Karen Van Der Merwe Says:

    I love them all, so it’s difficult to choose, but ‘Don’t be a girl about it’ is my favorite because it’s the first song I’ve found that perfectly sums up my ex. ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Megan Carolin Says:

    dark side, honestly, the sun will rise, you love me., what doesn’t kill you, why don’t you try…I could keep going.

    HEY. Got a request. On tour…during “you love me” when she sings the “you can’t handle this” part…can you guys please make it a mashup and one of you sing “kelly, can you handle this” and then break into i dont think you’re ready for this jelly. it would be pretty awesome.

  85. hopecarney Says:

    I’m loving Einstein and Honestly at the minute ๐Ÿ˜€

    This album (and the bonus EP) are amazing. I cant believe i’ve lived without these songs.

    Kelly’s music is the soundtrack to my life ! I cant wait to see these songs performed live ๐Ÿ˜€

  86. Kristina Says:

    Okay I’m so behind on this bandwagon! I’m just catching up on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    I *did*, however, buy the album on Oct.24th- hardcopy and digital! I am with Jill… Stronger is wayyy too good to choose one favourite!

    Top 3: The War Is Over, What Doesn’t Kill You, Let Me Down

    (But seriously, I’m pretty much in love with the entire thing. Even “Einstein” which you have to laugh at a little but it’s so damn catchy and musically brilliant)

  87. Becky Says:

    Ya, like everyone says – cant pick 1 favourite.. but the ones that rise to the top are: You Love Me, What Doesnt Kill You, Let Me Down. On the Smoakstack Sessions EP, the repeat button is set on the “If I Cant Have You”… SOOOOO brilliant and just an awesome deviation from the original one that was All I Ever Wanted!
    Whats your fave song from the Smoakstack Sessions??

  88. Britt Says:

    it took me a long time to answer this and I still don’t know.. Cause I really, honestly think the whole album is just soooo perfect!

    I like each and every damn song on this amazing album!

    Can’t wait for yours, girls!


  89. S Says:

    don’t be a girl about it !!
    breaking your own heart aaaww

  90. henning Says:

    Why Don’t You Try
    War Is Over

    Plus, Smoakstack Sessions is totally awesome. I love this version of If I Can’t Have You and the Bonnie Raitt cover.
    And You Love Me on this EP might be the best production of a Kelly Clarkson song released so far, imho.

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