OH SNAP…New Song on November 17th :)


You’re alone now
So am I
Are you happy
Leading our separate lives
You said we’d be happier
You lied
Cause I’ve never felt more like
I could cry

All the time
All the time
All the time

You were perfect
Next to me
We were lovers
Now we’re casualties
Said I was over you
I lied
Cause I still catch you running Through my mind

All the time
All the time
All the time

I don’t wanna see you
I don’t wanna feel you
I don’t wanna need you
I don’t wanna love you

All the time
All the time
All the time

(c) JillandKate, 2011.

23 Responses to “OH SNAP…New Song on November 17th :)”

  1. Carolline Says:

    Amazing!!! You are awesome 🙂 love you guys.

  2. jennydoss Says:

    Wow! Love it! Great lyrics and melody! Worth the wait for sure.

  3. Lynne Says:

    OMG I Love!!! One of my Favorites to date! or until the next 17th 😉

  4. Miriam Says:

    Y’all killed me with this one! Seriously, I felt it..and I might have teared up a little! Not sure why I felt like sharing that, but oh well.

    Y’all rock! Safe travels! 🙂

  5. risty Says:

    Awesome song! 🙂 Hope’s on the new album.

  6. Lynda Benzie Says:

    Love the song, another awesome song by you guys.

  7. jessies crawlspace Says:

    LOVE THIS!!!
    you guys did soo well!
    lyrics are brilliant as always!

    missed you guys! cant wait for 31 days of blogging 😀

  8. Selena Says:

    Song on the 17th on the 30th…close enough! 😉 Y’all have been really busy lately, so it’s understandable that you missed the deadline. Well, I’m pleased to accept what you’ve offered up! All The Time is nice and sad, and the emotion was captured well in your delivery. Good job, of course!

    Hmm…in a way has felt like November has been a long month, but then again, December seems to be coming soon. Well, I guess I’ll be hearing from you two a lot! 🙂

  9. Kari Marie Says:

    LOVE it…. when can we expect a Song on the 17th volume 2 🙂

  10. Elle Says:


  11. Lauren M. Says:

    Loved it! Great job ladies:) Looking forward to the 31 days of blogging!

  12. Kim Says:

    Yay!!! I kept looking daily for this since the 17th.

  13. Ellyce Says:

    Awesomeness… My fav of y’alls in a while

  14. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Nice early kick-off to 31 Days of Blogging. Dusting my blogging fingers off and taking them for a little spin here to make sure everything is in order for the marathon. Eating plenty of finger foods tonight (like carbs, but for the fingers). I’m so excited. LOL

    All the Time is so simple, pretty, and yes, even sweet. Must be nice to just create from nothing, musically. This morning there was no song, and tonight there is a song. There you go.

    I like the third “all the time” in the chorus, when you are expecting a bit of a belt and instead get a really sad and quiet and abrupt little cry of a defeated ending… all the *time*. “Aww — please don’t give up, person singing this song! I’ll come love you instead of that bastard/bastardette and make you forget about him/her in a heartbeat!” LOL Okay, just going by what was most memorable on the first pass through — amazing the feelings one sad little note in the right place at the right time can conjer up.

    Okay, all systems go with the blogging fingers. Check.

  15. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Oh, the freakishly long arm? Yup, you said what I was thinking and then I LMFAO.

  16. Erin Says:

    So pretty 🙂

  17. Holly McCarthy Says:

    Great song! I really hope you are able to do some side shows while your on tour this winter! I would definitely come to them & would live to hear your music live! It’s awesome!

  18. Alison Says:

    If waitingngivesmus songs like this then I’m Ok with that.

    I really hope this is on the new album!!

  19. Tina Says:

    My goodness girls, how how how? Somehow the lyrics of the songs y’all post always fits my life perfectly. I love these lyrics, how painful and true they may be. But we need songs like that.

    I LOVE this song. It’s definitely one of my faves and worth the wait! Thank you 😀

  20. myriam Says:

    Really, really, love it!! One of my favorites. 🙂

  21. Kevin M. Conley Says:

    see you jan 24th and maybe the 26th!

  22. randy Says:

    nice song thanks

  23. Samantha Ridgway (@babyridge116) Says:

    Girls, that was absolutely AMAZING.

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