5 Things To Do…

If you feel so inclined…

1. Drink More Coffee (try this new creamer our friend Jenny told us about “Natural Bliss“…yum)

2. Watch Revenge (my favorite show on TV right now…if you haven’t seen it, go download all the episodes! It really gets you thinking about revenge, retaliation, forgiveness, etc.)

3. Listen to this song and tell me it’s not awesome:

4. Read The Hunger Games. (Give into the masses. It’s good. I just read the first book in 2 days and am onto the second.)

5. Forgive someone you’re holding a grudge against. (“It’s hard to give, it’s hard to get, but everybody needs a little forgiveness.” -Patty Griffin)

This is all optional. I’m not trying to tell you what to do! Haha. As always, returned suggestions are welcomed. What should we do?


22 Responses to “5 Things To Do…”

  1. Adrea Says:

    Tell ya what Jill I’ll watch Revenge if you watch Once Upon A Time (its from two of the writers of Lost)

  2. Danielle Pope Says:

    It’s a shame Country Strong wasn’t good. Revenge, on 2nd other hand, is very good and I’m really excited for tonight’s episode.

    I’m recommending you come to a Nashville Predators game this season. I know someone who can get you tickets. 😉

  3. Jamie Says:

    It is snowing in PA. So ride a sled 🙂

  4. Louise Says:

    Remember a friend that used to be really special your life that you may have not spoken to in a while and send them some love! I love doing this and I’m going to try out forgiving someone.

  5. jumpanyway Says:

    You should buy these hand painted holiday cards. They’re for charity. And they look good. And you’ll win extra points with every single person you send them to. win-win-win, really.


  6. jenbug1988 Says:

    The hunger games = AMAZING! I am on the last few pages of the 3rd book. I hadn’t even heard of them until this summer when my campers I was looking after convinced me to read them. ❤

    Never heard of revenge though I will check it out.

  7. Kristin H. (@Sundancer24) Says:


    You can never get enough coffee!! And that song is pretty good!
    I’ve heard the Hunger Games is good..Just haven’t had the time to read.. 😦

  8. ElenaFR Says:

    Hunger Games is awesome. Flew threw the first book in one day. Two was also very good. Working my way through book 3. I’m always up for a good dystopia trilogy.

    Coffee is always great.

  9. Selena Says:

    I sort of feel like I’m failing at this blog entry. :/ I don’t drink coffee, I’ve heard of Revenge and know that “The Hunger Games” is supposed to be a big deal now, but haven’t watched or read either one. First time listening to that song…not too shabby! Um…I am forgiving though! And, definitely like the song, “I Forgive You!” 😉

    Y’all should buy One Tree Hill season 8 on DVD. As far as I know, it’s released on December 20th! Great Christmas gift! 🙂

  10. Miriam Says:

    Well, I’m batting 1.000. It’s winter so clearly coffee is running my life. I flove Revenge! It’s super addicting. I really liked Country Strong (cause I ❤ Nash? Possibly.) Hunger Games is an awesome read. Seriously. Wait until Catching Fire ends and you start Mockingjay. You won't be able to put it down! And Katniss is such kickbutt character.

    Suggestions : try something new, a new restaurant, something you've always. wondered. Go check out Michael Buble 's Christmas album.

  11. Kiri Says:

    Dear Jill
    Oh my gosh I love coffee and the song you reccomended. It was a beautiful song. So have you seen twilight breaking dawn part one yet? Also I think you should have Tim Hortons candy cane hot chocolate and candy cane doughnut next time your in Canada. Also keep rocking. Ps could you give me a shout out on twitter for my friends 18th birthday, also on some pictures I’m gonna upload. I just wanna know what you think. Please
    Love Kiri
    Ps http://www.twitter.com/addicted2greys1

  12. TaRee Says:

    Replace coffee w/tea and I have done 4 of the 5 things, some of them just today! Have been obsessed with Revenge as well, picked up a copy of Hunger Games from the library, already had Give In To Me downloaded, currently working on the forgiveness option! Seriously get out of my brain!!!

  13. Kristina Says:

    Check out Shades Of Grey by Jasper Ffforde. Great book….I couldn’t put it down, which is saying a lot coming from me.

    Shades of Grey 1: The Road to High Saffron (simply titled Shades of Grey originally) is a dystopian novel, the first in the “Shades of Grey” series by novelist Jasper Fforde. The story takes place in Chromatacia, an alternate version of the United Kingdom wherein social class is determined by one’s ability to perceive colour.

  14. Kristina Says:

    Oh and The Five People You Meet In Heaven, By Mitch Albom. I’ve passed this book on to at least a dozen people and all have love it as well. It’ll have you smiling and crying at the same time…..gotta love that lol.

  15. kaylah Says:

    why didn’t i know blair walforf can sing?!!?!? i may have recently watched all 5 seasons of gossip girl so far in the past month. it’s like one tree hill meets sex and the city. love.

  16. jessies crawlspace Says:

    give into me is my fav song from that movie! Garrett is SOO HOT!
    im gonna check out revenge
    you should watch greys anatomy cuz its awesome lol
    or Pan Am or How i met your mother 😛

  17. tiffanylynn444 Says:

    Have been LOVE, LOVE, LOVING that song since the movie came out. Not only are you girls awesome, you have great taste!

  18. tiffanylynn444 Says:

    Forgot to add that the Hunger Games series is AWESOME (and you should try the book Divergent by Veronica Roth if you loved the Hunger Games trilogy) and totally loving Revenge too. Like I said, great taste.

  19. H. Nicole Young Says:

    1) How about just a squirt of coffee in a big ol cup of that creamer instead. That’s more my style. Reminds me of visiting a friend’s house when I was a kid, and his mom, who only served her kids nonfat milk (gawd, those poor kids, now that I think about it, LOL), knew I came from a family of whole milk drinkers (or 2% at the very least), which she did not have that morning, so I’m not sure (in hindsight) exactly what she did, but I’m guessing she opened a can of evaporated milk (something creamy and sweet) and poured it on some Captain Crunch cereal for me. Anyway, I don’t think I have ever had anything more delicious in my life! Why have I never repeated this or at least attempted to repeat this? I am going on pure memory alone, buried deep in the recesses of my mind from decades ago, so that must of have been one seriously delicious bowl of cereal to pop out of nowhere like this. LOL So random. There is a 24 hr. Safeway down the street (gawd bless 24 hr. anything, btw), and I am thinking I just might go try that this very second. LOL (Okay, so, I was worried when I started writing that I didn’t have anything to suggest for you to do, and there it is — evaporated milk on Captain Crunch.

    2) Watch Revenge (check). I found out that the first nine episodes are available at Hulu.com until January 5, and I started the pilot all the way to the part where that guy had a heart attack after sleeping with that woman who wasn’t Madeleine Stowe, which all seemed interesting enough. We’ll see. I think the last TV series I got hooked on and watched practically nonstop from beginning to end on YouTube (come on, people, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about) was Reba, and that was almost three years ago. Damn. And I love TV, too (despite not owning one for the last nine years), so whatever it is that has kept me so entertained all this time must be pretty darn entertaining. I kind of look forward to being a little old lady left alone and forgotten to die somewhere in a convelescent home — just as long as this place had Hulu.com, so I’d have all the time in the world to do nothing but catch up on the 500 different TV series I know I would love but never had a chance to watch over this all-too-short lifetime, for one reason or another. 🙂

    3) Listen to Give In to Me (check) and tell you it’s not awesome (now whyyy would you want me to do that when it’s totally awesome??? Sometimes you just confuse me, Jill. :)) In fact, I’m thinking of serenading my hottie hot hottie with this song this very instant, but just to be safe (since I’m not sure how it would be received), I think I’ll stick with sending this vibe telepathically for now. Let you know how it works out…

    4) Read The Hunger Games (half-check). Submitted a request for it at the San Francisco Public Library, and I am taking it as a bad sign that the message back to me said, “Thank you. Your request has been processed. This request is no longer valid if we are unable to fulfill it in one year.” Eek!

  20. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Can’t believe I actually reached some kind of length limit here with my comment so I have to continue in another post. LOL. Never done that before (at least not here — I always do it everywhere I post a comment, eventually), so there’s another thing for you to try, Jill — go to somebody’s blog and just ramble on and on in a comment for them until you reach the length limit. LOL

    Okay, as I was saying before I was soooo *rudely* interupted by yet another length limit (btw, fyi, what happens when you reach the length limit here is your cursor keeps jumping to a place about five lines up whenever you try to type something — just call me the Christopher Columbus of discovering the different kinds of weirdness that happens whenever new length limits are reached — yes, don’t be afraid, people — it is safe to follow in my footsteps — you don’t fall off the end of the earth when you reach the length limit, at least not here :)):

    5) Forgive somebody you have a grudge on (check). This one is pretty easy for me because I generally don’t hold grudges on specific people, especially if they stay out of my face (out of sight, out of mind really holds true in my case). I only hold grudges on specific laws. “Always remember that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. I don’t hold a grudge against Hitler (not that I am in any position to be forgiving him in the first place as he never did anything to me personally — just being hypothetical for the sake of argument here). Instead, I hold a grudge against the laws that allowed him to do what he did perfectly legally. Most hatred in the world stems from hurt, and most hurt in the world stems from human rights violations in one form or another, beginning with one of the most basic and widespread and troubling (to me anyway) human rights violations of all time — corporal punishment of children. So it is against the law to strike any adult, but it’s somehow okay to do it to somebody much smaller and weaker and who doesn’t know better? Seriously? Gawd almighty. Okay, so, do I hold a grudge against people who spank children or threaten to spank children? No, they obviously don’t know any better than the children they are spanking. However, I do hold a grudge against the laws that allow this to happen, and that is why I strongly support The Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children: http://www.endcorporalpunishment.org/ Of course, we are getting practically nowhere on this issue until sexism is minimized and we reach gender balance at all levels of government and industry, and of course we are getting practically nowhere on that issue until GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGALIZED, but I digress. So there you go, Jill, one more thing for you to do — champion a cause that you love.

    Somebody once asked me if I was on drugs after hearing me speak with so much energy about one of the handful of causes I have decided to champion as the most critical to achieving sustained world peace, and I responded with the truth, which is, “I don’t do drugs, illegal, legal, or otherwise, but I do have a purpose in life and feel very passionate about these issues,” and he replied, “That’s worse than drugs.” LOL Okay, well, maybe so, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 🙂

  21. Cassie Says:

    Just discovered this awesome combination today.. if yall enjoy food as much as I do, try combining rice krispies and grapes with milk 🙂 super good!

    Also, one of my favorite meals is oatmeal with wheat saltine crackers 🙂 sweet and salty mix.

    Weird I know but sooo good! I hope yall are brave enough to try it! And I hope you like it!

  22. Mike Says:

    If you are creative and have some spare time try starting a etsy online store like this one: http://redposie.etsy.com

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