Day 10.

So y’all liked the Flashmob huh? We have to work on our routine a little bit. We had it down a few weeks ago and looks like it’s time to brush up on a few areas.(Ahem, Jill) Watch out though, cause you never know when we’re gonna bust it out!

In other news, many of you have been asking about the “A Night For Hope” benefit show this year. We WILL be having another benefit, but it won’t be in 2011 as we have been traveling so intensely. We haven’t been available to plan the show the way we want to. Be on the lookout for another benefit in 2012. Thanks for being so supportive and contributing to a cause that’s so close to our hearts. For more info, you can always visit to support!

So far so good on the 31 days of blogging…what would you like us to blog about for the next 21 days?


22 Responses to “Day 10.”

  1. kaylah Says:

    how about the most important lessons you’ve learned so far in life?

  2. Cassie Says:

    Always enjoy the random blogs yall post.. And being a literature fan myself, I love all yalls words of encouragement and wisdom for us.

    But! I don’t think we should be telling you what to blog.. You wanna know why? Here .. Ill tell ya!! Ready? Okay! Haha total cheerleader sounding right there and my sincere apologies hahaha definitely not one myself lmao anyway… Here’s why.. I love coming to the page just wondering what crazy thoughts, interesting pictures, and hilarious videos yall are going to post next because it makes it that much more fun and funnier lol

    So by all means.. Post anything that’s on your mind 🙂 even if its a bunch of mamble jamble and randomness … Those are quite entertaining haha

    Much love! Hope yall are staying warm!

  3. H. Nicole Young Says:

    I think you may be panicking a bit because you peaked way too soon with that flashmob video, and now you are wondering how on earth you are ever going to top THAT any time over the next 21 days. LOL Well, you prolly won’t, but no matter — just keep on trucking.

    Sincerely, Ms. Know It All

    Ideas for future blogs? Eek! I am somebody who feeds off of others for ideas and inspiration — hence prolly why I do not have my own blog (or maybe I’m just lazy) — so even if you just posted one word, I think I might be able to work with it. Not sure how other posters here would feel about that idea, though. LOL

    Somebody last year tweeted to @reba and asked her for a good song title as inspiration in writing an entire song, and I forget what @reba responded with, but I thought it was such a great idea that I asked @reba for a novel novel title, you know, for that book I am going to write. Someday. Soon. I swear. Well, @reba never tweeted me back :(, and it is obviously all her fault that I am not on the New York Times Bestseller’s List this year… eeewwww eeewww eeeewwww (ala Don’t Be a Girl About It) LOL. Oh, hey, now there is a possible blog topic: how do you spell “eeewww eeewww eeewwww?”

    It’s okay, @reba. Most of the time when I ask for inspiration, I rarely take what the person gives me anyway. Like even if @reba *had* tweeted me back with a novel novel title, the first thing I probably would have done was say “Thanks” and then immediately toss it out. “Then why, pray tell, did you even bother to ask me in the first place???” usually asks the miffed person whose wonderful idea I just rejected. LOL Well, not sure, but I think it’s just a way for me to get something started with the creative juices, like, any idea is better than no idea, just to get things started. Hey, that’s what YOU are doing, J&K! Well, you can forget it! That’s *my* way of getting ideas. This suddenly feels like playing phone tag, except with blog ideas.

    Okay, okay, let’s do this. I will give you a bad idea to toss out, just to be nice:

    I recently heard the song Aquarius (from Hair), which I love, but I was always jealous growing up that my brother, who is an Aquarius, got to have an entire song about him, and I didn’t. So… on your next blog, I want you guys to write a song called Capricorn. Oh, and it has to be a hit at least as big as Aquarius, I forgot to mention. The end.

  4. H. Nicole Young Says:

    OMG. I just noticed I didn’t have a single smiley face in that entire comment — and one unhappy face to boot. We can’t have that!


    Hmm. This should be interesting how this turns out. A whole row of typed happy faces with no spaces?

  5. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Let’s try a whole row of typed happy faces with one space between each happy face…

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. H. Nicole Young Says:

    There you go. Happy faces for the win!

  7. Vanilla Says:

    Thats great news and I sooo wanna come see it so lots of notice if poss just cause flying in from the uk and need to save lol

    I’m loving the 31 days of blogging December is always a great month and no just cause its Kate’s birthday soon lol … I love just the randomness that everyday brings

    Keep at it and the great work u guys do xx

  8. lucyelenore Says:

    write about the weirdest or coolest girts you ever got or gave someone during christmases past. 🙂

  9. Jess_aus Says:

    Jill! Can you PLEASE (the capitals denote how much I want this) blog about your guitars? What you have in your arsenal, stories of how you got them, which one is your favourite etc. I loved the white Telecaster you had at the iHeart Radio thing!

  10. alexandra (@lexi_68) Says:

    …what would you like us to blog about for the next 21 days? hahaha you’re so funny. sorry I just have a little mental block because i’ve a major problem. i need to buy christmas gifts for 14 people. for my husband and our son, I already have a few little things. for three other people I have an idea. thats it!!! christmas comes every year so suddenly!!! i think you can throw a few ideas for some gifts in the space!?!?!?

  11. rianne Says:

    About your pets

  12. Rebekah Says:

    I find it impressive that you guys blog every day during one of the busiest months of the year – kudos!

    The least I could do as a thank you for your thoughts and time is give you more ideas 🙂

    Another You ougtha know post

    10 favorite books

    National Haiku Poetry day (12/22)

    First times – 1st vacation, 1st kelly performance, 1st thing you did this morning, 1st book you remember reading, 1st band or singer you ever liked, etc…

    The Israeli/Palestinian conflict – just kidding

    2 truths and a lie

    All about christmas – Favorite Christmas song(s)? Tree – real or fake? Traditions? How do you feel about candy canes? Story? i.e Gift of the Magi, Twas the Night Before Christmas, etc… Movie? Best present ever? Fav gift you gave?

    Nicest thing a stranger has done for you.

    Another Q& A session

    Best bad movie you’ve ever seen? Mine would be Leonard Part 6

    Hope at least one of these ideas makes blogging this month a little easier!

  13. Kiri Nelson Says:

    Favorite tv shows. Favorite school subjects. Worst school subject. Favorite or most played songs. Last song you bought or heard. Favorite food. Worst and best thing about being on tour. And Christmas traditions
    Enjoy your holidays and tour

  14. Selena Says:

    Of course, I liked it! That was the best flash mob I’ve ever seen! Seriously. I don’t care that the routine wasn’t perfect. It was KC band members randomly breaking out into a dance and hilarity ensuing! I’m curious what y’all have in store for the actual video!

    After it got so late in the year without official word, I figured the HOH benefit probably wouldn’t happen this year. Actually, if I remember correctly, I was thinking about it this morning before I even saw the blog. Y’all have been so busy and I’m sure getting the whole event planned out takes a lot of time and effort, so it’s understandable to wait until it can be done right.

    Um…now on to the topic of blog subjects. I don’t necessarily have anything specific, but I’ve seen some good ideas posted in the comments. It’s pretty impressive that y’all find stuff to talk about each day, but then again, it’s an exciting life you lead, and you’re cool people in general, so maybe it’s not really a surprise. Anyway, some of my favorites have been the serious, thought-provoking entries, but I dig the silly stuff too, and just learning new J&K facts.

  15. Marcus. Says:

    Hi girls!!!. im from MS and y’all are coming to the Hard Rock Cafe here…..SOOOOOOO you should look for my sign!!! i think you will know it when you see it =)…and i think you should post holiday food ideas or snippet lyrics from songs to put together as a game…or like we could all tie our shoe strings together and throw them on power lines..that looks like fun..that would start another trend!!! or you could attempt to make multiple Martha Stewart Holiday Ideas…cause you know that shizz is hard as hell and she does it in 5 min..anyway…cant wait to see y’all!!!!!

  16. Catherine Says:

    Y’all should do that blog post about how you met.
    Or maybe how y’all got involved with singing with Kelly Clarkson.
    I would also love a video or info about Already Famous!!

  17. Esther Says:

    Hi Jill & Kate, I truly enjoy your blog because of the versatility…you cover all kinds of topics, humorous & serious. thanks for taking the time to write. One of my recent favorites: the staring out of the window pictures with an ipod in ears!

  18. Gary Says:

    I would enjoy a blog post about your goal setting; both long-term and short-term. Where do you see your careers in 5 years, 10 years? How do you focus on long-term goals without losing the enjoyment of the moments you’re experiencing currently? How do you balance your long-term professional goals with long-term personal goals?

    More importantly……….HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  19. jessies crawlspace Says:

    how bout a blog on all the band mates in your point of view 🙂
    what song you’d like to cover
    you should totally do a video cover of super bass

  20. Megan Says:

    Any chance there will be more notice than last time bc I would love to come but would need time to plan trip since I assume it will be in Nashville again

  21. Pam Says:

    A Bon Iver cover perhaps? 🙂

  22. Sandra Says:

    Hey Jill and Kate. i’m from Germany and i really love everything you blog 🙂 You guys are awesome.
    Can you please blog about your relationship to Kelly?
    Is she really the nice and down-to-earth person she seems to be?
    I’m a really big fan of all of you.

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