You Oughta Know Series: TaRee Music

You Oughta Know….our friend TaRee!!

So y’all know how much we love music. Obviously. So, this will come as no surprise that we are recommending some new music for ya. Do yourself a favor & check out our friend TaRee. She is a super soulful Gospel singer and released an awesome EP titled “Crazy Love” earlier this year. You will love her voice and her catchy songs. For real.

Plus, she is a super sweet, bubbly person in real life. It’s always nice to see people who enjoy what they do and you can definitely see that she loves to sing. You can check out her YouTube Channel with all sorts of amazing covers of popular songs. Our favorites from the EP are: “All We Are” & “Did You Know.”

So, go check out her FB page, “Like” her, watch a few of her YouTube videos, follow her on twitter @tareemusic

Get to know her! TaRee…can’t wait to see what you do next!


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5 Responses to “You Oughta Know Series: TaRee Music”

  1. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Does she cover “Aquarius?” Or better yet, that great new hit song tearing up the charts, “Capricorn?” 🙂

    Okay, will do all of the above and get back to you later tonight (didn’t think you’d get out of a novel-length comment from me today that easily, did you?)

  2. Brazilian fan Says:

    Taree is really great a singer! Thanks for the show us beautiful songs, a great voice and real singer…this is so rare today !

    Thanks girls !

  3. Selena Says:

    Thanks for introducing us to another of your friends/recommending music. Taree sounds nice.

  4. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Nice recommend in TaRee. I didn’t like the first video of hers that popped up on her YouTube account (I think it was a cover of “Wanted”) because it sounded like it had been electronically manipulated, and although it shows a certain level of professionalism, I prefer to hear the YouTube videos raw without any kind of fancy bells or whistles. Fortunately, there were plenty of raw videos on her channel, and it is obvious from those videos that she has a great voice. I see what you mean about her spirit, too — so important in a singer/songwriter. I hope she can someday get on a show like “The Voice” because she seems like she would be a good candidate for talent searching shows like that.

    Gospel music is usually not my cup of tea, but as far as it goes, TaRee’s lyrics are inspirational regardless of the genre, and I love the way she taps on her guitar a lot when she plays. During my very brief foray into guitar playing a couple of years ago, I would just naturally start tapping on my guitar because it sounded so great — or at least it sounded a helluva lot better than the pathetic chords I was trying to play. LOL. I think I might be more of a drummer at heart, but I digress….

    Anyway, I like the songs you mention (All We Are and Did You Know) and I especially like the lyrics in Did You Know that go:

    Not another second
    Not another minute
    Not another hour of fear
    Cause I can see my future now so very clear
    Not another day
    Not another week
    Not another month or a year
    Will I cry, complain, or doubt
    Cause i am standing in the wealth of his love
    And if love is all that I need
    Than if i never get the things that I want
    I can still that the Lord for blessing me

    You go gurrrllllll! (Is anybody still saying that?)

    Ironically, it’s the only part of the entire song where she *doesn’t* tap the guitar, but it’s okay, gawd and I both forgive her. 🙂

    Love it.

  5. j3anettenicole Says:

    TaRee is amazing! I downloaded her EP a few months back when you guys mentioned her on Twitter. Lovely voice.

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