Christmas Par-tay

Tonight we gathered at a friend’s house for a little holiday cheer & a little bit of birthday action for Kate. We sang Christmas carols, ate cupcakes, cookies…drank some wine. It was fun, fun, fun. It’s always fun to gather at holiday parties and chat with people that you haven’t seen in awhile. Catch up. Good times.

Yay for holiday parties.


8 Responses to “Christmas Par-tay”

  1. Kristin H. (@Sundancer24) Says:

    Happy Birthday Kate!!!!

    Glad you had fun! It sounds awesome! (:

    Enjoy your day!!

    Much Love,

  2. Marcus! Says:

    awe YES HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!!!! cant wait to see you 2/14!!!

  3. Kiri Says:

    Happpy birthday Kate. 🎂 hope it’s a good one 🙂
    Can’t wait for your guys new album and you guys to come to Edmonton or Calgary for the stronger tour.
    PS I’m sorry I sounded stupid and stalker and creepy like. Please don’t take it personally please 👍🎁🎅💛💜💚😃

  4. Regine Says:

    Happy happy 29th birthday Kate!

    It sounds like you gals attended a great party, and I hope that Kate’s special day is pretty special too! You can’t go wrong when you’ve got great company, great food, great tunes, and a little alcohol too, lol. The greatest parties I’ve been to are the ones with all those ingredients. 🙂

    Wishing you a blessed year ahead full of joy, laughter, love, adventures, growth, friendship, music, success, and a whole bunch of good stuff!

  5. Esther Says:

    Happy birthday Kate!

  6. Selena Says:

    Way to kick off the festivities! I’m glad y’all had fun. 🙂

  7. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kate!

    Sounds like a great par-tay. I never like planning parties, preparing to go to parties, or getting to parties, but once I’m actually at a party (usually after somebody drug me there — oh, or is that dragged? LOL) I usually enjoy myself a lot. Go figure.

    Below is some of your horoscope, Kate, from I know I am cheating today by not writing much of a novel, but this is December 16, sort of “hump day” for December (and for the 31 days of blogging), so just gonna sit on the hump today and let somebody else do the writing…

    For those of us born on December 16:

    Happy birthday! Enjoy a solid, practical year with many surprises and creative solutions to a lot of annoying little problems. Think boldly and have no shortage of clever, obvious answers ready to fly from the tip of your tongue. Guard against rash behavior and thoughtless speech, particularly after September, and you can help yourself and many friends with carefully chosen comments and suggestions. Wait until you’re asked and don’t volunteer too much. You’ll be better appreciated and not annoy people. Keep some wisdom for your own use and don’t expect everything to go smoothly the first time. Have a magical year!

    (Do they really expect you to remember that you should guard against rash behavior nine months from now??? LOL)

    Personal and Social Life in 2012:

    As always, Sag, your curiosity is boundless. And you’re probably wondering what is going to happen to you throughout 2012. Well, for one thing, you may do a lot of traveling. You like to go on adventures, especially to places where you have never been – yet! There is a possibility that you’ll do a lot of travelling for your employer – and this should suit you just fine! If you have a family, however, you might want to curtail your business trips. Your boss should understand.

    Love in 2012 for Singles:

    Sagittarians enjoy having a good time. You like to go out on the town, shop, and you probably enjoy the desert, mountains, forest, and the beach equally, for different reasons. You’re interested in different types of people, and so you enjoy mingling in a crowd or when dating. When you fall in love, however, you tend to take the lead – unless your new partner is also a Sag. And when that happens, it’s party time! You could dance the night away, or go for moonlight swims together. In fact, you’re up for just about anything this year!

    You’re not in any hurry to commit or get married. You’re the type who feels that when the right person comes along, you’ll know it. Hopefully, your ideal partner feels the same way, and when it comes time to commit, you’ll go out and celebrate! You’re likely to at least encounter this person in 2012, if not begin a relationship. You and this person will make some outrageous plans. You’re just the type to make anything happen. Have fun!

  8. Kevin M. Conley Says:

    inice! but it seems more like Easter here in new england?

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