Dancing Queens

Okay, so as you may or may not know, we recently got to make our debut dance performance in a music video. Oh it’s true. We, along with the rest of Kelly’s band, got to not only perform, but dance in the “Stronger” video that just came out. What a blast.

It was probably the most fun video ever! The whole band learned the dance routine and we all put our best foot forward in the flash mob scene at the end of the video. Check it out!


Just singing our little hearts out.



Whatevs. We danced.

13 Responses to “Dancing Queens”

  1. Alison Says:

    Best. Video. Ever.
    Love the dancing ladies! You looked like you had a lot of fun.
    Loving the flash mob scene, its my favourite part of the video.

  2. Regine Says:

    You guys were dancing machines – not just you, j&k, but Kelly and the whole band too! Y’all looked and did great. This was a fun video to watch, especially when the band joined in on the flashmob. 🙂

    Great job! Look at Kate, right behind Kelly, smiling and dancing her heart away. And don’t think I didn’t see Jill back there busting some moves too!

  3. tal0424 Says:

    i saw Kate in a flash at the front near Kelly and quickly looked for Jill (and she was at the far back) and it took me ages to find her next to Jason… :\ WHY?!?!?!? but anyway y’all did great…and loved the last part of the video…. XD

  4. Selena Says:

    I saw the Stronger video soon after it was uploaded on VEVO! I definitely dig dancing KC & Co!

    Thanks for sharing those behind the scenes pictures!

  5. Kiri Says:

    Best song and video ever it’s like where’s Waldo… just find Kelly’s band 🙂 but ladies a really fantastic!!!

  6. Ashley Sweatman Says:

    Best Video Ever. Luv da Flash Mob Dance Scene at da End. Y’all Look GR8!!

  7. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Sometimes I can be such a dweeb when it comes to taking the initiative at partying or just letting loose and having a good time. I am kicking myself so hard for not doing this and sending a video in, regardless of whether it would be used or not. Gawd. It just looks like something I really would have had a blast hamming up and being a big doofous over, laughing my head off — that is, once I got the idea in my head to even do it (where is Kate coaxing me into it when I needed her?) I don’t have a camera, I was busy 12 hours a day at the time working on my Class A license (commuting 4 hours a day to the trucking school), and I didn’t know anybody I could think to ask to do this with me, but these are all such lame excuses. LOL. I mean, now that I see the end product, I’m like, “I soooo could have just rented/borrowed a camera for a day, did this on the weekend (perfect or not, who cares?), and did it *alone* if I had to, which would have been all the more appropriate and symbolic anyway — ‘I’m not lonely when I’m alone'”. LOL

    I’ve already joked about doing it in front of the San Francisco County Jail for maximum personal symbolism, but joking aside, San Francisco is just one of the best cities for terrific, world-renown historic views to dance in front of. There are several places I know with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, a great place on California Street with cable cars going by (think Rice-A-Roni commercials), there’s Ghiradelli Square (I know a few people, whom shall remain nameless, who would have loved that background *cough* J&K *cough*), tons of places with a great view of Alcatraz Island, and there is always the latest big San Francisco tourist craze (I was just asked last week on the bus by some French tourists how to get to this attraction by bus — and the worst part is, I knew exactly how they could get there) — yup, I could have danced in front of all the neked gay guys on Castro Street. LOL Or better yet, gotten them to dance with me. Now there’s an unforgettable flash mob if I ever knew one, and they totally would have done it, too. Damn. What a waste.

    Even when I am on work assignment cleaning dirty, smelly, obnoxious cigarette butts off the streets of San Francisco in my stylish orange vest (there is a whole different kind of heavy symbolism here I can go off on, but let’s stay on point — for now 🙂 ), I couldn’t escape yet another world reknown breathtaking view; I was assigned to the “Broadway and Montgomery” work crew, and if you check the street view on googlemaps.com of what you see from the corner of Broadway and Montgomery in San Francisco, you see one of the best views of the TransAmerica Building. Of course, there is a strip club on that corner as well, and you are a block away from both China Town and the Financial District, but what better place for a San Francisco flash mob? You’ve got people from China Town in traditional Chinese dress, business people in suits, street cleaners in stylish orange vests (me included) with brooms and trash bags, and dancers from the strip club. Now all we need to do is import the neked gay guys from Castro Street. Damn. What a wasted opportunity! LOL.

    Okay, well, you’re the one who said to dream big. 🙂

    Great video, btw. Best yet, IMHO.

  8. Bonnie Says:

    That video what FANtastic!!!! Yeah, Kelly & band, fans. Great job! Your Pflugerville fan,TX

  9. sarah Says:

    Hey! Me and my friend are in this video aswell, we are the two on the beach in cape town! We also had so much fun!! U guys we’re awesome!

  10. Mic Says:

    Good happy vibe video….and what a lovely positive song.
    The world needs this kind of thing more than ever!!!
    Well done K&J, Kelly C and her sunshine band.
    See you in San Jose!

  11. Candance Flynn Says:

    great video!

  12. Boston_Holly Says:

    You two have some mad dancing skills! Also, I love the bada$$ boots and jackets you got to wear!

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