Have A Laugh On Us


7 Responses to “Have A Laugh On Us”

  1. Selena Says:

    Well, would you look at that?! 😛

  2. H. Nicole Young Says:

    I can see where this could be about ten times funnier after you’ve had a few Marg Aritas, especially if you know somebody who says, “Would you look at that” a lot LOL, but it does pretty well even for somebody sober. Either way it must strike some kind of chord because this video got over 8 million views on YouTube. Eek!

    This “EdBassMaster” guy is new to me, even though he seems to have a lot of popular prank videos on YouTube. Gawd. Gotta love YouTube. I’m not into prank jokes too much because I usually feel too nervous for the people being pranked to enjoy them (like I never even bothered to see Borat because I knew it would probably just be more nerve-wracking and annoying to me than funny), but I have to admit I did climb down off my pedestal long enough to allow myself to chuckle a *tad wee bit* at EdBassMaster wandering all over WalMart (or some such place) dressed like a CIA agent and pretending to be conducting surveillance on people right under their noses: “Uh, yeah, I have the suspect here in the toilet paper aisle…” LOL —

    I could never do that kind of humor myself. Not my style. I tend to shoot more for the “nice columnist” type of humor (I repeat — I said “shoot for”, which doesn’t necessarily mean I have actually ever even come close to hitting this target, especially when I start in on my political rants and the swearing hits the fan) — i.e., not laugh out loud funny, but just mildly amusing on a consistent basis using lots of corny anecdotes from my daily life, sort of like the guy who wrote Marley and Me (repeat — shoot for). 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for introducing me to EdBassMaster (and I don’t even want to know what innuendos or double entendres are flying over my head with that account name, which sounds more like something I might find at Good Vibrations than a fishing reference 🙂 ). (See now, wasn’t that something the guy who wrote Marely and Me might say? No?) LOL.


  3. Kevin M. Conley Says:

    well, will youlook that!!

  4. momo Says:

    omg his laugh. would you look at that!

  5. Ashley Sweatman Says:

    Dats hilarious!! Funny Stuff!! Thnx J & K!!!

  6. Erin Says:

    I just saw that you posted this hahaha love so much.

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