10 Things…

10 Things We Do Around Christmas Time More Than The Rest Of The Year…

1. Eat more dessert. Way more.

2. Play more board games with friends and family.

3. Read by the fire and maybe even doze off.

4. Think about God, faith, spiritual things in a more in depth way.

5. Drink more wine.

6. Go to more movies.

7. See more kindness all around.

8. Send and receive more group text messages and/or emails.

9. Go to bed at an embarrassingly early hour.

10. Enjoy the people you don’t get to see enough.

10 Responses to “10 Things…”

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    I do everything but #9…not even Christmas can break my night owl habits haha…if anything I probably go to bed later because I don’t have to wake up early in the morning 😛

  2. Danielle Says:


  3. kiri Says:

    haha… christmas spirit and eat a lot of deserts year round for me. 🙂

  4. Selena Says:

    Hmm…looking at your list, maybe Christmas time doesn’t change up my normal routine as much as I might think or more likely, just in different ways.

  5. meralee727 Says:

    I was just having this conversation with a friend….also you should add that you eat a lot more peppermint! Seriously, is there any other time of the year where we crave peppermint anything?

  6. H. Nicole Young Says:

    I was split down the middle — 5 yups and 5 nopes — so I made a tie-breaker at #11. Yups for the win!

    1. Yup
    2. Nope (not this year, unfortunately 😦 )
    3. Nope (unless ur talking about the trash can fire out on the corner of 16th and Mission)
    4. Yup
    5. Nope (not this year, unfortunately 😦 )
    6. Nope (not this year, unfortunately 😦 )
    7. Yup
    8. Yup
    9. ARE YOU CRAZY?! (I’m guessing you are sleeping among normal people 🙂 ).
    10. Yup

    You forgot the most important one!

    11. Blog more. Yup!

  7. Monica Says:

    Number one is brutal.

  8. momo Says:

    lol @ #9

  9. cassieleetx Says:

    #10 for sure!! Being in Texas now and not being home for a year is tough, so I soak up every second I get while I’m here and try to see my family and friends as much as possible. I could drive myself crazy sometimes but I wouldn’t trade my time at home for the world!! ❤ I know y'all understand where I'm coming from lol

  10. jenbug1988 Says:

    1. Unfortunately YUP!
    2. Usually yes but I think this year we managed to avoid them.
    3. yup even if it isn’t a real fire haha
    4. True, even though I’m Buddhist I still think about the elements of giving at Christmas and sharing life in general. Those elements spread across the board.
    5. Not really supposed to be I do *hangs head in shame* lol
    6. Yup
    7. Yup
    8. Yup
    9. I actually tend to stay up later lol
    10. Unfortunately no this year 😦 I have spent more time with my parents but due to my work being awful and making me work new years even AND new years day until 8pm I am having to miss out on extended family time 😦 *sighs*

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