Today I (kate) felt like a magician… because I started with this raw, whole wheat organic grain…straight from the 50lb bag…

And ended with these four loaves of bread…


I will blog a step by step picture blog soon 🙂



6 Responses to “Bread.”

  1. Anja Says:

    Looks awesome & SOO yummy!
    Would be awesome if you posted a recipe or something (:
    Almost looks like German bread, haha!
    Great job xoxo

  2. Selena Says:

    Kickin’ it old school, huh? ;P So…homemade bread was the best thing before sliced bread?! Looks good, baker Kate!

  3. Kiri Says:

    Whoot Whoot home made bread I want some please. 🙂

  4. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Wow. Wish you’d come do some magic like that at my place. I want four loaves of freshly baked whole wheat bread to magically appear on my counter like that, too! 🙂

    I bet the place smelled great, too. “Ahh, freshly baked bread.” LOL [That’s a running joke I have with my oldest brother, who used to say this all the time after he passed gas (but only after he started his job as a fireman, so this very well may be classic firestation potty humor that is older than the hills for all I know): “Ahh, take a deep whiff of that, sister — like freshly baked bread.” LMFAO]

    Okay, didn’t mean to make anybody lose their appetite for the bread. LOL Then again, maybe subconsciously I did — just more for me. Yum!

  5. gypsygies Says:


  6. cassieleetx Says:

    bread is my favoriteeee and those look SOOO good!! Can’t wait for the step by step blog! woo!! Go Kate!! Hollaaa i*cough*think*cough*you*cough*should*cough*send*cough*me*cough*a*cough*slice*cough* hahaha 🙂

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