It Could Never Happen To Me

So I had an experience last year that was scary, traumatic & definitely changed my life. It changed my life because it almost took my life. Sounds so dramatic which I hate cause I’m all about no drama in 2012 but it’s true.

So here’s the story. It was late July…super hot & humid in Nashville. Jill and I had worked two days straight shooting a promotional video (which we are releasing soon…YAY!) & I was headed to a show with a friend that evening. It was a celebratory unwinding from two days of exhausting shooting & long hours. I was really looking forward to watching Bon Iver play at the Ryman. I had some drinks at the show and after the show ended (it was a phenomenal show btw) we decided to walk around  the corner to one of the honky tonk bars to have a couple drinks.

The bar was pretty crowded–we got drinks from the bar & pretty quickly found some seats with some guys (all men that were older than me) that offered to share their table. I’m a pretty friendly person by nature, but put a couple drinks in me and I’m even more chatty. The group of guys were funny, making my friend & I laugh a lot…we were having a great time! I clung close to my friend…who was a guy…to make sure the guys knew that I wasn’t interested in any of them…just out to have a good time.

So, in the essence of having fun & a good time…after a little while of hanging with the table of guys, they brought over some drinks…and I took one. We left shortly thereafter…we had already planned to take a cab home & we got right in one, I gave my address & we departed. Roughly ten minutes into the ride I started to feel sick. Not oops I drank too much sick. Like…holy crap…my head is starting to cave in on itself & I started feeling SUPER nauseous. After that, things are completely blurry for me. The last thing I remember saying was “Pull over. I need help.”

The next thing I remember was waking up in the Emergency Room three hours later.

Honestly the next few hours I remember almost nothing. I don’t remember getting to my house, or being driven to the ER. I faintly remember hearing voices but nothing more than that. Jill and some other friends helped me piece back together the hours that I missed. Apparently this is what happened…

I started throwing up…like violently…unfortunately…all over the cab…after a few stops along the way (for me to throw up) we made it back to my house. My friend who was with me (freaking out) called Jill and asked her to meet us at the cab because I was totally unconscious & he couldn’t get me out of the cab. I’ve never so much as fainted before so this behavior was very unusual. Jill especially thought this was really abnormal for me…thinking possibly I’d just drank too much…but when he asked for help she knew something had to be wrong. Once she got to the cab she started to FREAK OUT. They got me out of the cab (which was a difficult task because I was totally DEAD weight) and laid me on the pavement. The cab driver started pouring water on my head…Jill was slapping my face, yelling at me…but I didn’t respond. At all. I faintly remember the sound of panic in Jill’s voice. I guess that’s what happens when you know someone that well…I could hear the nuance of sheer terror in her voice…but I couldn’t respond or process anything at all. She kept yelling and slapping my face…but I couldn’t respond.

This is where the story gets graphic…my apologies for those reading that don’t wanna know but…full disclosure is generally my policy. You’re welcome. I was totally unconscious….but I was still throwing up…and I was flat on my back on the pavement…and because of the vomit…I’d stopped breathing. Jill had to reach into my mouth and scoop the vomit out of my mouth. (I know, I know, super friend award right there.) My other friend was pumping my stomach & another friend was on the phone with 911. They decided to move me to the grass since the pavement was SUPER hot because it was mid-summer and still 80+ degrees out…you get the idea. This was one thing that I remember weirdly…I remember feeling the grass under my arms and remember thinking that it felt funny. But again…it felt like a weird dream. On the grass, my friends continued slapping me trying to just wake me up –making sure I was breathing. Nothing.

At this point the dispatcher from 911 told them it would be faster if they took me to the hospital instead of waiting for the ambulance. Again, they had to transport me (dead weight) to the car and then they drove me to the ER. It took four of them to get me into the car and drive me to the hospital.

Once I was on the table in the ER I vaguely remember them pulling my eyes open asking me if I could say my name, or respond at all…but I couldn’t. I remember wanting to…really trying but I couldn’t get any words out. I remember hearing a ton of beeping and a lot of hustle and bustle…people rushing around but basically felt in a dream-like haze….I felt far away.

Flash forward three hours…I started to wake up. Feeling totally out of it…and like a bus hit me…I was pretty scared…I woke up with all sorts of tubes, IV’s and things that beeped surrounding me. I was relieved to see Jill & my two other friends there. They started filling me in on the details since I had no idea how I’d gotten there or what had happened.

The ER doctors admitted me into the hospital because my levels were so out of whack and they wanted to observe me for the rest of the night. It was around 4am that I was wheeled into the “Special Care Unit.” The first thing the doctor asked my friends and me was what drugs had I taken? My friends kept telling the doctor that that was NOT my style. I’m all about having a good time with some drinks but I don’t do drugs. It’s just not my thing. Once they believed me the next thing they wanted to know is if I took a drink from a stranger? The only reasonable explanation for what happened to me was that something had been slipped in my drink. Within 15 minutes of taking that drink from a stranger I collapsed.

My blood alcohol level was low–so it wasn’t a case of having drank too much. The only other possibility was that I had taken some allergy medicine earlier in the day and that my body didn’t respond well to the mixing of the allergy meds & alcohol. But, after much deliberation with the doctor, he was certain that something had been slipped in my drink.

I never thought that could happen to me. I think of myself as a pretty responsible adult. I like being in control. I don’t consider myself a “partier” and I rarely find myself in a bar–unless it’s in a hotel lobby while on tour. But even then, I’m not one to go crazy…

They released me from the hospital later that afternoon. It took some major recouping to feel back to normal. But the thing that was the hardest to get over was the fact that I felt so shocked that it happened. That I took a drink from a stranger. When I started talking about my experience people all had the same answer…”OH MY GOSH…you took a drink from a stranger?” Most people made me feel kind of like an idiot for doing it–which was embarrassing and hurtful all at the same time. But I began to think…how many of those same people have ever done that? You are out…having a good time…almost everyone I know has taken a drink from a “new friend” they meet in the bar. Most times, people are just being nice when they buy you a drink, but there’s always the chance that there is another motivation.

Not to say that I haven’t learned…because I have…and that’s why I’m writing this post. I’ll never take a drink from a stranger again. Please don’t take drinks from strangers or “new friends.” Please don’t set your drink down and leave it unattended. The statistics on drugs being put into drinks is staggering. It’s happening more and more. It happened to me. It can happen to you.

-I was at a bar 10 minutes from my house

-I was with a guy that I trust

-I was in a “safe” part of town

And it still happened. Some of you reading this might have had something similar happen to you and I’m sorry for that. It’s a horrible feeling to be out of control and so vulnerable. I am so thankful that I wasn’t alone and that I had loving friends surrounding me and caring for me. Seriously…I cannot imagine if I were alone that night.

This was a pic I snapped of my wrist after I got out of the hospital. Life is fragile. And there are bat-shit-crazy people out there.

Please be careful.

Much love.


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  1. Regina Says:

    Did the hospital give you that yellow bracelet too?!

    • JaneDoe231 Says:

      These things can happen to anyone, but there are other things that are far worse. Guys who put stuff in women’s drinks usually aim to do alot more than to just drug them. Thanks for reminding people that life is fragile. Most tend to forget about that.

  2. Chloe Elyse Says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you and so glad you were okay in the end. What amazing friends you have. I’m so thankful nothing worse happened to you, as horrific as it is to imagine. Thanks for sharing this. I think you’re gonna make a difference to a lot of people =]

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Wow Kate I’m so glad you are ok! God was definitely looking out for you that night! It’s hard to believe that there are people out there like that but there are. Thankfully you had really great friends that jumped at your need and got you taken care of. I’ve personally never had an experience like this but thank you for sharing your story. I know it will open a lot of peoples eyes and probably save a few lives! Glad you’re still with us today 🙂

  4. ck Says:

    dang, girl. glad you’re okay!

  5. Melissa Says:

    I really am not a fan of this post. Not because of the story or because it grossed me out or I think you’re being whiney. I don’t like it because I know that learning “It can happen to you” is probably one of the hardest & scariest things someone will ever go through in their life.
    In Oct of last year (that sounds weird), I was in a very terrible car wreck involving four people and causing one death. My passenger. Weirdest accident story anyone has heard. The cause anyway. 120mph nearly head on hit. My car flipped & rolled & ended up in the embankment on the side of the road. I don’t remember the accident. I don’t remember the helicopter ride to the hospital. I don’t remember getting to the ER. I should be dead. Everyone on scene thought I was because of how my car looked. But I walked away (apparently literally) with a severely lacerated ankle, a broken elbow, & some pulmonary embolisms & contusions on my lungs.
    So…I’m glad you shared this story because everyone thinks, “Oh, that can’t happen to me!” Guess what? It can and it will….

    • H. Nicole Young Says:

      What a sad story. It kind of freaked me out when I read it because I am just starting a career as a truck driver and was recently reading about head-on collisions involving semi-trucks. It’s horrific enough if you get hit head-on with another car, as is obvious from your story, so one can only imagine the devastation that happens when a fully loaded semi-truck runs into you head on. Really hits home and makes a new truck driver realize that, just as with a passenger car, only much more exaggerated, you are really driving down the road with a potentially extremely dangerous weapon if you are not careful. Most truck drivers walk away with only minor injuries from head-on collisions with cars, too, while very few car drivers/passengers survive. I just hope an angry whack-job like the one who spiked Kate’s drink doesn’t try to carry out some hateful idea in his/her head that he/she can also hurt somebody (with relatively little consequences) by driving into them head-on with a semi-truck *on purpose*. Geez Louise. Wouldn’t put it past these types.

      It’s all very sad, yet very sobering and possibly life-saving, so thanks for sharing, Melissa (and you, too, Kate). Much appreciated.

    • Mel Says:

      My heart aches for your accident. Life’s challenges come at us at random and sometimes take people away too early. You survived, albeit, maybe it seems only physically for the moment. There is a reason you are still here and able to share your story to everyone. I know from experience how long it takes to truly heal from accidents like this.

  6. Anakellya Says:

    oh wow! so glad you’re okay now. that’s crazy. there are some disgusting people out there – why the heck would anyone slip something into someone’s drink? absolutely senseless!
    and you have some AMAZING friends.

  7. Tiffany black Says:


    Batshit crazy is right! I am sooooooo glad you are ok!!!!!!!!

  8. Esther Says:

    Thank you Jesus for saving Katie! So brave of you to share this experience! Blessings to you, your family & friends.

  9. rianne Says:

    wow :O that’s really shocking :O you where very lucky you have good friends like that.To bad some people do some weird stuff like that :s.

  10. jamierank Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! So glad you had some awesome friends by your side and you are ok. Definitely a good lesson for everyone out there.

  11. Vanilla2324 Says:

    Omg !!! Kate I’m so glad your ok !!!

    Let’s hope you telling your story, that someone stops and thinks about what they do while out with strangers …. How can the people that wish to hurt others live with themselves shame on them !!!!

    Again so glad your ok and your friends must have been über scared but credit to them for acting as quick as they did

  12. Audrey Says:

    It’s very brave, Kate. Talk about your story is something very brave because it’s not easy to talk about it. Maybe thanks to you, some people will never do this mistake.
    I hope since this, you feel better.
    Have a happy new year 2012, hoping you’re gonna forget this story.

  13. Brittany (@Brittany1985) Says:

    I think more light definitely has to be given to this growing problem! you really never do think it’ll happen to you or that being friendly a bar could result in something like this, however I’ve been on both sides of it, victim and victim’s friend. Granted neither of my situations ended up as severe as yours, but really who would set out to do something like that! So much for just going out to have a good time any more when you have to worry about disgusting people like that out there!

  14. gypsygies Says:

    Hug Jill and all those other friends once for me.

    I was once drugged, not as badly but enough to be scary as shit. I was actually at a *familiar* club – a place some friends & I hung out at a fair amount, at the time. I was with one of those friends (a guy). There are two bars at the club and we knew one bartender but not the other. When I went to get a drink the familiar-bar was swamped so I went to the other bartender, the one I did not know.
    Half of one drink and I don’t really remember the rest. I vaguely recall trying to stumble out of the bar, scared lost and confused. Blacking out. I remember my friends hand around me, catching me. I remember someone else’s hands. Apparently some good-natured stranger saw what was happening and jumped in to help my friend get me out of the bar and into the car. I have a fuzzy memory of home. Then nothing for most of a day.
    Didn’t even get to finish ONE drink – something was in the drink.

  15. mjgarner Says:

    Kate… Thanks so much for sharing. I lost a friend in college when we had went out and she accepted a drink from a stranger. It all happened so fast. I am from a small town and we were 40 minutes from the nearest hospital.
    I am glad you are okay, and I am so happy you have the courage to share this personal story. You and Jill have a huge fan base and this is a story that many girls need to hear.
    Wishing you much happiness in 2012

  16. Lauren 'Elle' Says:

    It’s true, you always say “my god I would never do that” but then..when you’re out, talking to these people who after a while seem nice you don’t think about it until you hear about experiences like this. I believe it’s something that really, really needs to keep being said aloud. Like you said, you were in a safe place with someone safe and yet it still happened. I’m so sorry about what happened you and SO so glad you’re okay now!

  17. Selena Says:

    Yikes…what a harrowing experience! O_O I’m not sure how to phrase my comment in a way that properly reflects the gravity of that situation, but I admire your courage to share the unsugarcoated story and hope others will heed the warning not to accept drinks or leave them unattended with strangers!

    I’m sorry that this awful thing happened to you, Kate, but am also really thankful that your amazing, heroic friends came to the rescue and made sure you were properly doctored! God bless y’all!

  18. Miriam Says:

    Kate, WOW. I can’t imagine how scary it must have been for you and your friends. I kept reading this in horror. It’s insane this happened to you. God sure was watching over you. 🙂 I’m glad that you’ve physically recovered (I hope!) and putting it behind you. I’m with you, I’m SO paranoid about drinks that I won’t take drink from anyone other than my good friends. Because I did have an instance where I went out and I don’t remember a night and felt sick for days. So now, even when out and ordering, I never take my eyes off the bartender.

    Jill, my goodness, if there’s a best friend ever award, it’s all yours! I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been to see Kate like that.

    So glad y’all are okay. BE SAFE, ladies!

  19. Shari Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    How horrific! I can only imagine how violated, scared, upset, out of control ect… you felt!

    Thank for GOD for good friends! Thank GOD for helping you!!

    You are NOT an idiot! I have done it several times and especially if some one else delivers your drink.

    God Bless!

  20. Kelly Says:

    That sounds like an extremely frightening experience for everyone involved. WOW! This world’s going to hell in a hand basket when shit like that happens to good and honest folks like you. I’m very sorry it happened. I’m happy you shared. There are many women out there that this could help. Thanks for sharing…
    Be safe…

  21. Sarah Lee (@SarahLee23) Says:

    I am so sorry, Kate. I appreciate you sharing your story, though. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about – honestly. Through being real, we often help many others, and wake them up to reality. I am very glad you have good friends around you to take care of you. That’s always important. I am very grateful for them and that you are still with us. xoxo

  22. jenbug1988 Says:

    I have so so so much respect for you sharing this story, I worked at my university clubs for just over a year and the amount of people who take drinks from “new friends” that end up spiked there is shocking because they think it’s safe as they are all students etc.
    I think due to working there I am more aware.
    Just to add as a point to your blog the majority of clubs/bars in the uk have drink testing kits and bottle plugs. Not sure if they do in the usa but if so you can request them to stop people dropping things into bottles (but you can still have the straw in it fear not) or to test your drink if you are unsure if someone has. for those who go out frequently maybe invest in buying some online.
    So glad you were ok after that awful night and kudos for sharing to make people aware.

  23. Amanda B Says:

    Thank God you’re ok Kate! I’m terrified after just even reading this!

    I always think It could never happen to me but I also always think that it could never happen to someone I KNOW. Not that I really “know” you or anything, but you’re also not just some regular Joe passing by.

    Thank you for sharing your story, I’m sure it was hard to relive, but you might have just saved someone from something horrible.

  24. Pam Says:

    Kate, I give you so much credit for posting this. It takes courage since it’s pretty personal and it’s kind of just having your vulnerability for the world to see.

    People always say not to do something that’s considered “bad” and you (hypothetical you) feel as if you don’t need to reminded constantly because it’s common sense. But sometimes it just happens- it’s out of your control or you didn’t see it coming. Sh*t happens and sometimes others need to be reminded that certain “bad” things that you know aren’t right just happen. I’m not sure if I believe in the whole “everything happens for a reason” thing but I think that bad experiences make for great lessons and eye openers for you and others.

    It’s great that you have those good people in your life. It’s taken me my whole to find them and still I’m constantly searching. Friend and Jill, you guys rock, don’t ever change 🙂

    This comment is kind of all over the place, but really thank you for sharing this.

  25. Em Says:

    wow that was crazy to read, so glad youre ok. We all do dumb things sometimes, i probably would have done the same If the guys seemed nice and i felt safe with a friend. Life is precious and we should make every single day count.
    Sorry to hear you had to go through all that kate, scary to even read let alone go through.

  26. Erin Says:

    That was maybe one of the most insane things i’ve ever heard in my life. I am so incredibly sorry that happened to you! So awful! I feel like it’s so hard to trust people these days, which makes it hard to meet new people because you always have your guard up…it’s sad. When my cousin and I took a trip to Nashville a few years ago, we were at some bar on broadway and some guy slipped something into her drink but thankfully it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was for you.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I think it’s super important for people to know about things like this and I am glad that you decided to take this horrible event and turn it around into something positive for someone else. 🙂

  27. I'm just sayin'.... Says:

    Wow. I almost cried reading this. What an awful thing to go through. 😥 I am so so glad you’re okay. I really don’t know what else to say, I’m so shocked. Seriously, if it can happen to YOU… *sad*

  28. Leslie Says:

    Yup…You’re right! Glad everything turned out Ok for you. I’m not one to party or go to bars or anything like that, but for some reason, the whole thing about drinks is something that’s always stuck with me. Even 10½ years later, I still remember having to stop my date from taking a drink of a glass of punch/soda (Can’t remember exactly what they were serving that night…) that he’d left sitting alone on the table we’d been sitting at. Dunno…Guess maybe it’s not drilled into guys’ heads quite as much as it is with us girls. But when I said, “I don’t think you wanna do that,” it stopped him dead in his tracks & he said, “Oh! You’re right…Thanks!” Probably not all that likely for anything to have happened with teachers & other chaperones around, but better safe than sorry.

  29. Stephanie Says:

    OMG Kate I’m in tears reading this! I had a similiar experience where I passed out in the bathroom of a bar luckily I had friends to help me and I didn’t have to be hospitalized. I’m glad your ok, couldn’t imagine if something bad happened to you, I mean it was bad but you recovered thankfully. Women need to be cautious as always this world is filled with crazy people unfortunately. A million thanks to Jill for helping you. Love you ladies, god bless

  30. Gary Says:

    Thank you for having the maturity and wisdom to share your experience, Kate. Exposing these threats is essential to helping others. You’ve done well trying to positively impact others through your frightening encounter.

  31. Me Says:

    It is so so easy to accept a drink when you’re out, the mentality of having a good time takes over, especially if you make new friends. Plus who can say no to a round of drinks? Over the years, I have witnessed quite a few friends go through the drink spiking. Even had a male friend. Luckily, most required a hospital trip & nothing worse. I don’t say this as if its a thing I see everyday but I’ve just come out of that “clubbing” scene & it is a common occurence. I’ve never personally had it happen to me but have been involved in a similar incident where I have had to go to the hospital with a friend & it is scary as hell. Another friend had went missing from our group & can only assume what may have happened with the person she went with. It is very traumatic for the victims. Its a subject I feel strongly about.

    It takes a lot of courage share a story like this so thankyou for taking the time to tell it. Something like this is lifechanging, regardless of the positives/negatives. Very grateful it didn’t end up any worse on your behalf & its a blessing you have such great friends, especially Jill. Glad you have looked at this in a positive manner. Keep smiling 🙂

  32. Amanda Says:

    I’m kind of rendered speechless. I’m really glad you’re okay, Kate! This was also a reminder to myself that I need to stop being so friendly to strangers. They’re strangers for a reason. Oy.

    Somebody was really watching over you! And not just Jill! But thank you Jill for everything you did. You really are a great friend.


    Thank you for sharing this! I just forwarded this to my roommate after reading it. We’re both the type of girls that will literally talk to anybody, and even though we usually go out in packs, this was kind of a wakeup call for me. I think I’m safe, but I can never be too sure. No matter how many times I hear “tips” and horror stories, it never seems real until it hits close to home.


  33. Boston_Holly Says:

    My jaw literally dropped while reading this. Thank you Kate for sharing what I can only imagine was a terribly traumatic situation for you, Jill and your friends. I cannot comprehend how vulnerable and scared you must have felt. And bravo to Jill and your friends for remaining clear-headed enough to get you the help you needed. This also made me think about how even though I too, consider myself responsible and not really a partier, there have been times where I should have been more careful than I have been. All I can think of is the number of times I’ve gone on a blind date, gotten up to use the restroom and left my half empty drink on the table only to come back and finish it…probably not the smartest thing in retrospect. I feel cynical assuming the worst and having my guard up, but unfortunately there really are some crazy and demented folks out there. I’m so sorry you had to go through this and thank you again for sharing your story so we all can benefit from your unfortunate incident. God bless.

  34. elentari86 Says:

    Holy crap! That’s quite a story and has definitely made me think twice. I think in the circumstances you describe, with a trusted (male) friend and having a good time, I would have taken the drink too.

    It sounds like an utterly terrifying experience for all involved. Fortunately your friends kept their heads. Good work Jill – you rock.

    Thanks for sharing.

  35. Jaclyn Says:

    I am so glad you are okay! I can’t even imagine how terrifying that was for you or Jill or any of your other friends. I’m glad you blogged about this though, as personal and graphic as it was, because I have accepted drinks from strangers in the past. Especially if you’ve already had a few, you are more trusting and don’t think about them putting something in your drink. You’re just having a good time and enjoying the company of other people. But I will certainly never do it again and I will stop my friends from doing it as well.

  36. Alison Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Kate. It was intense, graphic and real.

    I have been guilty of accepting drinks from strangers in the past but have been fortunate enough to never experience anything like this. Jill totally deserves BFF of the year, I’m so glad you’re still here with us and thank Jill and your friends for their actions.

    I like to have a good time but hate getting to the point of losing control, you just don’t know what can happen.

  37. JoAnn Says:

    I’m so sorry this happened, but I’m really happy you shared your experience. You’re a public figure, so maybe people will actually listen to what you’re saying and stay safe. =) So glad you’re OK now… thank you for sharing this with us!

  38. Liz Says:

    I’m so sorry this happened Kate. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Thank goodness you have amazing friends and people around you that helped. We love you!

    Thank you Jill, for being an amazing friend 🙂

  39. Kevin M. Conley Says:

    that is scary,in those cases it isn’t usually one thing and heat and humidity doesn’t help!

  40. Kevin M. Conley Says:

    that’s why beer at a bar always good idea girls!and bottle or can not draft!

  41. Kirsty Says:

    So scary to read, but it knocks a lot of sense into some people when things are in such detail in black and white. I’m so sorry this happened to you and you are incredibly lucky. The same thing happened to myself on my 21st birthday a couple of years ago, something was slipped in my drink, and the guy took me away from my group of friends. You dont feel very good about yourself afterwards do you? But I learnt my lesson and I was incredibly lucky my sister and friends found me!

    Thank you for writing this and reminding me it can happen to the safest of people in the safest of environments! Hope your keeping ok :)xx

  42. chicky24 Says:

    kate im so glad your ok!! i cant believe that happened….i dont even know what i’d do if you didnt make it. i dont knw you personally, but you and jill have made an impact on my life, through your blogs and songs.

    JILL you are amazing!! best friend in the world right there!!

    peace and love
    be safe<3


  43. Lisa Borkoski Says:

    Kate —

    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s important stories like this get told, because maybe if the message keeps getting sent, less and less people will have to succumb to the idiots out there who think it’s “fun” to slip crap into drinks.

    The whole time I was reading this, my mouth was dropped wide open and I had tears in my eyes. I’m glad you came out of it okay, and that you felt brave enough to write it down.

    You are very very blessed to have friends like Jill and the others who came to your aid. (and they are blessed to have you as a friend too!). Thank goodness you had people you trusted around you to get you to the help you needed.

    God bless.

  44. Regine Says: I had to pick up my jaw from the floor after reading this. It left me speechless but I knew I had to respond (sorry it’s so long).

    Firstly, thank you Kate for your transparency and honesty – for sharing this experience with us – it’s a brave thing to disclose something as life-threatening/changing and personal as that to anyone, let alone fans and perhaps many faceless names; it’s also an important message to deliver. I’ve never really thought about it before, which is a *HUGE* reality check considering that I just came back from New Orleans, and had drinks on NYE with my friend and a couple of friendly strangers. We aren’t partiers either, and we’re not into getting so drunk you blackout for the rest of the night. We didn’t let them get us drinks, but we were socially lubricated enough that we very easily could’ve, because they seem like nice guys. Had what happened to you happened to us, we would’ve been very far from home, in big trouble, with no friends to help us.

    Secondly, thank God – for watching over you, that you’re okay and alive to tell us about it, that you have friends that are truly looking out for you when your life hangs in the balance, and that you got the medical attention you needed.

    To Jill and all your friends involved, Kate, I say thank you to each of them, although I don’t know them, for being who they are to you, for being in your life, for being the kind of friends anyone would be blessed to have. I work in healthcare, and I can tell you that they did a lot of right things: making sure you were breathing, calling for help, checking your consciousness, not leaving you unattended…ALL RIGHT. Jill definitely gets an award for doing what she did – I can tell you that her removing the vomit obstructing your airway was probably one of the best things anyone could have done to save your life. God-forbid, anything like this should happen to anyone you know, or even if someone has a little too much to drink and gets sick – lay them on their side in the recovery position like so:

    I hope both of you know how much I’ve taken away from this experience you’ve shared. You’ve opened my eyes. Again, thank you for sharing, and thank goodness you’re alright now. *HUG*

  45. Alessandra Says:

    OMG! It could have happened to me on New Year’s Eve !! Exactly like happened with you, a guy that I trust, safe place…

    Right now, never accept drinks of strangers !

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing it with us!

  46. Michelle Says:

    Wow, thank goodness you are okay! If sharing your experience can help prevent even one more person going through the same thing then telling your story is worth it! Thank you.

  47. Veronica Mars Says:

    Kate I am so glad you had trustworthy friends there to look out for you and that you lived to tell the tale. Not being a huge fan of predators, and wanting them, in general, to FRY for their crimes, I kind of wish you/your friends had insisted on a drug test at the hospital, and made it a big deal. Surely there is a way the cops or perhaps a Veronica Mars figure could have tracked down those rat bastards who drugged you, AND MADE THEM PAY.

  48. Tj_pinkgurl Says:

    I’m really glad your ok, had simular experiences but mine was a choice if that makes sense. It’s not fun! Lucky you had your friends there. Thank God xoxo

  49. lucyelenore Says:

    thank you for sharing your story. it’s a brave thing to do. i know it will help others too. and sharing it will help you move on, make sense of things…

    thank whatever Gods there be for second chances, for second lives…

    and be thankful for friends. be glad that your friends have your back. true friends are hard to find. hug them today.

  50. ElenaFR Says:

    So glad you were okay and the situation.

  51. haditasev Says:

    First of all and most important is that i´m glad you´re well and not spend nothing.Thank you for sharing with us a moment so difficult.I don´t understand how someone can do that to someone else.
    Thank you to Jill and your friend to react as quickly in the madness of the situation,i can not imagine what it must have felt both at the time,so my love for them because it is something you will not forget in your life.

    Thanks for being so strong and fight,your friends for being there with you.Please don´t be who you are,just be more careful,and remains the Kate that we all want.

    Kisses for Jill and for you!!

  52. Christine Says:

    Kate – Thank you so much for sharing this experience; it was a very powerful read. Just goes to show that you can NEVER be too careful.

  53. Ruth Rima Says:

    Honestly, in my opinion, whoever did that to you does NOT and will NEVER deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us!

    It’s not that you took a drink from a stranger, you have always appeared fiercely intelligent, it’s that a stranger DARE do that to ANOTHER SOUL! There’s a bloody good reason it’s SO hard to trust people, just in general, it’s hurtful to think your trust in people will be non-existent but it’s absolutely justified.

    I had a similar thing happen to me in 2010. However, not to that extent, but in the wrong hands could have been. I understand the feelings you’re having totally. Inside, you yell at yourself for going there in the first place, then logic sets in and you KNOW it wasn’t something you’d normally do and the one time you did, you were given the scare of your life just to remind us that, there’s a reason we are smart individuals and one small thing could take that away.

    Basically, I’m trying to say how much I understand how you feel. But, don’t dare beat yourself up, just take the experience, be grateful for really good mates and move on. 🙂

    People all over the world are sick bastards, I’m so sorry you had that happen to you. Thank God for Jill and your mates! Good work on their behalf.

    Keep ya head up doll, you’re a better soul for it now, much love & respect for sharing the story!! 🙂

  54. Marleen Says:

    Whoa.. what a story! I’m glad you’re okay, Kate. You hear about these things more and more every day.. unbelievable that there are people out there who do that 😦 But there are, so I think it’s so brave of you to be talking about it and warn people not to take drinks from ‘strangers’. It can happen to anyone.. and you might not always have an amazing friend like Jill (and others) to help you out. Luckily you did!! x

  55. E Says:

    I’m not sure what to say other than I am glad you are here to post this warning and I wish for everyone to have friends as great as yours.

  56. Jenny Says:

    Wow kate, thats a crazy story. Thank God you were ok. And thank you so much for telling us your story. Im sure it wasn’t an easy decision. It happened to one of my friends when she went out in the city. She was in pretty much the same situation. She had the drink, felt sick after like 10 min. and got sick. After that, she didn’t remember anything else from that night. She was super scared. She learned the next day that nothing happened.. she got home fine. I am thankful that nothing happened to her. And we are all thankful that you were ok. I love you and jill!! You both are so awesome!! I hope you ladies and Kelly have a great time at SNL!! I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  57. Mel Says:


    I am so grateful for you sharing this story. I am certain it wasn’t easy, but these types of things have happened and continue to happen to both men and women at bars. I know men and women who have been raped from drugs being dropped in their drinks. It’s horrific.

    Happy that you were able to survive this and learn from it. Life lessons like this come at us when we least expect it. Challenge us. Make us stop believing in things. In the end, everyone has or will have a story “it could never happen to me”, but it does.


  58. myriam Says:

    First off, I’m so glad you are okay, Kate. And I’m glad you have awesome people in your life like Jill and the others who took care of you.

    Second, I love that you wrote this for everyone to see. I work with victims of sexual assault and I see this happen a lot, just with a different ending. It makes me happy when people like you guys who have the means to be heard by a lot of people raise awareness to topics like this. I think it’s so important that realize it can happen to them and how important it is to be careful.

    You are awesome. (And Jill too.)

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