One Last Thing…

So again…we are borrowing the idea from PEOPLE magazine & their “One Last Thing” fun. Joe Jonas…you and your perfectly manicured eyebrows are just precious…now we will take a stab at your survey. Here it goes.

Last Celebrity Crush….

Jill: Ben Affleck. He’s a Boston boy…need I say more?

Kate: I had a momentary SNL crush on Andy Samberg. All those SNL boys are so nice &  funny. But it would never work out…I think I’d want to one-up him with my jokes…cause I’m very funny. Haha. See?

Last Album I Bought…

Jill: Jack’s Mannequin…I bought a bunch of their older albums on an iTunes shopping spree.

Kate: Ben Howard’s album “Every Kingdom.” He has such a cool voice. “Gracious” and “Promise” are some of my favorites so far.

Last Gift I Gave…

Jill: A massage. No…I didn’t actually “give” someone a massage…I gave my friend a gift certificate “for” a massage.

Kate: My brother’s birthday present…an Xbox game. Some game where I’m sure there is violence and blowing things up…therefore I’m participating in the general chaos of the pre-teen generation.

Last Time I Apologized…

Jill: Two minutes ago. Don’t ask.

Kate: Two minutes ago. Really…don’t ask 🙂

(We bicker like sisters, okay? Deal with it.)

Last Coupon I Used…

Jill: A coupon for a free oil change. Boo-yeah!

Kate: Hmmm….coupon…I don’t think I’ve used a coupon since 1998. Haha. I probably have I just can’t remember it. Hahahahha.

Well wasn’t that fun!!!


7 Responses to “One Last Thing…”

  1. Regine Says:

    Haha, I’m so amused to see what fun facts I’ll learn about you guys. Coincidentally, I was on your blog already and had JUST finished reading the last time you did the “one last thing” feature. Can you please make this one of those regular features on your blog, like the “You Oughta Know” series? 😀

    Did you pick up this issue of People to see your friend and her dogs in it? lol Don’t worry, I won’t judge.

  2. Pam Says:

    Andy Samberg…I approve. I’ve had a soft spot for him ever since he joined the cast…especially when he does his skits with Mr. Timberlake 😉 Or maybe it’s some sort of Jewish chemistry we have that he isn’t aware of yet. Hmmm…

  3. Selena Says:

    Is that the issue of People that features Kelly and her furry friends?
    It’s fun finding out new facts about you two, so I like when you do the OLT blogs. Per your requests… *resists urge to ask* 😉

  4. Khitam Says:

    I always feel the need to participate with yall when you do these type of blogs. Soooo….here you go haha

    Last celeb crush: Jon Hamm. Good lord he’s a beautiful man. He’s one of the few that can be pretty and manly at the same time.

    Last album I bought: KC’s Itunes session. Ballad version of Never Again is SO.GOOD. Hoping she busts that version out on tour

    Last gift I gave: …I sent my friend in New York a random package full of her favorite candy, movies, gum, and other miscellaneous items for no reason other than her being my friend.

    Last time I apologized: …i dropped my phone in an ac/heating vent and made my little cousin stick his arm down it to pull it out. My arm is too big. Apologized for making him do that.

    Last coupon I used: OOoo it was a free shipping coupon I used on my online purchase of my beautiful new leather Steve Madden Boots

    Tour starts so soon. Im so excited to hear about all your adventures to come….Keep us posted : )

  5. H. Nicole Young Says:

    Last Celebrity Crush…
    Um, well, if you’ve ever read me online, it’s clear that I hold my cards close to my chest on this subject. It’s a *huge* secret. Once in a blue moon, if I’m feeling a bit mischievous, I’ll drop my guard and let a really subtle hint leak out of me like, “Her name rhymes with Jelly Schmarkson,” you know — super cryptic stuff like that, so you can see this is definitely one of those secret celebrity crush situations that I hide very well. 🙂

    Last Album I Bought…
    Well, um, another one of those secrets. What can I say? I’m just an inherently private person, but since you insist on grilling me so hard (damn, this is worse than waterboarding!), I’ll give another cryptic hint and say it rhymes with “Blonger.” Yup. Blonger by Jelly Schmarkson.

    Last Gift I Gave…
    My gift of gab — every day, baby! Every day. And ur welcome, world. 🙂

    Last Time I Apologized…
    Every day, baby! For my gift of gab. Every day. I’m sorry, world. 🙂

    Last Coupon I Used…
    For a free oil change — in 1998. 🙂

  6. Mindy Barclay Says:

    Last Celebrity Crush….Joaquin Phoenix. That man is a God.

    Last Album I Bought…Kelly Clarkson. Purchased “My December” for the 3rd time today because it is scratched from being overplayed…that, and I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me to get to show at Foxwoods tonight and want all 5 of my cds to rock out to on the way. Super excited? HELL YA.

    Last Gift I Gave…Princess pogo ball (like the one from “Don’t tell Mom the babysitters dead”) for my niece.

    Last Time I Apologized…ooofff…tough one. I found out my boyfriend of nine years (and the only guy I have ever been with) is gay and that he’s been cheating on me with an 18yr old boy via facebook so I outted him via facebook. Not my finest moment. I found out 4 days before Christmas and the other day him and I were able to go out to dinner as friends so I guess the apology worked:)

    Last Coupon I Used…uummm I don’t even know if I ever have, lol.

  7. Holly McCarthy Says:

    Hey Jill & Kate! I met you guys last night at hard rock in AC- I was so nervous I forgot to tell you guys that I love your music! And that I’m friends with Tara, lol. So enjoy your time in AC- see you at the show! I’m sure I will be playing the air guitar and bustin out some sweet dance moves all during the show! lol.

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