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Hallie Day

February 29, 2012

Hi. Jill here. So, I haven’t been able to watch American Idol too much this year because of our tour schedule, but I’m excited for this season and here’s why:

Hallie Day (who is in the Top 24 and performing tonight) is married to my cousin Ryan! You might have seen him featured in her audition video. My cousin Ryan and I are the same age and grew up down the street from each other. Here we are with my other cousin Caitlin when we were little. Check out all of our sweet hair.

Ryan and Hallie live in Baltimore now and I haven’t gotten to meet Hallie yet since they’ve gotten married, but I’m proud to have the family representing on AI this season!

Check her out tonight and vote for Hallie Day!


Need a Music Recommendation?

February 24, 2012

It’s a great record. Great to turn on in your house loudly. His voice is amazing. His songs haunting.

Happy listening.


Things I Like (February 23)

February 23, 2012

“F-R-I-E-N-D-S.” It’s now on Nick@Nite…what’s not to love about that?

Flip-Flops. We have been in Florida for the past week and I’ve been able to wear flip-flops daily. It’s like a dream. If I could wear flip-flops every day for the rest of my life, I would. They are far superior to shoes…in my opinion.

The show “An Idiot Abroad.” It’s our favorite show to watch on the bus on this tour. It is AWESOME. If you need a new show to watch, check it out. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Pinterest. Why was I so late to the party on this? It’s brilliant and addicting and inspiring. What’s not to like?

This hilarious skit from SNL last week:Β

Those are the things I like this week.



5 Years.

February 23, 2012

February 18th, 2007

February 18th, 2012

You know how sometimes on a certain day you wonder…what am I going to be doing 5 years from now? Well…we had that moment last week. We realized that on February 18th, 2007 we played our very first show with Kelly. We were in Florida at the Daytona 500…no big deal….just 250,000 thousand people were there. Flash forward 5 years and we were in Orlando, FL performing with Kelly at Universal Studios–one of the stops on the Stronger Tour.

It’s crazy that we have been working together for 5 years!!!! Wowza! Even more rewarding than just working together has been the friendship that we’ve made with Kelly and the other band/crew members. Serisously. We have all laughed together, cried together, learned songs together…we are family. And for that we are so blessed & thankful.

We cannot say enough good things about what an amazing experience this has been. All of the people that we’ve met, the friends we’ve made, the insane memories we’ve captured in our hearts…it truly has been amazing πŸ™‚Β We have learned SO much & are still learning.

Fun to look back over the past 5 years.


Happy Work-a-Versary Kelly!


*Orlando Magic*

February 21, 2012

Sometimes doing this job, we really have to pinch ourselves…because the other day we got to play a show at Universal Studios…and all day before the show we got to roam around the park go to the front of the line…don’t hate us… and ride the rides. It was so fun!

Then the next day a bunch of us got to go to Disney World…the place where magic happens…it was super fun. Boy, by the end of the day we were wiped out! All day on our feet, lots of laughter and a super meet & greet with some famous Disney characters…phew…we all slept well that night πŸ™‚ Here are some pics…

We were affectionately known as the “Blue Team”…we had a cheer and everything. “B-L-U-E…you can’t take my team from me…we’re BLUE…” Something along those lines…

A little Beauty & the Beast action…how awesome is Kate’s loop in her hair? Haha.

Mickey shaped ice cream was delicious!

Kate was the third wheel in the M&M love story.

Overall it was a great day–memories we will keep with us for a lifetime. We have one more show in Florida and then we head to Atlanta. I think we have officially fooled ourselves that winter is over…all this sunny weather…we don’t wanna leave the sunshine….



New Song on February 17th, 2012

February 17, 2012

Snowy Hikes, General Hooker and Some Guns

February 10, 2012

When we were up in New England I (kate) got up to a couple out-of-the-norm-while-you-are-on-tour things which were SUPER fun. I had a friend visiting so we made the best of doing some fun things up in New England. Here are some picture highlights πŸ™‚

It was a mere 3 degrees outside but the sun was shining & it was beautiful!

Drove up the coast of Maine & stopped at this cute little secluded beach.

Found a path & hiked all along the cliffs. And yes…that’s ice in the picture so in certain places I seriously did not want to have a clumsy moment & end up in the water. I took it slow πŸ™‚

That’s me in the distance.

Cute little lighthouse. I had actually been here before but it was during the summer months so it was nice to see it in a different season.

In Boston we scoped out what the New England Aquarium had to offer. My favorite part was the amazing jellyfish. They were mesmerizing. Whatever…I did a report in the 3rd grade on jellyfish…I felt we had a connection. Haha.

They were glowing. Right? #coolestthingever

Then there was THIS guy. I literally laughed out loud and could not get over how funny I thought this was. He didn’t move…he was just chillen on the glass. Watching us. SO FUNNY.

These guys freaked me out. They are something like Dragon Fish found in Australia…they looked SO weird.


Walking around Boston we found this sign. I felt like I was winning.

Hit up a great breakfast spot, The Paramount. Yes, I said breakfast. Don’t judge. This was my breakfast & it was delicious. Banana Caramel French Toast.

This pic was after we had left New England but I still thought I needed to share. I was on the bus in Johnstown, PA…talking to my dad on the phone…minding my own business. I stepped off the bus & was going to the bay to get something from under the bus when a security guy got my attention and said “I don’t think you wanna walk that way…the policemen have their guns out.” I had gotten off the bus and started walking RIGHT INTO four policemen with their guns drawn yelling at someone in a cab. It was crazy. I immediately whipped out my phone to take some pics…I know, I know…super smart. Anyway…they arrested someone in the back of a cab and the excitement was over. I know what you’re thinking…best story ever. Haha.

Fun In The Sun

February 4, 2012

So…as per Jill’s last post, we thoroughly enjoyed our brief time in the sun a couple days ago in Jacksonville, FL. It seemed like the perfect little retreat after some pretty chilly temperatures in the North East. Also, that part of tour always seems busier than normal. With Jill’s family being from that area, I had a friend visiting and our friends from college living in that area, the time up there seemed packed with loads of fun & busy days(ps. I did some very tourist-y things which I’ll have to blog about later.) Totally worth every second but I think that’s what made Jacksonville such a simple restful haven. We walked the beach tirelessly, strolled cute side streets & sipped coffee on patios at little local gems. We also had a little tour party out under the stars…complete with a kick butt s’more station. We played games, drank some drinks & ended the night with our feet in the water. It was dreamy.

Here are a couple pics that encapsulate my love affair with Jacksonville πŸ™‚ -kate-


February 2, 2012

Good morning. We are in Florida right now on tour and we are trying to fully take advantage of the sun and the beach especially since we have been up in the northeast for the past few weeks.

This morning, Kate, Cory and I got up early to go out on to the beach and watch the sunrise. It was one of those great moments in life when something is so simple and yet so mind-blowing at the same time. We watched the bright pink/orange sun push its way up over the ocean and break through the clouds like it was nothing…but it’s not nothing! It’s incredible and sometimes I forget how beautiful and amazing this world is.

Sometimes I forget to stop and just “be.” I forget to go outside and breathe in the air and soak in the sunshine. I get busy or maybe just lazy sometimes, but I forget how therapeutic it can be to stop and enjoy the small moments in life. Be alone with my thoughts. Talk with God. Listen to the ocean. Watch the birds. Stare at the clouds. Be. Today was a nice reminder.