Need a Music Recommendation?

It’s a great record. Great to turn on in your house loudly. His voice is amazing. His songs haunting.

Happy listening.


6 Responses to “Need a Music Recommendation?”

  1. Selena Says:

    Can’t check it out right now, but based on your description, it sounds good!

  2. Erin Says:

    Love new music recommendations! YAY thanks! 🙂

  3. Regine Says:

    I have to thank Parenthood for using his song “We Don’t Eat” and introducing me to him. Another reason to love that show, James Vincent McMorrow’s music, and you gals. Must check out this record. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  4. Lisa Simone Says:

    Great rec! The song Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low is hauntingly beautiful. Discovered this record thanks to Parenthood.

    Thanks, beautiful girls! 🙂

  5. Esther Says:

    Yesss, really looking forward to seeing him live at the Lowlands Festival here in the Netherlands.

  6. Rick Says:

    From what I just read on wikipedia, that is his debuting album, which makes it all the more impressive. He definitely has a soothing, unique voice, that makes me want to sing along. Thanks for the recommendation!

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